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6.400 LIVE Patch Notes for 2/11/2021

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Beta Build 6.400.0


If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 6.400 LIVE Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: 6.400 LIVE Feedback

6.400 Live Candidate 

6.400 Delivers a level of polish to the entire game, along with performance improvements --most notably in large PvP engagements. In addition, the update introduces a host of new customization options that offer a significant boost to the depth of build customization.

Please be aware that, as announced, with the release of Update 6.400 we will be doing a full wipe of characters, items and Eternal Kingdoms (EKs). All purchased items will be reset.

As always, thank you for your support! We look forward to your feedback on the 6.400 release.

Advanced Character progression system - Works as a rebalance to the popular vessel transformation system, allowing players to continue their character’s progression up to 35 levels (starting at Level 30) - requiring the combined efforts of explorers, combatants, and crafters.

  • Numerous changes are being made to the Vessel leveling system to add more benefits in terms of the level of specialization of your character.
  • Upgrading a vessel, is much easier now; simply right-click the Vessel item in your  inventory.  Vessels can only be used by a character of the same race. The character must be of an appropriate level to use the Vessel item in their inventory.  
  • Using a Vessel maintains the previous character’s customization options/selections, talent tree, and attribute point selections, as well as character level.
  • Vessels are no longer included as part of the Character Creation process; characters can only be created as a default (poor) quality starter vessel.
  • The maximum level characters can attain is now tied to the vessel rarity.  Default (poor quality) vessels have a maximum level of 30, Common: 31, Uncommon: 32, Rare: 33, Epic: 34, and Legendary: 35
  • Gaining levels past 30 does not provide additional talents or attribute points. (as Crafted Vessels already grant additional attribute points.)
  • Characters can use a Vessel that is their current quality or higher.  Due to the level requirements for using a Vessel, it is not possible to upgrade a Vessel to more than one Quality at a time.  For example, a character with a poor quality Vessel cannot upgrade directly to a Legendary Vessel, even if they possess the Vessel item (consumable)
  • Common Vessel body parts can now be harvested from Graveyards.
  • A confirmation dialog will appear when using a Vessel before the Vessel is consumed.
  • The levels granted post 30 now have different rules for gaining XP as well.
  • To gain XP from sacrificing items, the item qualities of the items being sacrificed must be equal or higher quality than the quality of the current player vessel.
  • To gain XP from NPC’s the NPC’s killed must be equal or higher level than the player’s current level.

New Lobby interface - that allows for quick and easy movement between worlds and rulesets -- and provides a clear and compelling vision of the entire Crowfall universe. 

Enhanced character attribute system - adding points into Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Spirit, and Intellect will now have more impact on the character’s specialization by giving you more options in how you customize your character’s build and ensuring that these choices add value over the life of the character. The goal was to make attribute choices more meaningful by making them more impactful. We lowered the Attribute caps across all races and all Attributes to be exactly the same, the new soft cap for all Attributes, for all races, is now 200. This allowed us to ensure that each point spent does a lot more.

Revised God’s Reach - The NPE (New Player Experience) questline in God’s Reach ends at level 18 and directs the player to the Infected Campaign.

Revised Infected Map - This map is now optimized to be a training ground for players introducing them to the Stronghold conquests as well as the risk/reward system for harvesting, exploration, and the other activities that you need to experience to gain confidence before advancing into the higher level siege worlds.  The new Infected map provides an increased level of difficulty and greater risk via  exposure to Player vs Player combat but with the highest rewards in a final, fully shared zone where players will experience factional combat.

Character Respec - The Character Respec ability is now available in-game.  This offers players a faster and more convenient way of reshaping their character’s build.

  • Resets all training nodes for the character and refunds all attribute stats, and training points; does not affect Disciplines that are slotted on the character
  • The Respec ability will be available as part of the VIP membership at launch (unlimited/free of charge)
  • Only accessible in Temple Zones via a designated NPC
  • The Respec process does not affect the Race, Body Type, Class, Vessel, Gear, inventory, Level, or Current XP of the character. 

Itemization - Adjustments to war tribe / crafted items, and decay rates to make everything in the game more “easy come, easy go.” We believe this will have a positive impact on the player-driven economy, as this turn-over will incentivize player interaction and stimulate the economy.

Crowpedia - The “Crowpedia”, provides an in-game reference guide;( with a dozen races and eleven classes plus promotion classes, talents/disciplines) - this resource allows players to explore different character build options easily using a searchable tool to discover a multitude of different options (race, class, domains, and disciplines). Access it via a button on the talent tree or by pressing G when hovering over a discipline slot or discipline.

Emotes - Emotes have been added to the game! Type "/emote" or "/emote help" in the chat to see how to use them!

Mount Changes - You will notice that now all Crowfall Store purchased or Backer Reward entitled mounts will now also grant a permanent crafting recipe to all characters on the account (in addition to 1 mount figurine). This recipe allows the player to change the appearance of any Vendor purchased or Looted Mount Figurine into the appearance of the Store or Backer purchased mount. Look for the recipes under Backer Rewards in your crafting recipe book. Mount Figurines will now decay over time while the player is mounted as well as decay on death.

Removal of “Mobile Banking”  - Mobile Banking has been removed from the Storehouse building. Rank 2 Mobile Banking has been replaced by a Rewards chest, usable by guild members, once every 24 hours. Rank 3 Mobile Banking has been replaced by Mom's Attic, Mom's Attic increases your Plentiful Haul by 1 for the duration.

Loot Protections - Harvesting disciplines now have loot protections tied to the resources gained from harvesting. Example: Mining discipline will protect Ore and Gems in your inventory from dropping on death.

Now onto Specifics!


