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Question About Beta Access


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I represent a guild looking to change games, we are looking into moving to Crowfall and we have a few questions...

Q1: We are around 60 willing to make the move, and possibly another 80-120 on top of that, does Crowfall support guilds this size?

Q2: Is there a way for us to test the game out before buying the backer packages?

Q3: We have about two dozen female players, fashion ingame is a big thing for them, does Crowfall support fashion? (I was forced to ask this, sorry fellas)

Q4: Is there a streaming or content creator program that's worth it? We have about a dozen live streamers, and maybe fifteen or sixteen content creators on YouTube that are interested in moving with us?

Q5: What is GvG/RvR like? We enjoy faction/guild vs. faction/guild PvP alot...

We have a lot more questions but for now those are our main ones.




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Hi Kepplar,

1)  Guilds in Crowfall currently support up to 500 members.

2)  There are currently two ways to join the game without purchasing a backer package. 1) Apply for the closed beta and 2) Use a Crowfall buddy code.  Beta invites are sent in waves as needed for testing, so it's not the best way to get in the game immediately.  Buddy codes are held by all current Crowfall backers and allow up to five people to try the game for 45 days.  They get you in immediately, but they're limited by design.  Plenty of people have acquired codes simply by asking in this forum or in Twitch livestreams of the game.  The buddy code program was recently extended through February 14th to try the upcoming new version.

3)  You may need to elaborate a bit on what you mean by fashion, but I have a feeling your players will find it limited.  Here's an example of the current character creator and bug video I made of one race's different armor styles. (Oh, the bug has already been fixed. ;P)  It may not seem like much to choose from, but that's probably a necessary evil when gathering a bunch of players together for big sieges.

4)  Crowfall does have a Influencer/Creator program.  You'll want to contact them directly for details: community@crowfall.com.  The Community Manager is Tiggs, and she's great.

5)  The current pvp campaign focus is on the guild vs. guild ruleset "The Dregs", but we expect a faction vs. faction world "The Shadow" at some point in the future.  The Dregs is about capturing territory and completing objectives called "Divine Favor" in order to contribute victory points and earn various campaign rewards.  If you'd like to see what kind of fights you can expect to get into, have a look at the Warstories submitted by the community.

If you have additional questions, feel free to ask.

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