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Crafting needs a tutorial segment


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Played from 1/07-01/09 2021

I tried crafting and the only 2 that I thought were easy was Leather Work and Weapon Building.   The rest were just way to confusing for me.  Then you have artifact to consider which I didn't know until I was poking around on the quest where it told me to visit the Rune vendors.

I then proceeded on grinding gold till I got an advanced rune for Leatherwork.   Yay!  I was excited to see what I craft, but I couldn't proceed because I needed a potion that another craft genre can make (forgot the name of the potion).   However, since there is no market yet (which I assume there is none yet), I just couldn't buy the potion so now I'm just stuck there.

In addition, cooking which I thought was going to be the most easiest was so the most difficult due to you have to find ingredients in world.   However, I did notice recently I saw a food vendor so I may check that out and see if I can craft some nice food.

I just feel a tutorial on how to make items with an explanation will help players along the way as they advance and that tutorial can also let us know there are vendors if we are lazy to harvest lol.

Overall, I'm enjoying the crafting aspect of the game.   In other news, I thought this game was going to have an influence type of diplomacy aspect so I can wait to get into that as well.   For those of you who are old school like me, remember Vanguard?   They had a card game which was all about diplomacy which had to do with influencing the realm and giving raid buffs.   I'm definitely curious to see what Crowfall will offer in the future.

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On 1/9/2021 at 10:30 PM, MacDeath said:

Crowfall crafting is very complex and a guide would be helpful. However, crafting changes a lot with each major build so it's a huge task to make a comprehensive guide and to keep it updated.

I use http://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/ which is quite useful

OH wow thank you for the link.   Very helpful.   Hopefully the crafting will get better because it is indeed very complex here.

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