  • Added a visualization to a Banewood Tree when it is destroyed
  • Added a visualization when a stronghold is under attack
  • Added the Heart of a Hero badge for the Trial of the Hero
  • Added lootable chests and containers that sometimes spawn in buildings in the Infected world
  • Adjusted some towers to match with the rest of the walls
  • Adjusted the interaction for the outpost ladder to be easier to use
  • Added world bank chests to respawn outposts
  • After looting the Outpost Chest it will respawn instantly to other outposts
  • Changes to campaign scoring to make “Conquest Points” more central to winning (and offering a separate vector of rewards)
  • Big green 'No Restrictions' sign will be shown when viewing the details of a campaign with no restrictions
  • Caravans no longer disappear when using whistle while standing on rune gate platform
  • Castles now have unique names
  • Catapult projectile lifetime slightly increased to allow it to reach its max distance
  • Conquest awards have been reduced to just being first, second and third place. We eliminated top 50 percentile, top 20 percentile, 5th place, and 4th place
  • Corrected the Class A: stable plans so that it shows the correct buff amount
  • Correct a grammar error on the Ballista placement error message
  • Created new icons for several EK parcels
  • Fixed an issue causing colliders to not function on Vendors placed by the player
  • Fixed an issue that allowed opposing factions to use keep vendors
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arcane Armory's buff to display Physical Resistance and Penetration buffs, rather than Elemental
  • Fixed an issue with Landless Players getting credit for victory cards requiring killing enemy characters
  • Fixed an issue with Landless Players getting credit for victory cards requiring sacrificing enemy heads
  • Fixed an issue with siege weapons being able to be placed on top of each other
  • Fixed an issue when up against a wall and in combat you cannot back away from the wall
  • Fixed an issue where some destroyed stronghold towers were difficult to move through
  • Fixed an issue where some candleholders were not appearing in keeps
  • Fixed a UI issue where sometimes exporting an item from a world bank would prevent it from being transferred
  • Fixed an issue where the Metallurgy Lab had extra FX visible
  • Fixed a scoring error on the Feed the Flock victory card
  • Fixed the destruction state for some walls
  • In the Large Keep, all the vendor sockets are now fixed and you can place a vendor
  • In the Small Keep, three vendor sockets are now fixed and you can place a vendor
  • Implemented 2D & 3D Icons for Mountain Province and Caldera Parcel (for Citadel and Palace)    
  • Neutral faction interactable (campfire, cairn) has the red highlight when a hostile target is behind it
  • Players are now automatically assigned to a faction on entry to Infected campaigns, bypassing the faction selection screen
  • Player equipment in the dregs will never drop. Inventory will still drop, but not your equipment
  • Ranger fort guards now require walls to be built before spawning. Two cleric fort guards spawn at fort rank 4. Two confessor fort guards spawn at fort rank 8
  • Rallying Bolt FX should now be visible for the duration of the power
  • Reduced firefly speed, adjusted LOD culling distances
  • Removed invisible collision pieces in the Earth Temple
  • Renamed several of the infected forts and keeps
  • Sanctuary safe zones can no longer be cleared by going stealth
  • Seasonal victory cards are now a flat 1-5 scaling value during all seasons. They are ranked percentile conditions now. Landless cards are still in, but all are set to +2 no matter what season it is
  • Security Debuffs no longer preserve the current health percent and will just reduce the max health allowed now
  • Siege Sentinel Debuff - Zaleena's Mirth now has a damage cap applied to it of 1500 before mitigations are applied
  • Siege weapons can now be mounted from any direction
  • The Castle has its own set of conquest and penalty points granted now. It's worth the most of any stronghold in the campaign
  • The castle will now show up in the castle user interface
  • The Class A: Stables Deed will now properly reflect the buffs given to players in its description
  • The debuff for enemy runegates has been updated and new guard NPCs
  • The NPC Ranger Guards’ basic attacks now properly do damage to the player
  • The number of conquest and penalty points that each objective is worth has been modified.  Conquest Points are now awarded hourly and are the primary value in determining the winner
  • The Sentinel of Sun has received a new model
  • The Siege Weapon Placement Window has been updated to better display where Siege Weapons can be placed
  • The Siege Weapon Placement window now exits after successfully placing the ballista
  • Tree of life: Resting buff description now lists it restores class-specific resources rather than mana specifically
  • Updated the Castle octagonal towers to make floors flush    
  • Updated the error message for trying to place a Ballista on a socket your faction does not own has been updated
  • Updated siege weapon hit fx when damaging targets other than stone walls
  • Updated the Tree of Life appearance for the Castle
  • Updated victory card descriptions to clarify between the castle and keeps. To make this more clear to eternal Crows
  • Victory Card descriptions should now reflect when they require unique player kills
  • You are no longer able to place other buildings/siege weapons while in placement mode for a different building


  • Added the number of resources produced by refining to the description of refining recipes
  • All Harvestable Plant qualities have been temporarily set to Common
  • Biscuits and Gravy ingredient Meats or Mushroom now has the correct icon
  • Bone Broth will now grant Dined for 20 minutes, giving the player a bonus of 5% Harvest Critical Chance
  • Chaos Embers are now independently rolled from Ethereal Dust on both per hit and critical harvests
  • Chaos Embers can only be harvested anywhere in the Dregs and the No Protection zone in the Infected
  • Crafted Parcel deeds can now be traded to other players
  • Consumable Pasteurized Milk no longer breaks movement and powers when used
  • Equipping a crafting belt now properly plays SFX
  • Exotic Exploration Disciplines - Can only be harvested From Dregs Zones
  • Fixed an issue with crafting window expanding all categories after exiting a search
  • Fixed issue with stats not appearing on the tooltip of Exotic Exploration Disciplines
  • Fixed an issue where the Assemble button UI and Quantity Field UI overlapped
  • Fixed an issue where “Name item” is displayed as a variant on some crafted items
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes no guild/faction or the wrong guild/faction icon was shown on 3D nameplates
  • Fixed an issue where you would receive an error even when you’re successful at crafting an item
  • Improved the usability of the wildcard UI for crafting (the little blue symbol above ingredient slots on certain recipes)
  • Mind in Motion buff from Potion of Sapho should now display the duration on its buff tooltip
  • The Pack Pig Transmogrification recipe should be properly granted now.
  • Recipes that can not be renamed now bypass the Take UI screen and auto-deposit the product(s) into the player inventory
  • Recipes that have a chance to produce additional crafting Disciplines now have “Bad-Luck Protection” to prevent some of the problems caused by RNG streakiness.
  • Removed motherlodes from The Earth Temple in Gods Reach
  • Subcomponent items such as Metal Bars, Planks, and Stitched Leather now start with 1 stat and increase to 2 stats at epic+ quality levels
  • Soul Essence - Can only be harvested/looted from Final Infected Zone (No Protection Zone) and Dregs Zones
  • Stay in the Fight will no longer stop harvesting for some archetypes
  • System Vendors now sell items based on a multiplier of the base item, this should prevent all cases of buying low and selling high back to the vendor
  • Updated tooltip requirements for "Specialty Toolkit" & "Crafting Belt"
  • War Tribe Items - Mace damage was lowered and the stats ratio was increased
  • War Tribe Items - Removed Attack Rating and Critical Damage from Weapon Core Stat Packages


  • Reduced attribute values on all qualities of the Philosopher's Stone


  • Added Attribute cap stats to all Vessel crafting such that it automatically grants the same amount of attribute and attribute cap per piece
  • Attributes have been removed from Crafted Armor
  • Attributes have been removed from WT Armor
  • Attributes have been removed from WT weapons
  • Attribute values  have been halved on Jewelry
  • Attribute values  have been halved on Runic Weapons
  • Updated Attribute Values on Looted Vessel Additives


  • Disciplines - Reduced amount of Crit Amount granted at rare, Epic, and legendary qualities
  • Disciplines - Reduced amount of Crit Harvest Chance granted at all levels
  • Increased the amount of Critical Harvest Amount stats from crafting Seals
  • Lowered Exploration Discipline values for Critical Harvest Amount stats


  • Added a new sound when harvesting a tree without a tool equipped
  • Guinecean harvest tools have been updated to render correctly
  • Fixed an issue where harvesting sounds were sometimes out of sync with the animation
  • Harvesting a plant now displays flytext that matches the damage that it says in the combat log
  • Harvesting Pip Powers now correctly convert to the same amount of health cost as Combo points when used with the Blood Pact power
  • Harvest loot tables - Increased potential max amount from "medium" amount loot rolls
  • Hovering over any ingredient slot for a Stitched Leather recipe will show the current combinations
  • Stitched Leather SP/Lifesteal is now SP/AP
  • Stitched Leather SP/Stealth is now SP/Perception

Item Decay

  • In combat decay ticks now happen every 5 seconds
  • Increased in combat decay tick amount to 3


  • Added Durability experimentation to some jewel crafting recipes
  • Added Jeweler's Ultrafine Bur to Test Vendor
  • Jewelry Slots can now take in combat decay ticks
  • Increased Durability on all Jewelry
  • Oval-Cut Ruby now grants Critical Healing Chance


