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Shadowbane on Steam

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Finally when people ask me "If shadowbane was so great why don't you play shadowbane" I can just plain show them how jank it is to actually control or look at.


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2 hours ago, Armegeddon said:

I actually worked on te emulator doing design work when Brent had the "Play to Crush" project. I put in hundreds of hours in design....I say that to say....old game is old...

I don't know why people still play it.



to us old timers it was the best game ever developed

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17 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

Good or bad for CF?

At the very least we ought to be better than such a old game, no?

Well, it shouldn't matter. The fact that that game (a twenty year old re-release of a game that failed) will have significantly more people playing it than crowfall should be the biggest concern.


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