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Can we harmonize Blacksmithing and Wartribe Gear?

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I just started the progression on an Armorsmith and realized that all the gear that I make until (I guess) epic disc and blue Belt and craft blue gear will be worse then blue end epic wartribe gear. I get why Wartribe gear is in the game, so I assume taking it out is not an option until we have a solution that solves the same problem that wartribe gear does: Enabling new players to play the game without getting into crafting...

The conflict that arises for the Weapon- and Blacksmith with the introduction of Wartribe gear is that about 50% of the progression is just "useless grind" if you look at it from a min/maxing perspective since Wartribe gear is balanced against the full range of gear that a Blacksmith can produce.

I have 3 ideas that I wanted to throw your way how you could address those problems @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair:

1. I know there have been ideas of salvaging items. How about you put a dropchance for weaponsmith and armorsmith disciplines on salvaging wartribe (and/or advanced) weapons and respectively armors?!? This would give players a choice to dismantle unused gear / sacrifice / sell it.

It would also allow crafters to have different means of progressing and create another interdependency which is good for trade of those items. It would also strengthen the feedbackloop between PvPers and crafters...

2. Instead of strengthening the importance of Wartribe gear like in my first proposal, you could also go the opposite direction and rework the crafting tiers. There could be a buff to intermediate gear, that is somewhat comparable to wartribe gear, or just introduce a very easily accessible gear tier between intermediate and advanced gear. This would propably require further simplification of crafting and a reduction of crafting and gathering time investment alltogether to make it bearable to the part of the playerbase is only interessted in the PvP part of the game...

3. When we had Player vendors in the temples it also felt like there was actual trade going on. This could also be a viable solution to try if the game loop would work without wartribe gear. If I can play my player crafted armor in temple for gold, everybody wins: The crafters can sell their stuff and get gold for it. Players can farm gold and other stuff to be able to afford the player crafted armors... We would still have RNG armor on the vendors in white and green, which would as good as gear that is crafted on a fresh Blacksmith with white gear...

I'm still convinced there is a good way to make this work without wartibe gear. Nevertheless, I hope my insight helps to get a fresh angle of the tension between wartribe gear and the Professions Armorsmith and Weaponsmith.

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Going to add a few ideas here.

Allow us to add secondary stats through an additive slot to crafted gear. If I can make armor with barrier bonus, pdm, phm, block bonus, pe, etc. I would want that gear if it enables my build, even if the armor value is less.

Remove the restriction of armor smith and weaponsmith. I can combine any other 2 crafting discs on the same vessel, why not these?

Give us a second belt slot. We have a lot of dual harvesters/crafters now. Would be a nice QOL change. Just make it so you only apply 1 bonus from armor/weapon smith if you happen to be doubled up on those.


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they can remove wartribe gear and use wartribes coins as token to buy stuff in temple in a dedicated vendor (there is lot of space for vendor currently!), like that they can scale gear lvl between different quality (with white/green/blue/... coin) and they can scale gear between different campaign (gr/infected/dregs with or without import...) and at last they can scale with what crafter can do (at launch bad gear some month after better gear).

@CrusaderW this problem has been pointed out for a long time, i dont understand why it took so much time to resolve. i hope it will be done before launch 

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Just let players salvage drops for random typed resources and you close this problem for everything but jewelcrafting and necromancy. No skills required.

Just have it cost a gold fee by selling them "harvesting kits" from a vendor.

Make the salvaging kit a belt slot item with limited charges, and require more expensive kits for higher rarity salvaging. Finally, do not allow players to salvage epic or legendary drops.

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