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Episode #4 of SAM's + Russians feedback & suggestions

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Episode #4 of SAM's + Russians feedback (I gave them access to NA TEST servers via my friend codes)



1. Make outpost guards stronger - it will boost strategy plays and increase the value of controlling outposts. Allow knight guards throw buffs at friendly players: for example, damage reduction buffs when you fight alongside the guards. Allow cleric guards to heal allied players... and etc. For example, these new stronger Respawn outpost ranger guards feel really good: they can actually guard you from your enemies which feels really cool (I personally used it many times already in 6.400). At the same time, if you buff outpost guards even further and make them stronger, make them cooperate with players, that'll be even better because now outposts will become real strategic objects on the map and not just loot and/or buff spots.


2. Add levels to keeps and allow higher leveled keeps to earn more capture points: for example, level 1 keep adds 250 points per tick, level 3 keep adds 500 points, level 6 will add 750 points and level 10 keep will add 1000 points. Let the keep loose its levels when the tree of life is destroyed. Many times players prefer not to capture more keeps: it costs gold + it needs to be defended after you capture a keep.


3. Change resurrection mechanics: instead of just resurrecting dead bodies, please, allow players with resurrection ability equipped to resurrect CROWS around the player who casts that ability. Make it usable only outside of combat. Let the ability to resurrect a certain amount of crows in the area of this ability per cast. Once the max amount of crows are resurrected, the cast should automatically stop. This will bring more dynamics and tactics to the game. Moreover, it'll allow more fights to happen. Which will make sieges and mass pvp battles more viable, dynamic and interesting. More fights = more fun.

Finally, this will add more options to players and more strategy moves. At the same time, players should still suffer gear durability hit anyways which is already punishable enough in the current version.


4. Add variety of siege weapons or add specialization to siege weapons so that the same type of weapons could have different use options in fights. For example, add the ability to experiment on siege weapons while you craft them: experiment on the attack speed of siege weapons, its fire range, its damage to walls/structures, or its damage to players, its aoe distance and etc. Let those stats to increase with level of siege equipment crafted, same as with other crafted gear and weapons. Let Woodworkers and/or Stonemasons be involved in crafting siege equipment so that these professions will become more viable (they are the least viable right now) and it'll increase the value of crafting overall.


5. Allow players to use siege equipment outside of sieges. Right now there is a mechanics of siege weapons in Crowfall already. But it's only used on 20% of its potential, the other 80% of its potential is simply unused because siege weapons are only allowed within siege windows within certain areas. At the same time, being able to use siege weapons (wisely) during field fights would have been a good addition to Mass PVP fights. For example, these siege weapons could be used during Respawn outpost defense, fights based on holding positions or places of interest like fights on high ground ... and many more. It feels like the ability to use siege weapons would significantly enhance fighting tactics in Crowfall overall.

Also, when you do that, there will be more people who specialize in siege weapons (as of now I know 0 people who does that) so it'll be the whole new viable class of siege engineers who will specialize on that tactics in mass pvp battles. Why do you think most of the PVP games have those siege engineer specs?!? Because a lot of players love that game style. So I'd strongly suggest to make it viable in Crowfall, as well.

Finally, it seems like siege weapons need more durability as they are paper thin right now. Or you could also decrease siege weapons cost instead. That'll boost Woodworking profession so that WWs will be involved in crafting siege weapons, it'll consume more wood and it'll make lumberjacks more viable in Crowfall (right now wood cutters are in the least demand among all other harvesting professions).

To sum up, making siege weapons usable outside of sieges, boosting them with different stats to experiment on while crafting them, making siege equipment more durable or/and less expensive should balance economic loop in Crowfall, increase wood consumption, increase Woodworker profession value and, finally, boost mass pvp battles... and will create many more battle tactics overall.



6. When you block, you can't see your abilities cooldown at all. It seems like it should be visible even when you block.


7. Sanctifier class needs rework. Now this class is not worth playing at all.

The possibility to wear plate does not change the class much. It is still not tanky enough to fight in melee range. Moreover, some of the confessor skills are very weak in fact - here they are:


Suggestions of how to change it:

1) If the Sanctifier stays melee, than it needs more survivability which could be reached via barriers or via incoming damage reduction. Meteor skill is garbage because it gives a very small amount of barrier + low range + the cast time does not worth the outcome at all.

2) The other way how this could work with Sanctifier is to make it a hybrid between melee and ranged class (like Dirge, for example). When you choose Inquisitor spec, let the range drop down to 5 but allow it to be buffed by gear, disciplines, food, etc. Make it extendable. Or the other way to do it is to decrease the range by 20-25 meters, for example, but leave it ranged and extendable. Plus give this guy a melee weapon option like Archers have, or like Dirges.


8. Keep Storehouse building:

a) The chest resource collection for every 24 hours is just ridiculously low! Just look at this:


I truly hope that this is just a joke and this will be changed aka increased significantly. Even a simple outpost chest gives much better rewards than this storage building level 2 which you have to ride lots of pigs for.

Suggestion: it feels like it is better to switch Mom's Attic buff and Reward chest buff which is given by storage building so that Mom's Attic would be given at level 2 Storehouse building and Reward chest would be given at level 3 of the Storehouse building. Also, the reward from the reward chest should be significantly increased so that it would make sense for people to pursue building it for such a huge recourse cost but to plan the profits in the long run. Currently, the most significant resource it is giving is gold. But 402 gold is worth less than 1 mob camp farming 1 time. It actually worth 10-12 mobs which is just NOTHING! Moreover, these rewards do not stack and they cannot be used if you build more than 1 Storehouse building in the same keep or even when you have a storehouse in a different keep. So that the cooldown is all the same for ALL Storehouse buildings your guild have throughout the DREGS campaign. These rewards are REDICULUOSLY LOW.

