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6.400 TEST Patch Notes for 2/4/2021

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Beta Build 6.400.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


  • Stitched Leathers now all have proper names.
  • Hovering over any ingredient slot for a Stitched Leather recipe will show the current combinations.
  • Stitched Leather SP/Lifesteal is now SP/AP.
  • Stitched Leather SP/Stealth is now SP/Perception.

Eternal Kingdom

  • The grasslands parcel now uses the correct icon.
  • Fixed an  issue with an EK showing as private when it is set to public after logging out
  • Fixed a key mapping issue  with Deed placement, the key for Move Right should be 'D'
  • The Large God Statues in EKs have models once again.


  • The damage taken and healing received flytext will now come out of the character portrait by default, to reduce on-screen clutter. If you wish to change this, go to the UI tab in the settings menu.
  • Vessels that are unequippable will now have a red shader in your inventory 
  • The Crowpedia button was adjusted to not cover parts of the talent tree
  • Updated names of the loot Protection stats to be more explicit.
  • Pressing escape will back out of the character creation screen
  • Customization options are now properly reset when changing race or gender
  • Fixed several descriptions that had extra or missing percent (%) symbols.
  • Adjusted the targeting reticle slightly on some races / classes
  • Fixed an issue where double right clicking on inventory items while trading caused a "Not Tradable" message



  • Blood of the Giant Added the duration to the tooltip


  • Nature Resistance now adds immune to roots in addition to the Nature Resistance.
  • Reflection of Nature - Now adds +5% Personal Healing Modifier in addition to the+5% Critical Heal Chance.


  • Call Flames Increase Buff to 30 seconds and using the power now restores a dodge pip.
  • Increased the Nethari starting Constitution by 10.
  • Walk Without Rhythm is now present in non-stealth trays, to allow Confessors to benefit from the movement increase with Immolation putting them into Stealth.


  • Dirty Tricks, when used against an exposed target, now Knocks Down instead of Blinds.
  • Garrote, when used against an exposed target, now also applies poison damage over time effect.
  • Blackjack Toss can now be used in the Ranged Tray.
  • Decimate now adds 2 pips when used against exposed targets.
  • Blackjack Toss now adds 2 pips when used against exposed targets.


  • Fixed the health in the tooltip of the Pit Fighter variant of Neckbreaker to display the proper amount.


  • Death Surge now displays the proper description.
  • Archdruid Blight Enhancement orb flip now maxes out at 15 orbs that can be flipped instead of 20.
  • Archdruid Force of Nature passive, the damage has been reduced to nearby enemies when a healing orb is picked up, and healing from an explosive orb to nearby allies has also been reduced.
  • Coalesce Orbs should now show up for group members in EKs.


  • Lunge now grants an additional pip when used against an exposed target.


  • Updated the Weaving power descriptions to note the ground as it's target.


  • Removed lingering references to a Severe Bleed on Piercing Arrow items


  • Templar's Righteous Reflection passive should now correctly start upon login or zoning.


  • Removed disciplines from Crowpedia that are no longer being utilized
  • Redeemer Discipline: Concentration has its mana amount in the description now and its initial tick happens when it is applied
  • Song of Speed Discipline: Song of Speed now also increases the group stealth movement speed by 30%.
  • Night Stalker - Fixed buff tooltip for Vampire Sight


  • Fixed some issues with doobers going into walls or large rocks and unable to be retrieved.  


  • Fixed an issue where weapon vendors in temples would animate with duplicate weapon models.

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