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Confessor Healer Feedback Comparison


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1.   Druid Healer - Was different, interesting that you can eat green balls in the ground, and they have a wonderful concept, and love their Ult.

2.  Cleric Healer - Very sustainable, but wasn't too impressed with their healing power...(perhaps I need to PvP to see how much they really heal), but they were an easy class to play.

3.  Confessor Healer - I was nuking and healing!!!!   However, I noticed their healing along with the damage was area ranged but still I had a lot of fun with them.

Thank you Crowfall for now making me decide on what class to play!   I'm still undecided on what I want to play but the Confessor class really impressed me tremendously and perhaps I may choose that class in the end!  Will just have to see.

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