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Questions And Inspiration


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First of all, I'd like JToddColeman or someone else to answer if possible what are the Champion's specialized classes will be, or if you can't answer when they will be released.


Secondly, here's some inspiration for all you champions:




No, no no you got it wrong.


Here, champions, some real Archetype inspiration




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I want to see Champions be hard to move on the battlefield. I would also like for their attacks to feel like they have some power behind them. I am thinking a nice knock down or knock up.

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I would like to see charge attacks that bowl others over, maybe a knock down then knock up combo?  Seems like a good form of CC to me.  Big slow swings that stagger other non heavy archtypes.


Not really sure what we will get as the three promotion classes.  I am guessing more damage, some tanky type, or a crossbow user? 

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a knock down then knock up combo


Sounds like a normal weekend night for a Champion.

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