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Hello Kick started in 2015 joining the frey in 2021

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Greetings All,

So it say im a ''Purchase at Backer Level 2015
Backer level 2015'' It's been so long I have no idea anymore even what I bought for 57.00 lol.  Would love to have some direction or info on that if possible.

Bit late but I wanted to wait until the game materialized / I think its a good time to get it and check things out.

I did quite a bit of promoting this on twitter for Crowfall along time, had nothing but outstanding correspondence with Todd and staff. Then my Mom was struck with stomach cancer and I was away a few years as my head was not really all there.  But doing great now and have a good disposition. 

Hope this a great success as I have believed in the cast of devs working on it. Recently started to watch the backlog of dev casts on twitch for learning and might I say entertainment as well hahaha.

I am un-guilded no plans to start a guild as I would consider these things in my younger days. But I consider my positive non drama outlook a bonus to any group. My long winded gaming history as well as my background of promoting streamers and content creators is all in my bio. Feel free to look around and I was amaze I have not even been in here and my profile had a 100 views? LOL

Happy to be here, look forward to having some fun with community and the game.



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Welcome (back) and have fun checking out all the progress that's been made on the game! I would recommend looking through the guild recruitment forum https://community.crowfall.com/forum/5-guild-recruiting/ and joining the community-run discord https://discord.gg/ESr5KPj (veteran testers there to help answer questions).


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