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PAID Tournaments/League


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As the title hints at, I'm interested in starting a set of paid Leagues/Tournaments.

A few of the brackets I've started working on:

  • 1v1
  • 2v2
  • 3v3
  • 3v3v3v3v3

I plan to offer a number of settings from Free Entry - > Low/Medium Reward to Low Entry - > High Reward

For example:

  • Free Entry 2v2 tournament; winners take 1,000 CRO each.
  • Low Entry 2v2 tournament costs $X/team; winners take 12mo VIP each (or similar CRO); 2nd place takes 5,000 CRO each.

And if there's enough interest overall, it could turn into a longer running league where each week, teams will face off in a Bo3/5 match culminating in a championship with fat loot prizes as well.


So, do you want to earn free stuff just for dominating your foes publicly?

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