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Why turn a PvP oriented game into a PvE oriented game?

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Translated in google translator.


Dregs Campaigns - Now have a 20% drop chance for items equipped to your character in addition to the 100% chance of items from your inventory dropping.

Why turn a PvP oriented game into a PvE oriented game?


Todd and Thomas enter a PvP game. Todd logs into the game 2 times a week for 2 hours (4 hours a week). Thomas plays 4 hours a day (28 hours a week). Todd put together an epic (purple) gear in 2 weeks. Thomas put together the legendary (gold) gear in 2 weeks. Todd lost the fight to Thomas. Todd has lost his equipment. For Todd, the game is now a simulator of collecting resources and creating new equipment. For Thomas, the game is now a simulator of killing resource collector Todd. What is Todd's interest in continuing to play?


Todd's Guild is fighting against the Thomas's Guild. Todd's guild wins. The Thomas Guild not only lost, the Thomas Guild lost 20% of its equipment. The Thomas Guild needs to restore the lost equipment, and Todd's Guild will improve the quality of their equipment. The power gap between guilds widens even further. What is the interest of the Thomas Guild to keep playing?


There are many such examples. The loss of things necessary for PvP forces players to spend a lot of time in PvE. How are you going to balance this?


Original in Russian


«Теперь есть 20% шанс выпадения предметов, экипированных вашим персонажем, в дополнение к 100% шансу выпадения предметов из вашего инвентаря.»

Зачем превращать PvP ориентированную игру в PvE ориентированную?


Тодд и Томас заходят в игру для PvP. Тодд заходит в игру 2 раза в неделю на 2 часа (4 часа в неделю). Томас проводит в игре по 4 часа ежедневно (28 часов в неделю). Тодд собрал себе эпическую (фиолетовую) экипировку за 2 недели. Томас собрал себе легендарную (золотую) экипировку за 2 недели. Тодд проиграл бой Томасу. Тодд потерял свою экипировку. Для Тодда теперь игра это симулятор сбора ресурсов и создания новой экипировки. Для Томаса теперь игра это симулятор убийства собирателя ресурсов Тодда. Какой интерес Тодду продолжать играть?


Гильдия Тодда сражается против Гильдии Томаса. Гильдия Тодда одерживает победу. Гильдия Томаса мало того, что проиграла, Гильдия Томаса потеряла 20% своей экипировки. Гильдии Томаса нужно восстановить потерянную экипировку, а Гильдия Тодда будет улучшать качество своей экипировки. Разрыв в силе между гильдиями увеличивается еще больше. Какой интерес Гильдии Томаса продолжать играть?


Таких примеров можно привести много. Потеря вещей необходимых для PvP, вынуждает игроков тратить много времени в PvE. Как вы собираетесь поддерживать баланс в этом?


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Crowfall was never intended to be a call of duty match, where you hop in, kill some fools and hop out. It's an MMORPG (more or less). PvP might be the core of the game, but there's other things that revolve around it. Politics, risk vs. reward, loss. These are all parts of the game. The PvE is supposed to get players out in the world and doing things, making the world feel alive, and increasing the chances of player driven conflict.

There's still things they need to do to help groups of players to bounce back from total defeat, but they shouldn't water the game down to where "losing" doesn't matter.


The reality is that if you can't put the time in, the odds are you won't be able to compete. Don't be surprised when johnson whose been playing x amount of hours and has better gear comes along and ruins your day. These types of games generally attract extremely competitive players. That's why guilds are so important. You might not be able to put the time in, but somebody in your group might be able to and let you catch up. It's pretty easy to get twinked out in this game.

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If you get edged out of whatever tier of the game you are playing, just drop back to a less competitive tier.  Wait a cycle, find out who got beat up by your higher tier enemies and alliance up.  Whoever is "King of the Mountain" is always making enemies.  Gather the enemies of your enemy.  Use asymmetric warfare.  Cultivate your warriors.  Learn to plan for the future. 

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Confiscate or Liberate

To enjoin battle Thomas and Todd have to concentrate their forces, putting all gear at the center of one nexus for confiscation. In poker terms They ‘Go All In’ and the loser has to leave the poker table until he has a new stake to ante.

Instead of a strategy to confiscate weapons and gear, Todd can implement liberation of the raw material from Thomas to make weapons. Thomas can spread his farm teams out and syndicate those losses from Todds shark teams. Both guilds can still field an equipped army, and both still have a stake at the table, the gear attrition has been relegated to the harvesters and spread out over time and distance.

Crowfall can do both and JTodd reiterated his position about multiple worlds and multiple rule-sets yesterday in the Q&A

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