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Character accidently ruined

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Skill Trees were removed. You can buy a Crafting Exploration rune from the Discipline vendors in the lobby. Everytime you craft an completed item (some component items count) you have a chance to drop a green discipline for that craft. (For example, crafting a Recurve Bow has a change to drop the Woodworker rune). Combining these runes into higher tiers is how you advance.


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I wouldn't get too attached to that character or items right now.  

There is a FULL WIPE coming when 6.4 hits live. 


It would however be helpful to spend some time playing with the exploration runes and belts/tools, which is where all crafting and harvesting skills have moved to from the passive tree.

You will want to have at least purple (currently) harvesting runes equipped, so you can use advanced tools, prior to entering the Dregs campaign as a harvester, IF (huge if here because there have been pages of negative feedback on this gate) the rune restrictions on advanced tools remain into 6.4.

You can pretty effectively do the combat thing much quicker than that however, if you make a habit of raiding camps for chests, which drop fairly decent blue/purple gear. 

Oh, and to directly address the title of this thread.  It's going to be pretty hard to ruin a character/vessel in 6.4 and on, because they are adding in a respec option along with the new vessel 31+ leveling system, for VIP.

(Hint, everyone is VIP in beta)




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