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Nyurt's War story


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02/27/2021                                   The Night the Sun and Moon Fell upon Earth
Character List:
Sun: (Dissentient, Hax, YBR, Bear)Dissentient Alliance, 
Moon:(Corvus Citadel, Skull guilds, Death guilds, Uxa (another skull guild)) Deathskull guild alliance, Valeria, Acolytes.
Earth: Unparalleled, The Boys, Winterblades, House of Avernus, Cyber bullies, Vanguard 
It's been over two weeks now since the crows have had a Dreggs to really stretch their legs in. Cramped inside the new infected Map came with some new dynamics to infected PVP. Every adventure from the temple begins with two long treks through some maps designed to support the new player experience with harder challenges as one makes their way to a place known as Skypoint, the final destination for any pvper. Even after entering Skypoint there's still more traveling to do to reach the far east of the map where the gem of skypoint await Castle Bron. There was a progression wipe only a short time ago and everyone's minds are on progression as we await a Dreggs announcement. People are recruiting, scrimming, gathering, farming, learning the conquest mechanics, and even still trying to figure out the best build or composition for their group. Usually Infected is nothing more than a limb to perch upon for rest, always looking towards the Dreggs competition. Two weeks in tensions are high, reputations are being made and politics are heated. It was only a matter of time till someone spent the 75,000 gold to plant a seed in Castle Bron. It became realized that expecting a Dreggs every day to be tomorrow was a waste of focus. The content is in Infected and we might as well make the most of it, or so a visionary might notice. Unparalleled had established themselves a place in Crowfall in the span of a month stealing the spotlight daily by topping the scoreboard and winning outnumbered fights and were the first to find interest in claiming the coveted Castle Bron. All of the public enemies in the community somehow found themselves all inside the Earth Faction, even CyberBullies notorious for being against Winterblades, but things had changed. Even Winterblades the OG Guild of the game has to earn it's reputation amidst so much new activity. Crowfall had just recently seeen a population spike with the release of version 6.4 The Transformation update. The days were like revolving doors, sometimes it was a Moon faction zerg, other times it was the Sun faction zerg, But with Winterblades focusing on progression and guild development, the Earth faction often found themselves outnumbered, and so THEY GREW STRONG. Sometimes the Sun faction would take all of the respawns and sit at the only untakeable spawn point camping it preventing anyone from spawning in Skypoint completely. The only option was to start back a map and travel back a good distance to where you wanted to be. Without numbers the earth faction was left with little hope against zergs twice or 3 times their number and so it came that Castle Bron would be seized in order to take a stand against, the tyrannical zergs.
-The Seige-
Nobody knew what to expect; some thought the Moon and Sun were defeated by simply taking the castle. The castle is notorious for being untakable in dreggs. The situation is that this castle is level 1, and no one is going to upgrade it.  The walls, were erected about an hour before the seige went live. When I showed up it was, Winterblades, Vanguard, Unparalleled, House of Avernus, in largest attendance. You could tell people were taking this night seriously. I started to realize this is going to be a historical moment. All of the big names, all of the big guilds, people found themselves fighting next to people they despised in any other situation. A unifying event, transcending the toxic flows of general chat, that had previously divided them. The first signs of attack came from the event tab. Sun faction was securing the north respawn outpost and the moon had already secured the South. We were going to be attacked from both sides from Moon and Sun simultaneously. The battle was growing near, reports of forces massed to the west were coming in and some of us ventured out to see for ourselves just outside the walls. First I saw, the moon faction encroaching outside the walls they winded around the perimeter to find a crack in the wall to begin massing for a push and all those outside were now retreating inside the walls to get ready to hold the choke. Nearly at the same moment the Sun faction was making a similar move on the north perimeter. Surviving this initial push was critical for holding the castle. After a short stand off at the cracks, the sun faction rushed through, and made their way straight to the respawn statue. The respawn statue was under threat. Both Sun and Moon were now inside the walls and Earth was retreating to the respawn, knowing that if it fell all hope was lost. The struggle there could have easily gone either way if it weren't for Earth's awareness of the situation, minimizing losses and giving up ground to keep hope alive. Vanguard was running about 10 secutor guineaceans but they had scurried to the top floor of the tower above the respawn and things were looking bleak without any front liners. Somehow despite our front line tanks hiding inside a building enough people threw down their lives and the respawn was held and the attackers were retreating back to the holes they came through. A near wipe had taken place amidst the chaos and the first wave was pushed back outside the walls. Although we had overcome the first push, the second would likely be stronger after being able to more preparedly assess the situation inside the walls. We decided to play it safe, (considering being outnumbered easily 2:1) and resist going outside the walls to start destroying the 3 Bane trees, potentially spelling victory. It was far too much risk, the Sun and Moon faction were giving everything they had to take this keep and the second surge was lurking minutes away.
This next push everyone knew much more what to expect, and the Earth faction stood even more at a disadvantage. A failed insurgence, gave the attackers new information to reform a much stronger plan, one that they could commit to with confidence, and just like before soon both zergs were massing at the cracks in the wall. We held for as long as we could at the cracks, but they had figured a strong tactic for breaking through. They coordinated burst, with Chaos Orbs, and all of their buffs to burst through both openings. Earth faction fell back doing everything they could to minimize casualties. A long struggle ensued from the cracks at the wall up the steps to the respawn outpost, the push came so strong that many of us weren't able to retreat into the keep before being swarmed from all sides. At this point I had returned to my crow form, and no one could have expected how the rest of the seige would go. I began hearing calls in comms that the wards were falling fast, and now our best last chance was to do our best to stall them inside the keep while anybody in position to attack the bane trees rushed outside to banish them and end the seige. So began what we call a base race in gaming where 100 people were watching the life bar of the tree after the wards were soon destroyed. Just as much focused was the health bars of the trees. Fate was in the hands of the All-Father and those he chose to champion this dying world. I can't express enough the energy held behind the decisive moments of the last 10 seconds. No one can argue that this was the most un-expected, historic PVP moment in Crowfall's memorable history. To those that were there and those that will one day hear of this legendary night the last two seconds were unrivaled in all of gaming history. The night that the Sun and Moon fell down to a knee in front of the legends of the Earth faction.
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On 2/28/2021 at 9:01 PM, Nyurt said:

The respawn statue was under threat. Both Sun and Moon were now inside the walls and Earth was retreating to the respawn, knowing that if it fell all hope was lost

respawn statue cant be taken down in infected or else that castle would of been gone

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On 3/1/2021 at 12:01 AM, Medicaid said:

is House of Avernus a guild, or did he mean House of Avari?

HoA is a well known subguild of HoA. 

40 minutes ago, Andius said:

W/HoA were held up as like these mystical forces of highly skilled players with legendary theorycrafters chained to a desk in some deep dungeon holding all the arcane secrets we could use to win if only we knew them.


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