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6.400 TEST Patch Notes for 2/2/2021

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Beta Build 6.400.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback

Character Respec

The Character Respec ability is now available in-game.  This offers players a faster and more convenient way of reshaping your character’s build.

  • Resets all training nodes for the character and refunds all attribute stats, and training points; does not affect Disciplines that are slotted on the character
  • Respec ability will be available as part of the VIP membership (unlimited/free of charge)
  • Only accessible in Temple Zones via a designated NPC
  • The Respec process has no effect on the Race, Body Type, Class, Vessel, Gear, inventory, Level or Current XP of the character. 


  • Security Debuffs no longer preserve the current health percent and will just reduce the max health allowed now.
  • Castles now have unique names.
  • Correct a grammar error on the Ballista placement error message
  • Seasonal victory cards are now a flat 1-5 scaling value during all seasons. They are ranked percentile conditions now. Landless cards are still in, but all are set to +2 no matter what season it is.
  • The number of conquest and penalty points that each objective is worth has been modified.  Conquest points are now awarded hourly and are the primary value in determining the winner.


  • Biscuits and Gravy ingredient Meats or Mushroom now has the correct icon.
  • Lowered Exploration Discipline values for Critical Harvest Amount stats.
  • Increased the amount of Critical Harvest Amount stats from crafting Seals.

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added collision detection as needed in parcels to remove issues with Guinecians getting stuck in a falling animation
  • If an EK owner attempts to give away more cells than they have available, a popup will show stating the cell grant cannot be completed.
  • If the EK owner attempts to remove more cells from a noble than the noble has, a popup will show stating the number of cells that were removed from the noble (max amount the noble had) and that the EK owner attempted to remove more cells than the noble had.
  • Enlarged the Tabs UI for EK
  • Launch button reflects true state of an EK when launching for the first time


  • Character stats shown in lobby now match those shown in game.
  • Linked world element in the character selection screen now updates if the state of the campaign changes.
  • Text cleanup for some traits that have a backslash in the description
  • Updated the Earth Sentinel dialog to guide players to Infected instead of a third Gods Reach zone.
  • Half-Giant: Racial passive name Maken Me Mad now displays consistently on the buff tooltip. 
  • Removed “poor” from quality of vessel listing on the character screen. 
  • Corrected the Vendor's Sell text to explain the Ctrl+Right-Click function
  • Fixed text overflow bug on vendors. The text will now fit in the window. 
  • Fixed text cutoff bug in tutorial tooltips and updated visuals to match out current UI.
  • Fixed ability to collide and interact with Rune Gate    
  • The chat commands window (? on the chat window) will now contain emote commands, and emote commands will now work on any tab, except for combat log.
  • Spelling correction listed under Constitution
  • Fixed a  spam of error messages to client log when someone tries remove a guild owned object but they don't have permission to do so.
  • Added a notification when binding to a new recall statue.
  • Fixed an issue where lobby music was not playing if you returned to the lobby from in-game


  • Fixes some issues with chat and whispers not showing in the ME tab


  • The following powers can now be cast while mounted, and dismount you upon doing so:
    • Assassin Blink Step
    • Champion Throw Hurlbat
    • Druid Grasping Roots
    • Knight Chain Pull
    • Myrmidon Colossus Smash
    • Templar Divine Light
    • Stealth Tray - Assassin, Duelist, and Ranger
  • The following powers dismount the targets they hit, if they are mounted:
    • Assassin Blink Step
    • Champion Throw Hurlbat
    • Confessor Blink of Faith
    • Dirge Lunge
    • Knight Chain Pull
    • Myrmidon Cast Net
    • Ranger Forest Step
    • Templar Censure
  • Fixed an issue where Bull Rush would sometimes cause you to move past the target after hitting them


  • Ambush has been renamed to Sneak Attack.


  • Insanity description now includes 30 seconds lifetime or buff duration in the tooltip description.


  • Spiritual Essence exhaustion tooltip updated to read reduces stamina by 15 every 2 seconds
  • The Blessed Protection power will grant a barrier buff for 15 seconds but the buff duration is not mentioned in the tooltip description.
  • Cleric Retaliate now indicates it requires a weapon and shield.


  • Condemnation no longer roots you in place while casting.
  • Immolation no longer has a 2s invulnerability when cast, it still maintains the 5s of reduced damage.


  • Fixed Earthkeeper talent description to read increases your Critical Healing Chance stat in character details by 5%.


  • Swapped Sweet Victory with Deep Wounds in the Talent Tree.
  • Swapped Cloak of Shadows with Feral Instincts in the Talent Tree.
  • Sweet Victory now triggers a heal when you Hard CC an enemy instead of when you kill an enemy.
  • Cloak of Shadows duration has been adjusted to 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds and the Personal Damage Modifier has been reduced to 25% from 50%.


  • Death Shard Cooldown is now 6s.
  • Archmage Crystal Lance promotion now reduces the cooldown instead of eliminating it and causes execute damage below 45% instead of 50%.
  • Corrected some Frostweaver power descriptions


  • Fixed Knight Block ability description to remove a system string
  • Fixed an issue where Chain Attack should pull your target towards you not one floor above.
  • Shield Bash effects will consistently strike the same target.


  • Bloody Swipe tooltip description has been updated. 
  • Demolish Armor power and Armor break debuff now mention the value of the reduced physical mitigation in the tooltip description.
  • Titan and Battlerager promotion descriptions for Berserk enhancements have been updated to better clarify how it works.
  • Unstoppable power Buff tooltip description shows an increase of 10% PDM
  • Corrected some typos in Myrmidon ability descriptions.


  • Ambush has been renamed to Surprise Strike.


  • Various grammar and spelling corrections.
  • Holy Warrior power now mentions the healing effects on the tooltip
  • Censure power tooltip fixed to display the correct distance 20m


  • Redeemer Discipline: Concentration passive now grants 80 mana per tick instead of 20 mana per tick.
  • Blast of Leaves can now be channeled while moving.
  • Toughness power tooltip description matches its buff tooltip description.
  • Speed Retaliate fixed the tooltip description to now show "30%" not "0".
  • Harsh Elements Corrected tooltip description 
  • Sun Elf Heritage Corrected tooltip description 
  • Master of Focus: Mana Shield ratio of damage to mana cost has been reduced to 4 to 1 from 5 to 1.
  • Convictor: Prosecute now spreads a number of sin equal to that of your target to enemies near it instead of just 1 sin.
  • Frozen Dancer Frigid Ground Frostbite DoT will now properly start ticking as soon as it's applied.


  • NPC  
    • NPC Morrigan had a visit from the local seamstress and her cape now is the appropriate length.  
    • NPCs who use stealth will now be revealed when damaging you while you have a barrier.
    • NPCs fixed an issue where armor wasn’t correctly rigged and emotes weren’t displaying properly. 
  • Consumable
    • Pasteurized Milk no longer breaks movement and powers when used.

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