  • Hovering over any ingredient slot for a Stitched Leather recipe will show the current combinations
  • Stitched Leathers now all have proper names
  • Stitched Leather valid combinations have been altered, there is now a valid combination for 3 of the same type of hide


  • Altered Grave Digging treasure tables so they now can also produce Common quality resources
  • Can now Produce Common Quality Vessels
  • Necromancy - All "Restored" body part components for all races are now on the same scale as the Elven components
  • Reduced attribute values on all quality of Vessels


  • Deprecated Runestone Life/Death recipes
  • Deprecated Sigil Life/Death recipes


  • Added a new fuel recipe for Sandpaper
  • All Book subcomponents that previously required Metal Bars now require Wooden Planks
  • All previous weapon ingredients that required metal bars should now require Wooden Planks
  • Book Chapter and Book Clasp are now Woodworking recipes
  • Bow Rests are now a Woodworking recipe
  • Bow Sights are now a Woodworking recipe
  • Deprecated Weapon Grip recipe
  • Heel mold is now a Bending Form
  • Modify Weapon Form recipe now accepts Bending Form: Staff Heel
  • Multiple Woodworking recipes now require Sandpaper as a fuel
  • Re-organized the recipe categories
  • Staff Head no longer requires Runestone Life/Death
  • Staff Heel is now a Woodworking recipe

Eternal Kingdom

  • /ekremove, /ekaddvassal, and /ekaddnoble should now send chat messages. Added general call that could be used to inject chat channel messages for context users
  • Added collision detection as needed in parcels to remove the issue with Crows getting stuck between rocks and a hard place (mostly rocks) 
  • Added collision detection as needed in parcels to remove issues with Guinecians getting stuck in a falling animation
  • Buildings are now able to be placed on harvestable nodes
  • Building placement UI now is hidden after the building is placed
  • Enlarged the Tabs UI for EK
  • Fixed a key mapping issue  with Deed placement, the key for Move Right should be 'D'
  • Fixed an issue where defense items weren't being counted in the parcel tooltip's Defense Token counts
  • Fixed an issue where the Kickstarter Divine Cathedral bundle icon would not appear correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the hanging banner would clip with the wooden gate
  • Fixed an  issue with an EK showing as private when it is set to public after logging out
  • Fixed an issue with a vendor disappearing after placing it when on a temple parcel
  • Fixed an issue with buildings with attached vendors having placement failures when moved
  • Fixed an issue with the EK Editor selecting the wrong parcel because the grid collider was too low
  • Fixed an issue with vendor icons staying active while building containing a vendor is being moved
  • Fixed an issue with vendors not displaying ghost meshes when the building they are attached to is being moved
  • Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow Crafting Stations and Jewelcrafting Stalls to be zoomed in for placement 
  • Fixed issues with grass flickering during rebuilding when something that covers grass is created or destroyed
  • Fixed the default position of the vendor window
  • Fixed the display names for crafting tables in the Eternal Kingdoms
  • Fixed the orientation of placing multiple deeds in EK
  • Harvestables in front of buildings during placement now disappear so they do not block the view of the building
  • Harvestables under buildings now stay despawned even after a parcel is removed and re-added
  • Higher Tier EK Buildings will now have a place for slottable thrones, allowing for greater customization. This change comes with the introduction of individual thrones
  • If an EK owner attempts to give away more cells than they have available, a popup will show stating the cell grant cannot be completed
  • If the EK owner attempts to remove more cells from a noble than the noble has, a popup will show stating the number of cells that were removed from the noble (max amount the noble had) and that the EK owner attempted to remove more cells than the noble had.
  • Improved explanation of cells and tokens in the Chat Command help list
  • Improved the profanity filter for EK names
  • Launch button reflects the true state of an EK when launching for the first time
  • Raise and lower controls for building placement are no longer swapped
  • Removed Kingdom and Zone tabs from EKs
  • Replaced stop-gap Keeps in the Palace, Citadel, and Castle packs with their actual respective strongholds
  • The female vendor now shows a female icon in the tooltip
  • The grasslands parcel now uses the correct icon
  • The Large God Statues in EKs have models once again
  • Updated the icons for some EK parcels
  • When the training camp is moved, the practice dummies on it will respawn at the new location after it is placed


  • Added an arrow counter to the power tray
  • Added a notification when binding to a new recall statue
  • Added an image showing the equipment slot for the mount in the player's inventory.
  • Added updated icons for some Campaign Rewards
  • Adjusted the description for the Dexterity Stat
  • Adjusted power tooltip repositioning for an expanded section to only happen if the tutorial tip would go off-screen.
  • Added hold ctrl text to power tooltip
  • Adjusted the culling distance on headstones
  • Adjusted the targeting reticle slightly on some races/classes
  • Alliance Subguild Crests should now appear as the appropriate size
  • Cairns are now accessible to players regardless of where they died. Even if you jump off a cliff to your death, the Cairn will be placed at the last good location.  We’re not telling you to jump to your death, but if you should do that, you should be able to reach your cairn now.
  • Campaigns are now visible when returning back to the campaign selection screen
  • Character Create - All Characters now start with a Poor Quality Vessel
  • Character stats shown in the lobby will now match those shown in-game
  • Corrected the Vendor's Sell text to explain the Ctrl+Right-Click function
  • Crafted Vessels: Fixed vessel level restrictions appearing when they're already met
  • Customization options are now correctly reset when changing race or gender
  • Damage, Heal, and Resource  flytext (that applies to your character) now will appear over the character portrait (clearing up mid screen clutter. There is a setting listed in options to use the old over the character mode if you prefer) 
  • Damage taken and healing received flytext will now come out of the character portrait by default, to reduce on-screen clutter. If you wish to change this, go to the UI tab in the settings menu
  • Dragging items within a bank/vault should no longer cause them to hop into your inventory
  • Fixed a problem when the held “F” interaction could get stuck in progress if the hold is stopped too early
  • Fixed an issue on the tooltip for several percentage-based powers showing an extra % sign
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to buy and then immediately sell certain items to vendors for a profit
  • Fixed an issue when sometimes players could get stuck in faction select in Infected campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where double right-clicking on inventory items while trading caused a "Not Tradable" message
  • Fixed an issue where faction quests sometimes would not render correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the Flytext would stack up while the map was open
  • Fixed an issue where the Infected quest doesn't disappear after changing faction via kiosk
  • Fixed a spam of error messages to client log when someone tries to remove a guild owned object but they don't have permission to do so
  • Fixed a problem with gate teleporters
  • Fixed an issue where lobby music was not playing if you returned to the lobby from in-game
  • Fixed an issue with some character portraits inheriting the equipment from others.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual of the health bar displaying
  • Fixed several descriptions that had extra or missing percent (%) symbols.
  • Fixed the ability to collide and interact with Rune Gate    
  • Fixed the damage/heal flytext on self from disappearing inside the body.
  • Fixing the Logo and Enter button persisting into main lobby screens
  • Fixed the text cutoff bug in tutorial tooltips and updated visuals to match out the current UI
  • Fixed the text-overflow bug on vendors. The text will now fit in the window
  • Graves now appropriately change their appearance when harvested
  • Holding the Ctrl key while buying or selling items will now buy or sell without a confirmation. Ctrl + right mouse no longer combines stacks in inventory
  • Items added to Sacrifice Pits, Wartables, and Building Signposts can now be removed by dragging them out
  • Modified the login and character select to make it easier to return to the last character and world the player was in
  • Mount Tooltips now mention the key to the currently mapped Summon Mount Key
  • Moved the “Crowpedia” button at the bottom right of the talent UI so it doesn’t block the view of talents listed
  • Numpad Enter should now work the same as regular Enter for opening chat
  • On startup, the most recently played character is selected and indicated in the character list with a star
  • Pressing escape will back out of the character creation screen
  • Reduced the radius of recall points on the Hero Statues
  • Removed Disciplines from the legendary vendors in the temples that were no longer used
  • Removed “poor” from the quality of vessel listing on the character screen. 
  • Spelling correction listed under Constitution
  • Stats now show up to the ten-thousandths place in the crafting window
  • Stay Out Debuff’s name has been updated when it hits you to not appear like system text
  • Text cleanup for some traits that have a backslash in the description
  • Text updates to the reset windows popup
  • The 6th party member in Dregs now is displayed correctly
  • The chat commands window (? on the chat window) will now contain emote commands, and emote commands will now work on any tab, except for the combat log
  • The Crowpedia button was adjusted to not cover parts of the talent tree
  • The damage taken and healing received flytext will now come out of the character portrait by default, to reduce on-screen clutter. If you wish to change this, go to the UI tab in the settings menu
  • The inbox window should now have a  scroll UI
  • The linked world element in the character selection screen now updates if the state of the campaign changes
  • The TEST patcher will now insist on an email address for the username
  • The patcher now checks for servers down for maintenance and informs the user when they launch
  • The selected character is now displayed properly on entry to the campaign selection screen
  • The Unspent Talent Point will now display more frequently when a player has unspent talents
  • Updated the campfire power name to not display campfire twice when it damages you.
  • Updated the Earth Sentinel dialog to guide players to Infected instead of a third Gods Reach zone
  • Updated the names of the loot Protection stats to be more explicit
  • Updated the tooltips to have a flag for vessels that can't be equipped because they are of lower quality
  • Vessels that are unequippable now will have a red shader in your inventory 
  • When entering the Infected at level 1, the Lamplighter will now guide your quest compass to the Sentinel so you can return at level 18 more easily
  • You can no longer split stacks in the Trade Window
  • You can now access Crowpedia from the Lobby screen
  • You can now tray swap while mounted