Lets talk about benefits of having reward chests.

First of all, players will have more motivation to log in EVERY DAY and create content. Secondly, there are much more casual players than hardcore players and if you teach them to log in every day (or so) this will be beneficial for Crawfall from every prospective. After some time I will get everything what the game could offer, eventually. And one of the motivations for me will be to log in every day will be this reward chest. It will keep population high and will make a habit to players to log in regularly.

Secondly, when you have a large guild you only can stay effective as a guild if even casual players can contribute to the guild by simply loggin in regularly. Reward chest will accomplish this goal entirely: you log in, you contribute, you fight with your guildies, your create content (even if you are a casual player).

Third point, is that having reward chests which give out rewards every day will actually increase value of keeps and increase the conflict/number of active sieges. that is why reward chests MUST be working for each keep the guild owns. If you were playing the game, you would understand that owning several keeps is a lot of pressure for the guild leadership because having sieges every day is a BIG challenge. That's why I've never seen 1 guild owning more than 3 keeps at the same time. And owning 3 keeps is a lot of work, believe me. Thus, there must be a motivation to own several keeps which could be those Reward chests...but the reward must be worth it... and it must be given at every keep you own.

To sum up, there are a lot of benefits of having passive income inside the keeps. And it is not like players have it for free: first of all, they need to spend money and time to acquire a keep a several keeps. Then they need to spend a lot of time building up a keep. Finally, they need to defend their keeps regularly. It is a lot of work... and this work could be rewarded by those reward chests but the rearward must also fit the efforts.


9. You still cannot find description for Belltower and Caravanasary buildings anywhere. Moreover, there is no description about the guard upgrades for Defense buildings. So that new players would never know that Arcane Armory will also upgrade your guards, for example. Furthermore, as a very Crowfall experienced player I still do not know which guards are beirng upgraded by which buildings and which level you need to have... Finally, guard presence/spawn spots within your keep is still a mystery - I was never able to find this info anywhere in the game. For example, why ranger and confessor guards spawn inside the  keep yard in a small keep but they never spawn inside the keep yard inside middle keep and a big keep?


10. Ranger and confessor guards should spawn INSIDE the keep, as well (not only on the walls) when you build defense buildings. If we build the defense building for such a high price, the keep protection should match, as well.


11. Stables buff for Caravan Animals health seems to be useless at all. There is no need in caravan animals health entirely and it is completely superfluous. In my almost 1 year experience playing Crowfall I had never seen that Caravan Animals health was EVER needed.

Suggestion: add more caravan animals SPEED instead of health buff. Make caravan animals speed worth 15% at level 1, 30% at level 2 and 50% at level 3 of Stables. Also add mounted speed buff to all the levels of Stables building: 10% at level 1, 15% at level 2 and 25% at level 3. That will make this building viable at all. In my 1-year experience I had never seen a keep on LIVE server which had Stables built in it because the outcome is not worth building it. It is much more beneficial to build Arcane Armory or Barracks instead... or even an Engineering Works building is much much better than Stables at their current state.


12. It's more on the UI side but it seems like it would be much more satisfying to see buildings inside keeps would have visual upgrades with EACH level. Right now, level 1, level 2 and level 3 buildings visually look all the same. If level 1 building would look less impressive and complete than level 3 buildings it would give a lot of extra sense of progression.


13. Hellcat mount looks very bad with the pony tail they have. The mount actually FEELS really good: it runs very smoothly, it has really nice cat-ish and kinda agressive sound, it looks vibrant... but that pony tail spoils everything! The only way me as a players look at this mount is from behind. And I always have to look at that ugly pony tail. I would really prefer a real tiger tail on this mount.


14. At last, but not the least... players should be able to CRAFT guards for their keeps. Having those guards for FREE seems to be just a privilage. Much more involving would be if you could craft and place your guards! That would have been much more interesting. I do understand that it will need the whole new mechanic to be added to the game... but that would bring DREGS player experience to the whole new level. Moreover, this could be a VERY UNIQUE feature of Crowfall specifically which will attract more players to the game.


As usual, thanks to @DadaBoroda, @Dargelar, @Morgan


Pings for devs so that they will check it out 😃 @Tyrant @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman @gothamgurl

Edited by SAM_BUKA

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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16 minutes ago, Alot said:

I think the Inquisitor references here are intended to be Sanctifier. 

Thank you. I changed it.

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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Sanctifier is much stronger than before.  Meteor could use its animation cast removed so its instant and you can actually have a net gain from the barrier instead of losing it once the animation is done because someone was beating on you. The other option is to increase condemnation and allow it to heal from multiple targets or increase the amount per heal.  Right now its some weird tank that cant really tank or sustain. Fixing either one of those would go along way to moving the sanctifier. I'm in agreement that scalding and the cleanse are on the poor side.

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23 minutes ago, MrErad said:

Sanctifier is much stronger than before.  Meteor could use its animation cast removed so its instant and you can actually have a net gain from the barrier instead of losing it once the animation is done because someone was beating on you. The other option is to increase condemnation and allow it to heal from multiple targets or increase the amount per heal.  Right now its some weird tank that cant really tank or sustain. Fixing either one of those would go along way to moving the sanctifier. I'm in agreement that scalding and the cleanse are on the poor side.

i didnt read his post at all. but they need to do all of that. insta meteor and more healing on condemnation. and CC hard control reduction

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