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6.400 TEST Patch Notes for 2/3/2021

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Beta Build 6.400.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


  • Ranger fort guards now require walls to be built before spawning. Two cleric fort guards spawn at fort rank 4. Two confessor fort guards spawn at fort rank 8.
  • Added world bank chests to respawn outposts.
  • Siege weapons can now be mounted from any direction.


  • Stitched Leathers now all have proper names.
  • Hovering over any ingredient slot for a Stitched Leather recipe will show the current combinations.
  • Added Jeweler's Ultrafine Bur to Test Vendor.
  • Pack Pig Transmogrification recipe should be properly granted now.
  • Fixed issue with stats not appearing on the tooltip of Exotic Exploration Disciplines.

Eternal Kingdom

  • The grasslands parcel now uses the correct icon.


  • Damage taken and healing received flytext will now come out of the character portrait by default, to reduce on-screen clutter. If you wish to change this, go to the UI tab in the settings menu.
  • Moved the “Crowpedia” button at the bottom right of the talent UI so it doesn’t block the view of talents listed. 
  • You can now access Crowpedia from the Lobby screen. 
  • Crafted Vessels: Fixed vessel level restrictions appearing when they're already met


  • Damnation damage over time damage has been reduced by 17%.
  • Half-Giant Blood of the Giant Added the duration to the tooltip


  • Blackjack Toss can now be used in the Ranged Tray.
  • Bleeds no longer apply to an invulnerable target.
  • Dirty Tricks, when used against an exposed target, now Knocks Down instead of Blinds.
  • Garrote, when used against an exposed target, now also applies poison damage over time effect.


  • Updated the following Champion power descriptions to note the benefit for having dominance:
    • Disarming Shout
    • Kick Sand
    • Rend
    • Spinning Backfist
    • Vicious Stomp
    • Whirling Pain
  • Fixed the health in the tooltip of the Pit Fighter variant of Neckbreaker to display the proper amount.
  • Barbarian passive tooltip description has been corrected to no longer show temporary values.


  • Molten Mage can now be equipped by Confessors.


  • Archdruid Blight Enhancement orb flip now maxes out at 15 orbs that can be flipped instead of 20.
  • Archdruid Force of Nature passive damage has been reduced to nearby enemies when a healing orb is picked up and healing from an explosive orb to nearby allies has also been reduced.
  • Death Surge now displays the proper description.
  • Mana Shield can now be removed with Mass Dispel


  • Channel powers that used combo points will scale in duration correctly again.


  • Removed lingering references to a Severe Bleed on Piercing Arrow items


  • Agent Provocateur  Fixed the Lay Low tooltip and removed the string text in the description.
  • Deadly Infector Discipline: Diffusion base damage has been increased along with the scaling damage for when you have poison buffs. The description has been updated to display both.
  • Redeemer Discipline: Concentration has its mana amount in the description now and its initial tick happens when it is applied now.


  • NPCs
    • Reorganized the temple food vendors' sale list.

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