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New player looking for a guild [EU]


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Hello everyone, I'm Alex,

I'm new to Crowfall and was wondering if there is any EU bases Guild that might have a place for me?
I currently mainly focus on gathering and crafting but am interested into getting into fight from time to time in the future.
I play for most evening but not always as there are other things that can get in the way.

Hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks for your time XD.

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hi @AlexKotteiv and welcome on crowfall! 
For EU guilds it depends if you prefer one language or another, but you got KDS which is english spoken but members from many countries, for spanish you got red reapers for example, for french you can join la communauté de l'arbre clair, for german nordic marauders, i forgot the same of italian's guild, and you have multiple guilds more or less active.

I hope i helped you a little bit 

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