  • Adjusted the motions of jumping and a few powers so that there is a greater feeling of momentum
  • All classes have had their base health increased by 300
  • Both Resurrection and Group Resurrection are now usable while in combat
  • Chain Pull now displays a Hit FX for both the player version and NPC version
  • Damnation damage over time damage has been reduced by 17%
  • Exorcist has been removed from the Elken Racial Domain and replaced with Forest Creature
  • Fixed an issue where Bull Rush would sometimes cause you to move past the target after hitting them
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes characters would stop being able to use powers
  • Fixed a problem with interactions sometimes not taking the user out of stealth
  • Increased the attack rate of basic attacks and adjusted damage for the basic attacks for the following classes: Assassin, Duelist, Knight, Myrmidon, Ranger (melee), and Templar
  • Knockbacks will now interrupt channeling powers, such as bandagin
  • Mark of the Legion now has a unique icon
  • Orbs VFX unified for Druid heal orb, Burning Hatred, smoldering hatred, Blood Price and fountain of life
  • Pixie discipline has been added to the Nature Domain
  • Purify and Cleanse now remove Damnation
  • Talent trees have been updated to have the extra minor slot as a prerequisite for unlocking the stat bundle above it
  • The following powers can now be cast while mounted, and dismount you upon doing so:
    • Assassin Blink Step
    • Champion Throw Hurlbat
    • Druid Grasping Roots
    • Knight Chain Pull
    • Myrmidon Colossus Smash
    • Templar Divine Light
    • Stealth Tray - Assassin, Duelist, and Ranger
  • The following powers dismount the targets they hit if they are mounted:
    • Assassin Blink Step
    • Champion Throw Hurlbat
    • Confessor Blink of Faith
    • Dirge Lunge
    • Knight Chain Pull
    • Myrmidon Cast Net
    • Ranger Forest Step
    • Templar Censure
  • Updated the appearances of some Frostcasters


  • Glide wing FX will no longer persist while running around


  • Guineceans Burrow effects will now properly reapply after using Cheap Shots
  • Guineceans now display purple dirt when revealed by Alertness or powers similar
  • Guinecean fixed an issue when using “tunnel” would teleport you out of bounds to your death


  • Blood of the Giant Added the duration to the tooltip
  • Racial passive name Maken Me Mad now displays consistently on the buff tooltip


  • Nature Resistance now adds immune to roots in addition to the Nature Resistance
  • Reflection of Nature - Now adds +5% Personal Healing Modifier in addition to the+5% Critical Heal Chance


  • Bull Rush blackout time has been increased to better match the distance of Bull Rush


  • Call Flames Increase Buff to 30 seconds and using the power now restores a dodge pip
  • Increased the Nethari starting Constitution by 10
  • Walk Without Rhythm is now present in non-stealth trays, to allow Confessors to benefit from the movement increase with Immolation putting them into Stealth


  • Adjusted the start time of assassin base attack animation to feel better on clicks
  • Ambush has been renamed to Sneak Attack
  • Blackjack Toss now adds 2 pips when used against exposed targets
  • Blackjack Toss can now be used in the Ranged Tray
  • Cutthroat Talent node now indicates it improves the Armor Penetration: Physical stat
  • Decimate now adds 2 pips when used against exposed targets
  • Decimate now plays an SFX when hitting an enemy
  • Dirty Tricks, when used against an exposed target, now Knocks Down instead of Blinds
  • Fixed Assassin pip meter refilling even though all pips were consumed
  • Garrote, when used against an exposed target, now also applies poison damage over time effect
  • In the Zone is now usable in the Ranged Tray
  • Septic Strike (Shiv Combo) tooltip has been updated to have the duration icon for the duration rather than direction
  • The Dagger Storm FX now renders correctly
  • Updated the description for the Vandal Kidney Shot enhancement to better describe the enhancement and how it works


