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Infernal -Now Open Recruiting!

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Infernal Gamers recruiting for our Crowfall Chapter:

Infernal has been playing pre Alpha Crowfall since 2017.

The Infernal Gaming Community has roots in many games, two of our larger successes were in the early version of Archage and currently in BDO.

We are dominantly US based but welcome anyone to join us.  English is our language of choice.

We are mercantile, crafters and gatherers producing quality goods and tools used by all.  We do manage an independent EK mall, and typically can offer free vendor space.

With anticipation of 6.4 picking up play pace, we are opening doors for new players to visit us:  discord.gg/infernalgamers

Hop in, read our code of conduct and community rules and shoot us a guild application.  We are a mature gaming group, we do have age requirements of 18+.

We have plenty of experience teaching new players the details of crafting and harvesting.



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