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higher tier Mob camps (31-34) should require a group

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I spent some time on TEST in the new 31-34 camps on a mid-tier Legendary pitfighter, with mid-tier crafted gear. I suggest that higher tier camps require a group to attack, clear, and hold. Make the mobs stronger and increase the agro range. There should be no 31-34 level camp that a single player can farm / XP alone. 

Solo farming and XP of lower level camps seems appropriate. However, the idea of encouraging GvG warfare should be re-enforced at the mob camp level. 

ShadowBane - Former IC of Societas Daemonica (2005 -2014)

ShadowBane - Former IC Nordic Chapter SB (2004)

ShadowBane -  Former IC / NL of House of Atreides, Damnation (2003-2004)

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