  • Adjusted the start time of Champion base attack animation to feel better on click
  • Barbarian passive tooltip description has been corrected to no longer show temporary values
  • Blood Rage now grants Movement CC Immunity for 10s instead of Health Buff
  • Fixed an issue that caused damage mitigation from Ultimate Warrior to persist after its duration
  • Fixed an error in Ultimate Warrior's buff tooltip causing it to display 15%, rather than 1000
  • Fixed the ability description for Anger Management
  • Fixed the health in the tooltip of the Pit Fighter variant of Neckbreaker to display the proper amount
  • Fixed an error in Ultimate Warrior's buff tooltip causing it to display 15%, rather than 1000
  • Fixed an issue that caused damage mitigation from Ultimate Warrior to persist after its duration
  • Fixed the health in the tooltip of the Pit Fighter variant of Neckbreaker to display the proper amount
  • Insanity description now includes 30 seconds lifetime or buff duration in the tooltip description
  • Reduced the duration of Damage Reduction when using Brutal Warrior, Mighty Warrior, and Ultimate Warrior to better match the animation lock timing. It has been reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
  • The Blood of the Giant racial ability is now governed by a normal cooldown instead of a secondary resource and shares the same cooldown group as the other Champion Warrior abilities. This cooldown can be modified normally with cooldown modifying stats. The buff is granted by Blood of the Giant and is equivalent to the "second stage" level of the former version of this buff but these buffs are overwritten by the Champion Warrior abilities.
  • The "Damage Reduction" effect now properly reduces damage by 80% for all classes
  • Throw Hurlbat FX now correctly moves to the target
  • Updated the following Champion power descriptions to note the benefit of having dominance:
    • Disarming Shout
    • Kick Sand
    • Rend
    • Spinning Backfist
    • Vicious Stomp
    • Whirling Pain
  • Ultimate Warrior, Mighty Warrior, and Brutal Warrior are no longer activated by a special resource and now cost 25 Rage to use. The re-use of these abilities is now governed by a normal cooldown like other abilities. The cooldown can be modified normally by stats like other abilities. The buffs applied by these abilities are at the former "second stage" level and last for two minutes. While they are active, each of these abilities now also causes you to gain an additional two rage each time you hit with any attack.
  • Updated the Vicious Storm FX


  • Arbiter Illuminate now increases the Healing Bonus of the group instead of placing a Stamina HoT on them
  • Arbiter Flash of Light now affects enemies within 7m instead of 5m and has a decreased cooldown
  • Divine Order effect is no longer canceled by Dodge
  • Exhaustion DoTs now tick for 15 stamina damage every 2 seconds instead of 8 stamina damage every 2 seconds
  • Fixed the animation for Holy aura and Vengeance aura 
  • Radical promotion no longer reduces the cooldown of Divine Order, this has been moved to the Radical Passive power
  • Retaliate now indicates it requires a weapon and shield
  • Spiritual Essence exhaustion tooltip updated to read reduces stamina by 15 every 2 seconds
  • Spiritual Presence now adds a Damnation to enemies hit by it instead of slowing them
  • The Blessed Protection power will grant a barrier buff for 15 seconds but the buff duration is not mentioned in the tooltip description
  • Throwing Hammer Basic Attacks no longer appear to be thrown behind the caster


  • Absolution now consumes the Sin from the target it hits
  • Added an Area Size and a range to the tooltip of Fire Wave
  • Adjusted Confessor base attacks to help with combat feel, help with casting cadence 
  • Condemnation no longer roots you in place while casting
  • Fire Wave width has been increased from 4m to 7m
  • Hellfire Shield FX is now properly removed when Hellfire Aura is used
  • Hellfire Aura base radius has been increased to 8m
  • Immolation no longer has a 2s invulnerability when cast, it still maintains the 5s of reduced damage
  • Immolation now strips Battle Chant from the Confessor
  • Inquisitor Hellfire Aura no longer increases in size, it remains 8m
  • Molten Mage can now be equipped by Confessors
  • Sanctifier Hellfire Aura now increases the number of targets it can hit to 7
  • Resources being regenerated by Frostweavers will now properly display a name in the combat log
  • Removed a duration from the tooltip of Righteousness that did not relate to anything
  • Runic Book of Arkon: High-Elf and Centaur have an incorrect appearance while equipped. Fixed the book animations to not let the inside clip through the cover
  • Spitting Distance now reduces the cooldown of Meteor Purge
  • Spreading Flame now spreads the Feel the Burn DoT, in addition to normal Burning
  • The fire of Life description has been updated to note that the caster is excluded
  • The Force Shield and Suns of Worvan barrier can now be removed by barrier removal abilities


  • Archdruid Blight Enhancement orb flip now maxes out at 15 orbs that can be flipped instead of 20
  • Archdruid Barkskin enhancement now causes a small AOE around when the Barrier is damaged off or stripped in another way
  • Archdruid Blight no longer destroys the Burning Hatred or Smoldering Hatred traps when cast on them
  • Archdruid Force of Nature passive, the damage has been reduced to nearby enemies when a healing orb is picked up, and healing from an explosive orb to nearby allies has also been reduced
  • Archdruid or Earthkeeper picking up a Coalesce Nature Orb while in the death tray and at or above 56% essence will no longer automatically set your essence to 79%.6
  • Archdruid promotion now grants an additional stat of +10% Basic Damage Bonus
  • Aurora Emitter should now hit up to 5 targets
  • Blight explosive orbs visual effects will now display when it converts a life orb
  • Blight no longer blocks movement while casting the power
  • Blight no longer has a Hit SFX playing when it's not dealing damage to the enemy
  • Camouflage no longer places you into the hidden state if you spam jump while moving
  • Casting Coalesce Life orbs will now properly dismount you
  • Capacitor Passive Power will now display an FX when Lightning Shield is applied
  • Coalesce Orbs should now show up for group members in EKs
  • Corrected Stormcaller promotion talent description
  • Death Surge now displays the proper description
  • Druids with only the Death Tray will no longer have a purple shader on them after they exit a siege weapon
  • Electrogenesis orbs now properly damage nearby enemies when you have the Force of Nature passive
  • Fae Druid wings will no longer randomly swap colors between black and white when switching Life tray to Death tray
  • Fixed an issue causing Force of Nature to show incorrect Attack Power and Support Power Values
  • Fixed Earthkeeper talent description to read increases your Critical Healing Chance stat in character details by 5%.
  • Force of Nature has been updated to cause Healing Orbs picked up to cause AOE damage to enemies near it, and Exploding Orbs that explode also heal friendlies near it
  • Force of Nature damaging SFX no longer plays for orbs picked up that do not hit an enemy
  • Gaea's Growth now spawns healing orbs for each enemy hit
  • Grasping Roots no longer has a debug text for the power name
  • Healing Rain has been adjusted to be 2 ticks instead of 4 ticks, the amount healed per tick has been increased to match this. The number of targets Healing Rain can hit has been increased from 5 to 7
  • Ironwood Body now displays an FX when triggered
  • Mana Shield can now be removed with Mass Dispel
  • Replaced the Storm domain with the Protection domain on the Druid Earthkeeper promotion
  • Static bolt will now properly dismount a Druid if used while they are mounted
  • Updated Archdruid promotion icons to not be pistols and a rapier
  • Updated the Druid's base attack speed and animations


  • Adjusted the start time of Duelist base attack animation to feel better on clicks.
  • Channel powers that used combo points will scale in duration correctly again.
  • Cloak of Shadows duration has been adjusted to 10 seconds instead of 5 seconds and the Personal Damage Modifier has been reduced to 25% from 50%.
  • Corrected the ability description for Inconceivable
  • Dirge Promotion now adds a root to Pepperbox shot on 5 pips in addition to the piercing mitigation debuff
  • Fixed an issue causing Deep Wounds and Sweet Victory to display incorrect prerequisites
  • Fixed an issue causing Sweet Victory to show a temp value in place of a heal amount
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the passive: Sweet Victory from appearing in the duelist’s stealth tray
  • Fixed an issue that caused Sweet Victory to heal the duelist twice
  • Fixed Keen Guard tooltip so that it displays the correct buff duration
  • Fixed an issue where the Duelist Slayer passive mentioned "Redirect Pain" rather than Keen Guard
  • Fixed an issue with the Duelist's pip widget displaying when entering and exiting stealth
  • Impale now indicates the damage increase if you purchase the Dirge talent.
  • Inconceivable display duration of the coins of Inconceivable power now lasts longer
  • Keen Guard now displays a separate buff for the Slayer critical strike/damage buff for using it
  • Lunge now applies a Bleed
  • Lunge now grants an additional pip when used against an exposed target.
  • Pepperbox Shot no longer heals targets hit under certain conditions
  • Rapid Fire's duration has been adjusted to better align with the animation.
  • Snipe now applies a Personal Damage Modifier debuff
  • Swapped Sweet Victory with Deep Wounds in the Talent Tree
  • Swapped Cloak of Shadows with Feral Instincts in the Talent Tree
  • Sweet Victory now triggers a heal when you Hard CC an enemy instead of when you kill an enemy
  • The Duelist Explosive barrel now has a 1 second deploy time before it can trigger
  • Underhill Duelists now use the proper hit FX for Rapidfire


