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Warstory: Joint Operation Against the Earth Faction (Siege!)

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6 hours ago, DarnHippy said:

You claim we was working together, but are so wrong.

Some of the people you were coordinating with aren't as obsessed with hiding it. They told us that you did it and how you did it.

Honestly, you shouldn't let other people's warstories upset you so much. Everyone clips videos to make them more fun to watch, or to show off the stuff they are most proud of. I've never seen you rage about Death Alliance videos that focus on what they want to focus on. I've seen plenty of videos from your alliance that focus on the wins and don't seem to include the losses. You are just coming here to rage at your opponent's video.

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On 3/6/2021 at 7:10 PM, DarnHippy said:



LOL mentioned above.  It was clipped when you died, but still does not tell the real story on how Earth was wiped.


So watching the video it only shows some Earth dieing.  Does not show or mention in any way the complete battle.  Only showing in entirely when Earth was Wiping someone.  Does not show or is told that, Yes, Earth was wiped a couple of times and held strong to complete the objective.  Video was clipped DURRING COMBAT.  That makes people think you are clipping to not show the outcome of that battle. Maybe that was not your purpose, But maybe you need to re-watch the video. 


If you aren't able to tell by us being pushed to our respawn statue, as well as when we jump ship to go hit bane trees that we had clearly been wiped. Then you might want to pay more attention because it's clearly implied by our positioning. Most things don't need to be spoon fed for someone to understand what's happening, it's simply obvious.unknown.png

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I like that pic  🙂  That made me laugh Blunt. 

Ok, maybe I've been out of pot for too long.  I see both of your points.

I didn't go to the castle enough to know the lay out, and all I was told during the siege was we was not there for Sun faction.  Just turning the castle neutral.

That just sounds like a cop out, but all have mentioned to pay attention to the video.  I was there, but watching the video, I was watching the action more then the ward symbols or where the rez statue was.  So I change my whole statement! Maybe everyone making War Story videos need to explain more in the video so that Newbs comming into the game know what is going on.

My comments stirred up some emotion on all sides huh.  Just shows how much we enjoy the game.  Have a nice day 🙂 

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