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Discipline Suggestions

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Here are some disciplines I would personally like to see in the game from the old Shadowbane days. They are more art and engineering intensive so maybe they are a long shot but I wanted to throw in my two cents.



-Bounty Hunter (name tracking w/arrow)

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Yeah. I feel they'll add more after a while. I don't think shadowbane started with the vast number of runes it had.

I also liked that shadowbane runes were unlocked based on your stats instead of just part of your skill tree. Like if you made an all INT knight they would have access to magic stuff. I know it's weird to say and that particular thing might really gimp your character, but the crowfall disciplines themselves could help guide people in how the points are allotted on top of the new 6.4 system. I haven't been active here in years so it's possible they already explained why they didn't do that this time, haha.

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