  • Archmage Crystal Lance promotion now reduces the cooldown instead of eliminating it and causes execute damage below 45% instead of 50%
  • Chill Out description has been updated to better describe how it interacts with Cool Ice in its radius when cast
  • Corrected some Frostweaver power descriptions
  • Death Shard Cooldown is now 6s
  • Fixed an issue where the Stable Ice visual effects would disappear early
  • Ice Caller no longer enhances Shatterstorm, now enhances Frost Armor to heal the target that picks it up
  • Fixed an issue with the Frost Armor interactable wouldn't display the FX
  • Fixed an issue where your crow would get stuck in an animation pose after using Icy Veins power
  • Healing Flurries base healing has been slightly increased.
  • Healing Flurries can now critically heal
  • Healing Flurries has its max targets increased to 7 and its chance to spawn refreshing ice has been increased from 10% to 20%
  • Healing Flurries Refreshing Ice spawn heals for the same amount as other Refreshing Ice
  • Ice Block has been renamed to Icy Veins. Icy Veins duration has been reduced to 5s but you are allowed to move during this time. Icy Veins will also regenerate Ice Stores while channeling, in addition to the health and mana
  • Ice Block will no longer be canceled instantly if used while you are moving
  • Lowered the cooldown time of healing flurries to 20 seconds
  • Picking up a 5th Ice store now properly plays SFX
  • Piercing Lance’s description now properly updates the damage it deals when you equip weapons
  • Re-fridgerate Soul Power cost has been increased from 500 to 750
  • The quality of Healing Flurries lighting effects should be the same as with other powers
  • Updated the Weaving power descriptions to note the ground as its target


  • Adjusted the start time of the knight base attack animation to feel better on clicks.
  • Block - Reduced the cost of big hits while blocking from 20 to 10
  • Bulwark talent node now lists Personal Damage Modifier +4.5% instead of Person Damage +4.5%
  • Fixed an issue where Chain Attack should pull your target towards you, not one floor above
  • Fixed an issue where Obliterate was not properly applying a bleed when used by a Swordsman
  • Fixed Knight Block ability description to remove a system string
  • Noble Blood and Pursuit barriers no longer stack
  • Pursuit Lightning FX now lasts the duration of the movement buff
  • Resolve - Now heals a percent of damage done to you while blocking
  • Retribution Slash - Change the buff to a 25 Thorns and 25 Thorns bonus buff instead of 50 thorns
  • Secutor Oath of Will enhancement buff now properly reduces the cost of each tick of stamina for blocking
  • Sentinel - Noble Blood enhancement is now a Suppress instead of Root
  • Shield Bash description has been updated to state that only performing 3 consecutive basic attacks enables it
  • Shield Bash effects will consistently strike the same target
  • Shield Slam now decreases the Personal Damage Modifier by 10% instead of 5%
  • Swordsman now gets Death instead of Justice and Secutor gets Protection instead of Death
  • Swordsman promotion now lists Damage Bonus +3% instead of Damage +3%



  • Adjusted the start time of Myrmidon base attack animation to feel better on clicks
  • Berserk can now be used while mounted and will dismount you
  • Colossus Smash can no longer be used while mounted
  • Colossus Smash description updated to better state how far it takes you.
  • Corrected some typos in Myrmidon’s ability descriptions
  • Demolish Armor power and Armor break debuff now mention the value of the reduced physical mitigation in the tooltip description
  • Fixed a problem where the Half-Giant Myrmidon Male One-handed axe displays reversed when doing a Basic attack
  • Fixed an issue that caused Neck Slash to activate outside of Berserking for Titans
  • Furious Slash now debuffs the targets Personal Healing Modifier when hit by it
  • The Bloody Swipe tooltip description has been updated
  • The Root FX from Myrmidon's Net Pull should now travel appropriately with the target
  • Titan and Battlerager promotion descriptions for Berserk enhancements have been updated to better clarify how it works
  • Titan now has Wind instead of Death, and Conqueror has Death instead of Wind
  • Unstoppable power Buff tooltip description shows an increase of 10% PDM


  • Added an arrow counter to the power tray
  • Adjusted the start time of Ranger Melee base attack animation to feel better on clicks
  • Ambush has been renamed to Surprise Strike
  • Archer Promotion Concussive Trap now debuffs Personal Damage Modifier instead of Physical Mitigations
  • Archer promotion no longer grants 100 Attack Power
  • Archers Stake has had its resource cost reduced to 190 energy
  • Barriers added to traps with the Warden Promotion will now only apply to you if the trap is triggered, not if it times out. The barrier can now only be applied in this way once every 5 seconds
  • Brigand: From the Shadows now grants a Movement CC Immunity for 10 seconds when you exit stealth in addition to all attacks counting from behind.
  • Brigand Promotion: Sweep Enhancement now adds a Movement Speed: In Combat buff in addition to the barrier
  • Disengage has had its resource cost reduced to 190 energy
  • Fixed an issue causing Concussive Trap to show an incorrect damage value in its tooltip
  • Fixed ranged Jump on Elf male so the camera follows the player properly  
  • Flare Arrow FX will no longer disappear when a second instance of it ends
  • Flare Arrow FX will now properly be positioned on the ground when aiming in the air
  • Hunting Party talent node now increases the max energy by 400, instead of 225
  • Ranged ammo equipment damage will now be reflected in ranged power tooltips
  • Rangers now start with the ability to dual wield instead of unlocking it when purchasing the Sweep talent node
  • Removed lingering references to a Severe Bleed on Piercing Arrow items
  • Twin Surge combo now has better timing with its FX
  • Updated the Ranger's Basic attack FX
  • Updated the Ranger Warden promotion to have the Plague Domain instead of the Frost Domain
  • Warden: Disengage enhancement now resets the cooldown on all stake powers in addition to placing a trap where you leapt from
  • Warden: Concussive Trap cooldown reduction enhancement has been increased from 50% to 60%, and a Warden's Concussive trap now adds a 500pt barrier to the Warden when the Trap is triggered. Revitalize buff to friendlies in this area has been removed



