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[Inc] Incendiary [New] [PVP]


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Incendiary [Inc]

Will try to keep this simple!

The Guild: Incendiary is a newly formed guild and we are looking to recruit new players who are excited to learn the game and want people to pvp with. I won't regale you with tales of glory and conquest or over ambitious goals, as I am looking to help people who come to this game, have fun and enjoy it just as much as I do.

Guilds Goal: As stated above, the goal of this coming into form is to help new players get settled into the game and have a group of players they can pvp with.

Timezone: [NA] will be the primary timezone the guild functions around. However anyone outside of the NA timezone is welcome to join as well, as I imagine there will be others(myself included) who will be online during those non-NA prime time hours as well.

Application: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=incendiary


Lets have some fun!

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Looking for Guild (copied Durenthal's template):

  • Region North America (US CST)
  • Atmosphere:  Adults, chill
  • Casual/Hardcore:  mentality of a hardcore player, but the life demands of a causal player.
  • Size: medium
  • Play Style: Support, healer or tank roles - excel at game sense. I am fueled by competition but love a good relaxing PvE session.
  • Commitment: Weekdays I can commit 0-3 hours a day, weekends quite a bit more
  • Miscellaneous: Solid vibes, just trying to have fun and get competitive

I'm 31, no kids. I am a full time Network project manager so I travel, work some weird hours sometimes but for the most part, standard 40 hour week and most of the time outside of work is free time. I have a semi-demanding girlfriend but she is into games too so one day I'll get her into this.



(Jessicas feet is a reference to a Rick & Morty episode)

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