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Can we get an extension buddy beta codes being sent

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Right now the five buddy beta codes for a month of access end on 1/29/2021. I would much prefer to send this out after 6.4 due to the incoming wipe. I dont plan to return to testing till after the 6.4 wipe. 



Hammers High !!  Master Brewer of the Dwarven Hold Mithril Warhammers


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I think its changed now - atleast the buddy codes are gave to my m8s have another month on em - sadly tho none of them liked the game. They say the classes are boring as custard and HATE the rng grind in crafting. I kinda agree with em tbh. Ill try to convince em to get into 6.4 but the competition is hard...

They also wanted to make a guild but uninstalled when they saw u needed irl money for that atm... so its hard to get any1 I know to play this sadly.

Atleast its very nice to give em codes to have a go at it.

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