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New Player - BETA Feedback

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6.300 Positive Feedback

  • Game is looking good and more polished every day. I have noticed good performance on 40v40 PvP fights.
  • With very few exceptions, every class has definite role in combat. (I am still NEW to the game, but I have seen a good variety of classes on the battlefield)
  • The crafting system is incredibly detailed and complex. (Great job and design)

Critiques (from a new player stand point)

  • The skills have a detailed description of what they do. However, it is not clear to a new player what each skill cost, duration, and all other symbols listed on the tooltip.
  • Racial Powers appear to be all over the place. This is not call to balance races; however, please consider a more standardized approach. Ill explain below
  1. Some races have bonus (2) stats or even (3) while others have only (1). 
  2. Some races get extra slots while others get extra minors. That's fair and may be balance. Just an observation
  3. Giving an extra Power Bar Slot in my humble opinion brings little to no benefit to a race other than being cosmetic or maybe nuisance reduction. 
  4. Duelist - Only (1) race available seems extremely restrictive
  5. Unbreakable and Guinecean Burrow - Should should have cooldown periods after use.
  6. Another example - Half-Elf (Has (3) racial stat bonuses,, (1) Passive heal based on cc all the time as well a barrier that doesn't require resources to cast. That is 15 seconds active with 45 second recast timer)
  7. Blood of the Giant - A racial ability that becomes replaced if the player chooses to be an Alpha Warrior


  • No racial ability should be so powerful that basically negates stuns unless we manage to get on the players back all the time.
  • No racial ability should only give an power bar slot or something so insignificant
  • No racial ability should be cancelled by selecting a certain talent path
  • My recommendation is to develop a system on which maybe the character have to select quirks both positive and negatives. 
  1. Candle that Burns - is the perfect example -  It provides a benefit 10% damage at 5% more resource cost for 30 seconds and to cast you spend resources. Compare that to Bandit Armor - No resource cost and only benefits from using it (pretty crazy if you ask me)
  2.  Guinecean Burrow - Should be on a timer and consume  resources (Not sure if this is already the case) and maybe reduce dexterity (or strength) after coming from underground for a few seconds
  3. Unbreakable - Should provide stun immunity but more based on a cast timer and use little bit resources for casting
  • My goal is to keep racial abilities unique but at the same time somewhat balanced in the terms of benefit vs cost AMONG ALL RACES

Final Thoughts

The thoughts shared above are based on limited Crowfall gaming experience and personal opinion. Hopefully my points made sense and were explained in a clear manner 

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