  • Adjusted the start time of the templar base attack animation to feel better on clicks
  • Censure power tooltip fixed to display the correct distance 20m
  • Divine Pull maximum targets has been reduced to 3 and renamed to Congregation
  • Fury Penitence is now a cone attack and can hit up to 3 targets in a 20m cone
  • Holy Warrior for the Vindicator Promotion now applies the normal Health buff and also increases your Movement Speed: In Combat
  • Holy Warrior Fury promotion enhancement now increases the health buff it gives, in addition to adding a slow to your melee attacks, and increases the duration of Holy Warrior from 15s to 20s for Furies
  • Holy Warrior power now mentions the healing effects on the tooltip
  • Paladin passive power now grants +2% critical healing amount per stack in addition to the critical healing chance already granted
  • Righteous Reflection passive should now correctly start upon login or zoning
  • Righteous Smash now applies a group Personal Healing Modifier buff when you hit with it
  • Templar Holy Warrior no longer costs Zealotry
  • Templar Righteous Stand FX will now follow the Templar
  • Various grammar and spelling corrections
  • Vindicator Promotion Divine Light enhancement now adds damnation to targets hit by it
  • Vindicator promotion now gives 400 health instead of 200


  • Abominable Snowman Discipline - Terrifying Features no longer stuns the player when they take fall damage
  • Added stats to rare+ Exotic Exploration Disciplines
  • Adjudicator: Prosecute no longer scales damage based on Sin on the target, but now applies Sin to nearby targets
  • Archery Minor discipline has been added to Assassin, Champion, Knight, and Myrmidon class discipline lists
  • Agent Provocateur  Fixed the Lay Low tooltip and removed the string text in the description
  • Agent Provocateur now lists the 20% value of the reduced piercing mitigation in the tooltip description
  • Agent Provocateur: Remove the vertical line FX at the center of Caltrops power
  • Arcane Archer: Corrected the description of Arcane Barrier, which was previously inaccurate
  • Avatar of Storms Discipline Storm Avatar's FX will no longer disappear when you dodge
  • Banshee Discipline power Haunt FX will no longer persist longer than the debuff itself
  • Barbed Stake: Corrected code string appearing in Barbed Stake description
  • Bearer's Insignia: Fixed an issue causing the buff from Bearer's Insignia to show an incorrect barrier amount
  • Blast of Leaves can now be channeled while moving
  • Blitzer Discipline: Banner of Storms now works on friendlies instead of the group only and the max targets have been increased to 6 from 5
  • Bloodletter Discipline: Purgative heal no longer scales with support power but has been increased to heal 300 health per DoT type removed
  • Blood Rose description has been updated to state that Lifesteal healing does not trigger the Thornshield
  • Bringer of Life Discipline Purify tooltip has been updated to correct an issue that caused the cooldown time to be over writing the resource cost
  • Cauterize now removes Corruption effects and gives a 16-second Organic Resistance buff of 1500
  • Cleanse now gives a 16-second Bleed Resistance buff of 2000
  • Cloisterer Discipline: Benediction now increases the groups Bleed Resistance in addition to the Organic Resistance buff and Long Cooldown Reduction. The Cooldown of Benediction has been reduced from 45 seconds to 36 seconds
  • Commander Discipline: Hunker Down now only increases 1000 Resist All and regenerates Stamina while in the radius, the radius has been increased to 4m
  • Convictor: Prosecute now spreads a number of sin equal to that of your target to enemies near it instead of just 1 sin
  • Critical Dodge Discipline Critical Dodge is now available in the Dark Domain
  • Deadly Infector Discipline: Diffusion base damage has been increased along with the scaling damage for when you have poison buffs. The description has been updated to display both
  • Dirty Fighter Discipline: Festering Wounds now adds a 10% Incoming Healing (Personal Healing Modifier) debuff when applied in addition to the Healing Bonus debuff. 
  • Dispel: now adds the Exposed effect when it removes a barrier from an enemy
  • Dispel will now Knockdown targets with a barrier as intended
  • Dryad: Nature's Avatar power from the Dryad Discipline will no longer disappear after equipping the Pack Avatar Minor Discipline
  • Dryad Discipline Nature's Avatar now increases Damage Bonus by 20%, Critical Strike by 20%, Critical Damage by 20%, Personal Damage Modifier by 20%, and Power Damage Bonus: Melee by 10% on the target it is channeled onto
  • Entertainer Bolstering Ballad buff will now refresh any time a song refreshes
  • Forest Creature: Removed a redundant negative sign in the description of Slow Stake
  • Friar: Fortuitous Blessings will now properly overwrite the Pathfinder buff as it is a higher priority than the Trailblazer movement buff
  • Frozen Dancer Frigid Ground Frostbite DoT will now properly start ticking as soon as it's applied.
  • Harsh Elements Corrected tooltip description 
  • Hydrologist: Water Spirits now properly plays a charging FX when charging
  • Ice Armorer - Ice Devourer - now grants Personal Healing Modifier buff instead of Healing Bonus buff
  • Lord of the forest, Forest creature, & Kinetic bloomer: Blackout time has been reduced on Root Stake, Protection Stake, and Slow Stake to better match the animation
  • Lord of the forest: Protection Stake visual effects (VFX) should now be in better sync with the buff fading
  • Mass Dispel: now exposes targets that get their barriers removed and increases the number of targets the power can hit to 8
  • Master of Darkness: Stink bomb power description has been updated with the correct number of ticks the DoT does
  • Master of Focus: Adjusted Master of Focus discipline to follow the same general pattern as the other discipline items
  • Master of Focus: Mana Shield duration has been reduced from 15 seconds to 12 seconds. Mana Shield no longer gives a damage bonus buff
  • Master of Focus: Mana Shield ratio of damage to mana cost has been reduced to 4 to 1 from 5 to 1
  • Master of Swords: The description of Iron Skin is now consistent with the stats added by its buff
  • Nightstalker: has been removed from the Death Domain and added to the Shadow Domain
  • Night Stalker: Fixed buff tooltip for Vampire Sight
  • Pack Leader: Form Life no longer spawns the 2nd orb on the caster when used in quick succession. Form Life is now a single click cast power, similar to how the Frostweaver Ice works
  • Pack Leader: Form Life burst FX will now play where the orb was picked up at
  • Pack Leader: Form Life II should be usable by friendly allies
  • Paragon: The functionality for Rehabilitation has changed. It now heals 500 damage three times over six seconds with a 30-second cooldown. This ability does not scale with support power
  • Paragon  Rear Kick now benefits from the Long Power Cooldown stat
  • Paragon Rehabilitation now benefits from the Long Power Cooldown stat
  • Reality Warper:  Spiritual Decay duration increased from 9 seconds to 12 seconds for the pulsing AOE around the caster
  • Recon: Added Recon power animations for the Minotaur and the Elken
  • Redeemer Discipline: Concentration passive now grants 80 mana per tick instead of 20 mana per tick
  • Redeemer Discipline: Concentration has its mana amount in the description now and its initial tick happens when it is applied now
  • Removed the Shadowmaster, Destroyer, Molten Mage, Leecher, Brutal Slam, Master of Axes, and Skull Cracker disciplines from Vendors
  • Scrapper Fray’s power tooltip description is now consistent with its buff tooltip description
  • Spirit Speaker Bear effect for the Gaea's Wail is will now move
  • Spirit Speaker Gaea's Wail should have a bear spirit VFX appearing when it is cast
  • Shield Fighter:  now grants Buckler Proficiency and the shield equipment slot
  • Song of Speed Discipline: Song of Speed now also increases the group stealth movement speed by 30%
  • Speed Retaliate fixed the tooltip description to now show "30%" not "0"
  • Stalwart: Fixed an issue that caused Get Behind Me to have two % signs
  • Standard Bearer: Sentinel description now indicates the amount buffed
  • Sun Elf Heritage Corrected tooltip description 
  • Transcendent Warrior:  Guiding Light Aura has been increased from a 5% fire/holy damage buff to a 10% fire/holy damage buff
  • Toughness power tooltip description matches its buff tooltip description
  • Villein Explore Disc: Put Your Back Into It no longer displays a debug string for it granting the Harvest Power Pips in the combat log
  • Neutralize Elements now removes Corruption effects and gives a 16-second Elemental Resistance buff of 1500
  • Purify now gives a 16-second Physical Resistance buff of 1000
  • Waylayer Sweet Victory now functions when used with Cheap Shot



