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6.400 TEST Patch Notes for 2/5/2021

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Beta Build 6.400.0

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback


  • Soul Essence - Can only be harvested/looted from Final Infected Zone.
  • Exotic Exploration Disciplines - Can only be harvested From Dregs Zones
  • Removed motherlodes from The Earth Temple in Gods Reach.
  • Chaos Embers are now independently rolled from Ethereal Dust on both perhit and critical harvests.
  • Chaos Embers can only be harvested anywhere in the Dregs, and in the No Protection zone in the Infected.
  • Necromancy - All "Restored" body part components for all races are now on the same scale as the Elven components.
  • War Tribe Items - Mace damage was lowered and stats ratio was increased.

Eternal Kingdom

  • Fixed an issue where the KickStarter Divine Cathedral bundle icon would not appear correctly.


  • Fixed issue with some character portraits inheriting the equipment from others.
  • You can now tray swap while mounted.
  • The inbox window should now have a  scroll UI
  • When entering the Infected at level 1, the Lamplighter will now guide your quest compass to the Sentinel so you can return at level 18 more easily.
  • Damage, Heal, and Resource flytext (that applies to your character) now appears over the character portrait (clearing up mid screen clutter. There is a setting listed in options to use the old over the character mode if you prefer.)
  • The 6th party member in Dregs now is displayed correctly
  • Removed Disciplines from the legendary vendors in the temples that were no longer used.
  • On startup, the most recently played character is selected and indicated in the character list with a star.
  • Adjusted culling distance on headstones


  • Mark of the Legion now has a unique icon.
  • All classes have had their base health increased by 300.


  • In the Zone is now usable in the Ranged Tray.
  • Decimate now plays an SFX when hitting an enemy.


  • Added an Area Size and a range to the tooltip of Fire Wave
  • Immolation now strips Battle Chant from the Confessor
  • Fire of Life description has been updated to note that the caster is excluded.


  • The "Damage Reduction" effect now properly reduces damage by 80% for all classes.
  • Reduced the duration of Damage Reduction when using Brutal Warrior, Mighty Warrior and Ultimate Warrior to better match the animation lock timing. It has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.


  • Updated Archdruid promotion icons to not be pistols and a rapier.
  • Electrogenesis orbs now properly damage nearby enemies when you have the Force of Nature passive.
  • Ironwood Body now displays an FX when triggered.
  • Blight no longer has a Hit SFX playing when it's not dealing damage to the enemy.


  • Fixed an issue causing Deep Wounds and Sweet Victory to display incorrect prerequisites.


  • Fixed an issue where Obliterate was not properly applying a bleed when used by a Swordsman.


  • Colossus Smash description updated to better state how far it takes you.
  • Colossus Smash can no longer be used while mounted.
  • Berserk can now be used while mounted and will dismount you 


  • Archer promotion no longer grants 100 Attack Power.
  • Barriers added to traps with the Warden Promotion will now only apply to you if the trap is triggered, not if it times out. The barrier can now only be applied in this way once every 5 seconds.


  • Agent Provocateur now lists the 20% value of the reduced piercing mitigation in the tooltip description.
  • Blitzer Discipline: Banner of Storms now works on friendlies instead of group only and the max targets has been increased to 6 from 5.
  • Bloodletter Discipline: Purgative heal no longer scales with support power but has been increased to heal 300 health per DoT type removed.
  • Cauterize now removes Corruption effects and gives a 16 second Organic Resistance buff of 1500.
  • Cleanse now gives a 16 second Bleed Resistance buff of 2000.
  • Commander Discipline: Hunker Down now only increases 1000 Resist All and regenerates Stamina while in the radius, the radius has been increased to 4m.
  • Dirty Fighter Discipline: Festering Wounds now adds a 10% Incoming Healing (Personal Healing Modifier) debuff when applied in addition to the Healing Bonus debuff. 
  • Dryad Discipline Nature's Avatar now increases Damage Bonus by 20%, Critical Strike by 20%, Critical Damage by 20%, Personal Damage Modifier by 20% and Power Damage Bonus: Melee by 10% on the target it is channeled onto.
  • Neutralize Elements now removes Corruption effects and gives a 16 second Elemental Resistance buff of 1500.
  • Purify now gives a 16 second Physical Resistance buff of 1000.


  • Adjusted culling on world bank assets
  • Optimization to improve the rendering of nameplates
  • Lowered the hunger crystal spawn rates.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a character would fail to resurrect correctly at a Hero Statue.


  • Corrected Morrigan's Dialogue to properly refer to a Basic Harvesting Knife
  • Adjusted the position of the nameplate for Gryphons.
  • Corrected the Sun Elf Frostweaver NPC's damage type. They should now correctly deal Ice damage.
  • Removed motherlodes from The Earth Temple in Gods Reach.

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