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Crowfall Map Program


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Download: https://github.com/JaccaK/Crowtographer/releases

Source code, and instructions for making your own maps files: https://github.com/JaccaK/Crowtographer

Maps: https://github.com/JaccaK/Crowtographer-Maps/releases

This program allows the user to store text about a specific coordinate (A39 for example) and allows them to quickly search all coordinates on a map to see what tiles contain that text. For example, if I search for "Fort" and I have several coordinates with the phrase "Gold Fort" stored in them it will point those out. (But not the reverse)


It will not interact with the game in any way, shape, or form. Any data the map has would have been manually entered by players.

It was programmed using the libGDX framework for Java, so it should run on Windows, Mac, and Linux (but I don't have the means to check).


Known issues:

* Included maps are missing large structures like keeps and castles, missing names of regions, and lack a tile indicating ravines/mines. (I haven't had the time to draw these, and to be honest I'm not an artist)

* No indication of current map, or what coordinate the notes area is currently set to.

* Due to the regex change users now need to be more precise. Searching "Fort" and finding Gold Forts no longer works. A player would need to specifically search for Gold Forts. Entering ^(.*?(\bFort\b)[^$]*)$ works, but for the average user that's a little complicated. I may add a checkbox to swap from a regex mode to a simple mode later.

Edited by Jacca
Added maps repository
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