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Perhaps Its Time For A Different Skills System

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For starters i would like to appoligize if somewhere allong the 23 pages this was allready mentioned.


Also i've played some games the last 15 years and im tired of the regular standard skill systems. So if there is anything out there that is like this idea, shame on me. Otherwise, perhaps we could ( if interested ) make this idea work? 


So, normal games have skill trees, you level, unlock a skill, level some more, unlock a higher level and new skills. Or you train skills by using them or you train your skills with a training timer which can take up to 10 days to train, or something.


Like i said i've been playin games now for 15 years im at the point of having no interest at all in any game because its all been done before, i've expereinced it all before i would love to see something different, something that makes a player unique, skillset wise. 


What if you start out with some basic skills and you have to discover the rest of your skills which are discovered out of a array of possiblities.


Reason for this idea, personally i loved guildwars 1, you had choice out of 300 skills.. was it hard to balance yes, it really was, doesnt take away you had 300! skills. The hours that people spend, on making nice builds, good old days =D. But some of these skills you had to capture by killing (which was horrible easy) a boss type creature and then you had to use a capture sigil(skill). The idea was good, but it was a shame that it was so easy, none the less, allot of people where attracted to this.


Secondly, i saw the anime Sword art online, yes... i know.. allot of people did, and allot of folks will think now **sigh, here we go again** but when he went dual wield psycho on that Gleamy Eyes creature he explained, uhhh i dont know i just got the skill one day.. that is what i found interesting.


What if you play Crowfall, beat some stuff up, beat some bossy type monsters, crafted some weapons regular, or rare, or you endured a travel that almost costed you your marriage caus you wanted to complete something, point beeing, what if these combinations, are a possibility to learn a new skill for your character? A unique skill that is obtained by a random array of events.


What if for example Crowfall comes with 82 skills (random enough? =D) for archetypes but you only get a few unlocked and the rest you need to unlock by playing the game, with no clue how to unlock them because its a random array of events that does the trick?


I'ts just an idea, its also not well thought out, because you can make it as complex as you want. But if it is appealing, perhaps we can work it out, and perhaps devs might think, "Hey they got something! They gettin a cookie nomnom"


Again if it allready is out there, shame on me for not knowing, otherwise would love to hear you're thoughts. 

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I'm sure there will be a hell of a lot more skills points you can put into different abilities. They will probably have Stat points that you can put into core stats like int, str, spirit, dex and class skill points that you can put into weapons and class powers.


lol ok.. I wonder if I'll still be able to steal directly from people's inventories.. hrmmm

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I havent looked at all the data about Crowfall yet, the kickstarter video, just made me back them, so im still reading up on stuff, and havent gotten any idea if anything is known yet about skills.


But what you mean are skill points, i mean skills. What you described is commonly used aswell. which is fun aswell =D

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I absolutely agree... I always loved big horizontal progression (variety, skill, choices, freedom) then vertical progression (levels, gears, a driven path) in games...


It would be interesting to have unique characters with unique features to be developed in a long time... a total free "tree".

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we've actually solved this problem, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsDG78ke5K0 each character can learn 3 skills and guess what, each class breaks up into 3 skills, which means most of us are going to learn out the full extent of our classes probably making other characters for pure crafting and that's probably it.

-Truthe Yashikawa

The Lantern Watch - A Crowfall-first guild.  Welcome Home.


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Nice, but entirely not what i meant, but nice effort =p


The idea is that its unknown how one gets his skills, other then a basic skillset, so that there is much bigger change of having a much more unique character  with skills, like mentioned in my origional post.


Perhaps its just all a bit vage explained? =o

Edited by kenmori

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