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Being Different Will Push Success

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I'm loving the changes, and what the Devs are doing is amazing! Once the net coding gets smoothed and a few bugs ironed out, this will be one hell of a game. Unfortunately, I've already bumped into your "elites" 😂. I think they're stuck in Shadowbane (sorry Todd, no offense), but if this game is going to be successful it needs more than polish...it needs diversity; and so far love it! So I did a poll just to see players thought. So far...50% consider themselves lone wolves. My point....not every player wants to play it their way,and the more that don't...the more this succeeds. Not because they don't want to PVP, because real conflict are people wanting to be different.

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Right now a lot of your builds are like some dude strapped a bunch of fireworks to a trashcan, got it to lift a couple meters off the ground, and started claiming it's a safe and expandable new method

I was thinking of teaming up Mystic, Nyurt and Zybak.  Possible guild names include "Unwarranted sense of self-importance",  "Grandiose delusions" or "Narcissists' Anonymous".

@MysticravenWould you be willing to host a 1v1 tournament on your channel? I bet a lot of Crowfall players would love to participate and go head-to-head against you,

I would like to see the numbers when a couple 100 people vote to get a better data model, 15 is too small a sample size to really get any good idea about what diversity is needed.

I think if i could, i would have ticked all the boxes because depending on what i am building the build to do and at what scale would tell me what i am looking for, there is no build to rule all 4 answers without being horribly sup-optimal in all of them and get destroyed by specific role and scale based builds for that role.



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1 minute ago, Mysticraven said:

My favorite trolls 😁. Tell me about the political element to Crowfall. I love the stories how people have to grovel to get ahead 😂

Depends where on the totem pole you are.

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Mysticraven, you claim to not only know a lot about this game without actually playing it, but also claim that no one else knows anything. Once you get out on the map and actually fight human beings with your builds and start winning, people will respect them. Simply claiming something works without actually fighting with it is why people think you're a clown. You do you if you're cool with that, but it's kind of put up or shut up at this point. Play with us and beat us instead of going off of hearsay and conjecture, and people might take you more seriously.

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