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New with a couple Paladin questions


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Greets all, just a question on stat distribution and skill selection. 


Is what I have right now with 160(1040 SPower) into spirit atm with 42 points left over. I left it at 160 for the moment not really knowing how much can/will be added with upgraded vessels(I'm on the starter) Would I be better served just dumping into spirit all of it for now or some Con for hp(8735 atm), int for heal crit, Str for more heals through damage? 


As for the skill selection I enjoy everything I have atm but no idea if dropping 1-2 for minor discipline and the Reproach. Radiant sweep KD cone looks nice, how is it in the field? The two majors I'm using Friar and Pixie seem nice, not had any opportunity to test them yet but they look like they work well together. Field surgeon has been suggested in older threads as top tier, will I be expected to run that? My minors Barbed stake and Spirit whip are just there as place holders and make grinding cash/equipment really easy. Not sure what to put there yet maybe Toughness, Pack Avatar or Take Root or something. Anyhow, just curious if somebody might have some input with experience, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all


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