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Bug regarding chests on Lodge Deed building


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After the campaign we tried to sort out all our rewards using our guild's EK. The stacking issue wasn't known to us but as I understand it it was from the community and we manage to figure a way around it using previous stacks of disciplines or gold/dust etc we already had in our chests.

I dont know if this is linked but the next bug we encounter was more dramatic to us, after sorting out exported alchemy and necromancy parts and additives our EK just buged, all chest on the lodge deed were destroyed and we were disconnected from the EK.

After reloading the EK the chest were back, but empty, making us loose hundreds of hours of farming.


Is this bug known from anyone ? Does anyone know if we can in anyway get the lost ressources back ? 

First thing we did was to reach the support but we have no answer yet, eventho support is usually really fast when emailing them.
I figured it would be nice to warn people not to store really valuable loot in EK since from our point of view this could happen at anytime to anyone.

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