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Upgrading crafting belt?


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All above are correct - 

  • Farm gold!
  • Visit the Exploration Discipline vendor in your temple and buy and equip the logging Disc.
  • (Optional) Also buy a belt while you are there. 
  • Once the logger is equipped you can now use 'Intermediate Runetools' as well as the basic ones.
  • To craft intermediate tools go to a Runemaking Crafting Bench. Combine a basic Axe with 3 dust and 3 Ore (You can buy Ore from the vendors across the hall if you don't have any).
  • While Logging (Probably in Gods Reach with these tools) you will occasionally drop Green quality logging Discs (or if you are lucky Rare named Thralls 'The Logger' will drop blue discs, but named ones only spawn in the Campaign). It doesn't take too long to gather 9 Green discs.
  • Farm more Gold!
  • Hit J for basic crafting and go down to upgrades > Disciplines > Exploration Disciplines.
  • Combine 3 Green discs to get a blue with 3 Domination dust (sold at the same vendor), 3 soul essence (drops from any Thrall - Thralls are the ghosty guys that spawn at night). Combine 3 blue to get an Epic.
  • Once the Epic disc is equipped you can use Advanced Rune Tools. (To craft advanced tools simply buy and equip a Runemaker Discipline from the same vendor)
  • To upgrade your belt you will need another 9 dropped green exploration discs and 3 green belts, along with 5 Domination dust.
  • Domination dust costs 4,000g each! 

For more on the what the different upgraded belts and discs do check out:  https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/december-live-stream 

Good Hunting!

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On 1/15/2021 at 4:01 AM, Hyriol said:

The starting uncommon belts are all purchased from the exploration rune vendor, the same one that sells harvesting and crafting runes.  (diamond icon)

how do i obtain the belts?

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