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Returning beta tester drawn in for an hour

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I have not beta tested in while (at least 6 months). I meant to log on for 5 min to check things out and ended up staying for an hour. I like the new quest intro so far to get back in the game. I liked that I was able to get weapon up front and was able to jump right in to combat. I am going to be honest I am not much of crafter and being able jump right in to combat really helped to capture my attention for longer than I expected. 

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Welcome back. I totally agree with you that the npe is amazing and fast! Tired of mmos were I have to collect 12 rabbits and talk to a mage to fetch his book and bla bla bla to get some action going. Its 2021 and the compitetion for games like this is rough - if u dont get to enjoy it then there is sooo much else to do in modern life! 

So the npe is important!! But its also important that u dont confuse people - and the ui and lack of tooltips confuse the hell out of people in Crowfall! U have to do a better job letting people know what an ability does and a race or class can do!!!!

The map is also very very very bad. Its there but not really telling u anything and could be alot more intuitive and informative!

I bought the game when it got kickstarted and played it for like a couple of hours then - but it was very rough and not much to do! Now we have alot to do - the game still has some design issues imo  like the rng in harvesting and crafting - thats a horrible design choice!! I have a char were I got like 11 skinning exploration disc and 1 char only have found 1 - almost same used time for farming. Thats just absurd to have a crafter/harvester system with SO much rng.

Else Crowfall has come along way and im playing in more and more and even used my buddy codes - cause alot of my friends look at the game and like the the idea of different worlds within a world and the rulesets along with some good ol´pvp :)

Right now the developers also need to figure out what they want to do with the infected/3 faction fights  cause thats in a weird place... Imo there should be risk vs reward anywere but thats just caue I hate these carebear pvp games where the fights fells like it dosent have a purpose.


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