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Feedback Crusader Cleric


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Playing a Stoneborn Cleric was really an amazing experience.  


1.  My constitution was in the 100s and that was a great plus because I did not have to add any more skills.

2.  Hardly died because of the heavy armor.

3.  Never had issues with mana in comparison with druids.

4.  Easy to play

5.  They have good cc abilities

6.  You can switch it up with 2 ults


1.  Healing abilities wasn't impressive and it did not really feel or see that I healed a lot (My healing ult is more reliable)

2.  Healing again.  I just didn't see how the healing can really make an impact.  Perhaps it was my status so not sure.  I did allocate must of my points to support and int.

Other Comments:

1.  I did get a minor rune allowing me to use ranged hammers.  I found ranged hammers to be best than a melee mace.

2.  As a Stoneborn I was rock and the abilities they gave me for protection was awesome.  I have survived many gank NPC instances.

3.  I just wish the ability tree just illustrates the abilities we will have oppose to quotes and comments. 

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hmmm my problem with Crusaders was never having "enough healing", my problem was not enough damage.

What Disciplines are you using?

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