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As the sun sets on Radical


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Hey all. I know the cleric promotion Radical is a hot topic these days and I thought I'd help as many of you out as I can. Luckily, the mechanics for this class are surprisingly simple, and as such, are easy to understand and counter.

I've put together a video that I believe presents a perfect opportunity for those having trouble against Radicals in the field to study how the spec works and counter it accordingly. It is possible I promise - especially with the Mana Shield nerfs we saw with 6.400. I've added tips and hints on how to counter my very own build throughout the video and have given full disclosure to what abilities and buffs a strong Radical will be running.

If after watching me kill countless radicals in this video and reading my tips you are still puzzled on how it's to be done, feel free to reply here or DM me and I'll give you as much information as I can to help you too become meta-proof.


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Thanks for making this, man. I agree that Radicals are fun and straightforward, with a bit of a skill jump possible, but also a low skill entry level. I agree they have many good counters, and are only really effective if the Radical takes a lot of risks and plays well. The idea they needed a huge nerf is blown out of proportion, and losing the cheaper ult virtually halves their DPS. It's a big hit, and one I hoped they avoided.

I still think they should look at mana use more than anything, when it comes to the radical. Get rid of the lowered mana cost for LMB, raise the mana cost on searing light a touch, and then see where they are. Alas, we got the nerfbat, as Ace is wont to do.

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