  • Added additional Quest NPC reaction sounds when interacting with them
  • Added a small delay when NPCs targeted with ranged attacks will react to the player
  • Added a vendor for purchasing Common Quality Vessels
  • Added Frostweaver mobs to spawners
  • Adjusted the Bog bear loot drops
  • Adjusted the position of the nameplate for Gryphons.
  • Corrected Morrigan's Dialogue to properly refer to a Basic Harvesting Knife
  • Corrected the Sun Elf Frostweaver NPC's damage type. They should now correctly deal Ice damage
  • Doubled amount of Minor Discipline and Soul Gem drops from Thrall group bosses (Up to 6, from 3 each)
  • Druid NPCs Winds of Corruption now has FX when it hits the player
  • Fixed an issue with the visual of NPC Confessor attacks
  • Fixed Blind Action on NPC to stop the action when NPC is no longer Blinded
  • Fixed a visual effect where NPC Cleric Guard arms would stick out of the Shield while in a combat stance
  • Fixed an issue where weapon vendors in temples would animate with duplicate weapon models
  • Fixed an issue with some vendors not animating correctly
  • Fixed an issue where weapon vendors in temples would animate with duplicate weapon models
  • Fixed Cassius ( Duelist NPC ) so that he properly stands on the ground
  • Fixed the name of Francois to match what he's selling
  • Hellcat Slam damage and Hit FX are now in better sync with the animation
  • NPC Assassin Toxin attack no longer references Aracoix in its name in the combat log
  • Auroch Basic Attack 1 will no longer display its FX behind the Auroch
  • NPC fixed some collision issues in the towers so that guards don't get stuck while taking their daily walk
  • NPC Hunger Hellcat basic attacks now display a name other than Attack
  • NPC Morrigan had a visit from the local seamstress and her cape now is the appropriate length
  • NPC Ranger Guard will no longer stop attacking if the target of the player hides from Keep Wall attachables
  • NPC Ranger Rapid fire now properly plays arrows for all shots fired
  • NPC Templar Judgement hit effects have been resized
  • NPCs Attacking a neutral or non-hostile NPC will not change its outline to red color
  • NPCs fixed an issue where armor wasn’t correctly rigged and emotes weren’t displaying properly
  • NPCs who use stealth will now be revealed when damaging you while you have a barrier
  • Ranger:  Flare Arrow now properly displays a Hit FX when it is damaging a player
  • Removed duplicate weapons from some Stoneborn NPC vendors
  • Removed Shadowmaster, Destroyer, Molten Mage, Leecher, Brutal Slam, Master of Axes, and Skullcracker Stake disciplines from Thrall loot tables. Please note that the removed disciplines have had the powers added into classes
  • Reorganized the temple food vendors' sale list
  • Spider NPC cone attack should cast in its proper direction
  • The intermediate ranged vendor now sells arrows in Infected Campaign
  • The NPC Elemental Boss is now  present in Elemental Camps
  • The Quest NPC should update its picture on how to use the 'Whistle Power'
  • Vendors Rapiers have no third item variant. they do now!
  • Vendors should have the proper faction while in the Temple

Audio / Voice 

  • Fixed an issue with the sound effects and animations when hitting frozen resources
  • Fixed some instances of sounds not triggering for Ranger Barrage, Duelist Vanish, Guinecean burrow, and Holy Symbol
  • The “Equip Your Axe” tutorial tip will now mention just equipping an axe in the case that a player doesn't have an axe in their inventory
  • The Well of Eternity will now make fountain noises
  • Updated the sound effects for numerous abilities
  • New voice over for half-giant female battle cry

Race-specific powers

  • Fae Faerie Fire: reworked to match new VFX
  • Half-Giant Blood of the Giant: new sound to match new animation and VFX
  • Nethari Call Flames: added hit sound for DoT (damage over time)  Local player only (you need to be the caster or target to hear it)


  • Basic: hit sound was playing multiple times
  • Blink of Faith: was missing cast sound and hit sound
  • Fervor: updated sound to match new VFX
  • Flames of Truth: was missing sound for delayed AOE effect and sound for AOE hit
  • Hellfire Shield: new looping sound to match VFX for the duration of the buff
  • Hellfire Aura: new looping sound to match VFX for the duration of the buff
  • Meteor Purge: updated sound to reflect that the power is now instant instead of charged


  • Gaea's Growth: new power, needed unique sounds
  • Healing Rain: AOE sound was not playing from the correct location


  • Cold Comfort: reworked to match new visual effects (VFX)
  • Freezing Blast: toned down
  • Healing Flurries: new power, needed unique sounds
  • Ice Block: new power, needed unique sounds
  • Refreshing Breeze: toned down
  • Refrigerate: reworked to match the new VFX
  • Shatterstorm: was missing hit sounds. sync was off


  • Fixed a bug where tutorial tips couldn't be closed with the cursor consistently
  • The Bow and Arrow Tutorial Tips will be displayed once again if the player equips a Bow and Arrows
  • The Crafty Crow quest should no longer have any complications, even if the player already has an Immortals Ring in their inventory or equipped
  • The "Hungry" tutorial tip now fires when the player's hunger is low enough for the hunger debuff to be applied
  • Quest dialog grammar and spelling fixes
  • Updating the Earth Sentinel beginning dialog with a new image for Attribute Points and adjustments to dialog to reflect Attribute Point changes

Guilds / Alliances

  • Alliance UI is disabled in EKs
  • Fixed a sizing issue with the ally crest.


  • Adjusted the culling distance for runegate assets
  • Adjusted the culling on world bank assets
  • Death Decay to all gear slots increased from 10 to 50
  • Female Vessels now have their hands gripping a weapon at all times when unsheathed especially when jumping
  • Fixed an issue where some players would be unable to load into the game
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes a character would fail to resurrect correctly at a Hero Statue
  • Fixed clipping with Guinecean armor
  • Fixed Minotaur “eat” to be in line with other races (eating with the left hand instead of the right, and shortened the timing to match everyone else)
  • Fixed some animation issues when eating in combat
  • Fixed some issues where vessels would get stuck on hunger crystals
  • Fixed some issues with doobers going into walls or large rocks and unable to be retrieved
  • Fixed spawning issues for Infected God Statues
  • Group members in your zone who are more than about 250m away from you will no longer show up as "not in Zone"
  • Improved the animation responsiveness on many basic attacks
  • Increased base durability of mount items
  • Lowered the hunger crystal spawn rates
  • Mounts now take in combat decay
  • Optimization to improve the rendering of nameplates
  • Removed motherlodes from The Earth Temple in Gods Reach
  • The Infected Quests now account for switching factions
  • Updated the items available on vendors in The Infected
  • Various spellings and grammar errors were fixed

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