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Small Castle Missing Floors and Walls


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On 1/14/2021 at 9:57 PM, biorott420 said:

I am placing my castle on my EK and it is missing walls and floors.  Tables are just floating in mid air.  No matter now I place it, it remains the same.


9 hours ago, Chemosh said:

My citadel throneroom is same way


Yeah, it's a common bug in 6.3. Looks like this:



Seems to be a temporary issue though, since we already had a walkable castle/citadel before. I suppose some little adjustments messed the whole thing up. Maybe it's already fixed for the next version.

However, please make sure to post these kind of issues in the bug report thread of the according version, because that's where the QA team is watching closely. This EK subboard is mostly meant for EK related discussions.

And don't let those issues bother you. Even Shakespear had issues with his Crowfall Throneroom, and tried to compensate his feelings about it in his famous "my kingdom for a horse" line. So, if nothing else, at least we are all in good company. ;)

Have fun, good luck


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