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6.4 Thoughts on ranger


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There is both old and newer complaints on this one.

I gotta say Im not really digging this new Skullcracker stake. +100 Ap with this many restrictions and having to waste that small time setting up, not really feeling it. I would really appreciate other people feedbacks on this power. Only reason I even consider it is because Faerie Fire debuff is really sweet.

Cross Slash power still really bad. Specially with Traps placing bleeds. Honestly add another more interesting thing on traps (a dodge silencing maybe? so people cant run away from you), it wont make it good but it (and other bleed powers) wont be literally useless. Or change it. Specially bad with it hiding a stat bundle.

As of now Im sitting here and thinking which choice is less worse. Waste a talent point on Skullcracker to get FF, waste a talent point on Cross Slash to get a bundle instead of FF, or waste it on Barrage (Not really something I will use on this melee small scale focused Warden build) and get the other bundle. More pathways would at least help skip wasting points if the powers themselves dont get good.

That is it i guess, I was more looking to see anyone else agree and leave this feedback to the Devs.

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crossslash is bad, bleeds dont overwrite, so the second stage will never apply as the first already has a lesser bleed, as an archer spec its a wasted point you have to take to get the stat bundle it gates. I would rather crossslash swap places with sweep so at least then its an ability all 3 specs use to unlock the stat bundle.

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As near-only ranger player since pre-alpha, something have getting worse and worse on it : let's put aside the bleeding thing that it is bad for a long time, but, god, the charge auto. I've made test with like frostweaver and confessor as other range DPS, get the basic range tree on each, and the only thing I can say it is even with the advantage on bow+ammo stat, the ranger auto suck.

The full charge doesn't proc at 100% chance the arrow status, ok why not. But the fact that whithout gear you have to charge it like 2.5s and to see that the other classes can just get 3/4 of the damage you did in one non-charged auto spammable (especially frostweaver...). Damn, it's very frustrating.

Basicly, the long-range specialisation is even useless on the ranger for the following reason IMO : it's main advantage it's to allow you to do not bothered to get range distance+bow mastery on stuff/discipline, and so allow you in the idea to specialize the ranger in some exotic long range build, allowing (why not) hybrid ranger/mage class. The damn problem here is that even with a perfect tinker on the tree/mastery to get a ice-specialized ranger with spellbow and ice arrow, debuff and so on... it deal no damage. I lost nearly 200 damage for a physical counterpart of the build.

And in order to get this (poorly made dergsy) option, I have to sacrifice melee, escape, and the mail profeciency. WTF is wrong with this ? Even on a range damage comparison, the warden loose like 10m of engagement range and loose not even 100 damage on full charge auto-attack comparison.

To me, there is a big design problem here, as the long-range specialization is not working the it's intended to. If you have to sacrifice escape and survivability in order to get the most perfect glass-canon in the game, why not, but this glass-canon is all mudy, since it doesn't deal much than other classes at long range. 

(I'm not basing my evaluation on spell here since most of the ranger spell doesn't scale up to 50m range except the barrage) 

It's maybe only my sight but after having done nearly 4h of testing every possible combination on it, it really appear that the range specialization really lack in dagame, and in an overall, the range tray of the ranger is clunky : the charged autohit is hogwash to be honest.

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Seems to be alot of problems with the way bleeds work that just makes some powers useless.


Like bleeds on Cross Slash never getting the second version, and even worse on Dagger Spin which has 4 attacks each with bleed slowly increasing in power.

Also survivalist talent gets pretty bad when you're not supposed to stack bleeds anymore, just have max 1 source of bleed per build. Much less chance of cleansing the bleeds then. Atleast diversify the DoTs within one class, the negative synergy between the abilities makes it a really poorly designed class compared to others that can stack their powers in a synergistc way.

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