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Druid Feels Strange in the End


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I created two types of Druids.

1.   Hybrid DPS/Healer as a Fae

2.   Full Healer build as a Wood Elf

When you start the game, you have no problem with essence regeneration.   However, when I reached 18-20 it stopped gaining essence and I had to use my ability to gain essence in exchange for health (forgot the name of the ability).    So why is that?   Is it because of what we choose on our ability tree?  Or is it because we are in higher level now the essence regeneration is now obsolete at a certain level?

Full Healer Build = It was really hard to solo and my dps was not the the best.   I had a horrible experience as a solo player because I kept dying even if I can heal myself.

Hybrid DPS/Healer build = Much better experience playing solo over all.   I loved being a Fae because of my movements and speed but then it dawned on me, should we add some skills to Dexterity for Fae Druid?

Self Heals outside battle?   Is that even possible?   The only way I was able to like really heal myself and ensure some essence gain (after level 20+) was to use my Ult.   I also noticed the need for bandages was highly needed after level 18+.

Sickle and Staff.  I was able to use a staff when I was a higher level but why was I not able to use it earlier levels?  Early levels I can only use a sickle.   Not sure why and it really confused me to why.

Cloth Vs. Medium Armor = I had a mixture of both.  However, I assume Medium is best for Druids.

Abilities Vs. Default Attack =  I like the idea on using both of these aspects a Druid, but that essence runs out so quickly at times esp when you are solo in full healer spec so you forced to rely on your Ult.  I just didn't get why our essence can't regenerate after you reach a higher level.  It really annoyed me lot.

Overall I would like to pursue this class because it's different, has a nice play feel to it, and hoping the issues I bought up will be brought to light.

Thank you for hearing out my experience as a Druid.

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When you choose healer spec, you have to switch between deathtray and life tray to gain or spend your essence. Moreover when you use a staff in life tray your LMB spawn life orbs you can use to heal yourself so it's easy to selfheal 

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On 1/16/2021 at 9:52 AM, BarriaKarl said:

Seems like the problem is you havent noticed the promo unlocks.

Weapons and armor are common unlocks on promos. And often a class mechanic is changed, like the essence here.

How do you unlock the promos?

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Just now, Covergirl925 said:

How do you unlock the promos?

At the talent tree. At level 20-something IIRC.

This is the Cleric tree. (Pic from the Talent builder site)

The 3 nodes going out of the central one at the middle point are the promos. Last one at the bottom is the Healer focus one, a Crusader Cleric.





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