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Swords, Shields, Claymores, And Bows!


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It may be the result of the Knight's sub-classes and that one of them replace the shield skills with dual wield skills. 


Or maybe it was just the artist vision and not necessarily ACE dogma for the Knight archetype. 

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KnightAbilityTree_Release.jpgIm liking what their giving us, not so many buttons...it would be sweet if i can use my USB video game controller :D

yeah a MMORPG using a console controller ;) ...hey i say why not ^_^


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Something to think about a bit more. Notice how they specify MALE knight powers. I could be reading into this more than necessary but, why specify that as male knight powers if the female is not going to have the same exact powerset?


As for the swordsman, that class is either a claymore user or a dual wielder...picture shows duel wielding but the actual release for the archetype points at 2h swords so...I am leaning more on the side that the picture is either artistic license, or it allows either with skills changing based upon what is equipped. As for what happens to those shield based skills? They go away into your skillbook to collect dust. You get new skills upon archetype choice.

"Lawful Good does not always mean Lawful Nice."

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