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Ranger's normal attacks

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Posted this in suggestions, but putting here so people playing Rangers can actually see and give their thoughts on it. I posted this some time back in a list of some things I'd like to see for Ranger, some of which actually got put in the game.

Suggested before, wondering what others think: 


Currently Ranger's LMB  suffers from the damage not being worth the charge up to release each stage of the combo. I guess the mile may vary depending on the promotion. But inevitably someone is in your face smashing it in before you can get too many of these off, and nearly impossible to get them off in smaller scale fights. Going to use some made up numbers just to illustrate the concept.

1. Rather than LMB just charging up to do a single shot of the combo, let LMB charge up through 4 stages.

  • First stage is normal damage
  • Second stage is 1.5x damage
  • Third stage is 2x damage
  • Fourth (fully charged red) is 4x damage 'Aimed Shot.'




2. Player can release button at any stage to do the damage coinciding with the stage's damage.

3. If the player manages a fully charge 'Aimed Shot' then the ability to charge shots goes on cooldown for -- let's just say 40 seconds

  • If the player hits their 'Aimed Shot' then it applies 'Thrill of the Hunt' buff.
  • 'Thrill of the Hunt' increases Ranger's normal shot damage by 20%
  • Normal shot = tapping the LMB

4. This would serve to buff the stages of charge to be stronger and more forgiven to charge up some worthwhile damage. It would also allow a Ranger who has played well, and gave themselves enough breathing room, to do a good chunk of damage as reward, and buff their LMB tap so they can follow up with better shot damage, without being too strong.

5. This would be functionality that all Rangers would have, not just Archer. But could adjust the numbers and maybe the amount a Warden and Brigand damage could build up to, or Aimed Shot for to be less than an Archers. Though Archers get the superior range...

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Great idea as long range is decreased. Firing x4 damage (1K to 1.2k) hit from 65m doesn't seem balanced. No other class in the game can do this. \

To fire an  aimed shot you should be stationary for at least 2 seconds

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On 3/29/2021 at 1:23 PM, WarRath said:

Great idea as long range is decreased. Firing x4 damage (1K to 1.2k) hit from 65m doesn't seem balanced. No other class in the game can do this. \

To fire an  aimed shot you should be stationary for at least 2 seconds

LoS them and then hit them 5 times when they get closer or reposition to hit u and they die, archers are not played much atm its mainly wardens speced for range alot of the time which only get 35m range

And most fights as a archer u tend not to be at 65m range anyway normal around the 30-45m is the typical distance ur at.

Some people even say archers are the weakest ranger spec currently.

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I dont think 65m is that big of a deal most classes have that much in dodges and leaps and charges. There are a ton of gap closers in the game now . that being said the lmb does suck

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Long time player, first time poster

This post has piked my interest.

I am currently playing as an Archer; in my view a Warden and Brigand shouldn't get as much benefits out of the basic attack as an Archer. Sure, seems counter intuitive but it makes more sense for an Archer to benefit the most and the other two the least.


My reasoning:

Warden is a mixed melee ranged class that benefits from the ability of being able to use a few different weapons that deal different damage types well as competent CC through enhanced trapping and can wear medium armour. I initially played the Warden before turning to the Archer; I like the traps and CC, the build for Warden I was using was Plague domain, so yes, plague lord, poison trapper, touch of rot... you get the drift. Back on point, if the Warden gets a buff to basic ranged attack I feel it will make them a bit meta-ery and then people will call out 'zomfgnerfdisroflmaoelkenOP wtfbbqsauce!!!111'. I certainly do not want this.

Brigand is your typical sneaky rogue; the skills in the profession is kind of hinting at the type of play style you should be using. I haven't played as a Brigand nor an Assassin for that matter but I suspect that a Brigand plays a similar way to an Assassin? Happy to be corrected on this. Brigand seems like you want to stun trap first (from stealth) then alpha strike with bleeding then quickly run away laughing while the rest of the team ganks them as the target is left sitting there bleeding unable to heal themselves (or defend themselves) against the pain train barrelling down on them. When they're dead, you can now harvest the Knotted Wood tree they were harvesting.. you dastardly mean person you 😜 lol


In my view, the Archer profession sadly, does need a buff to basic attack. I think the buff should be included in the Archer profession node for the basic attack's 'Charge bar' that speeds it up; as noted, there are so many dodges, leaps, charges etc to close the range available to all classes, so a long skill 'charge' is kind of redundant as most players are already in your face hitting you with debuffs, cc's etc. People who complain that they can't catch an Archer need to have their head looked at.

OP's idea looks cool however my thoughts are, if you can get to the end of the charge bar and let loose a shot, then I think it should be a nasty spank on the behind to the enemy player/s:

1 - do 4x damage with an +25% critical rate at +150% critical damage (so basically almost a one shot kill: which if placed in context of a sneaky rogue/assassin skulking around and targeting squishy ranged DPS and clothies gives them a reason for existing in mob fights and putting the fear of god in Archers) - I note here that current mechanics for the wood elf for instance if you start channeling a basic attack from stealth, you unstealth, so yeah, no stealth hits from a level 4 charge; or

2 - do 4x damage with a chance (30% sounds about fair?) to speed up the next charge by 50% charge speed (in context: you're a skilled archer, years spent drilling and honing the disciplined skills of rapid nocking, aiming and firing) which would make an Archer a true threat, instead of a roflcopter.


I don't think a damage buff of 20% to the 'tap' attack is appropriate because then it basically makes Trick shot useless (and no difference to playing an Archer vs Warden and Brigand) in the sense that the reason you take trick shot is so you can charge up basic attack to level 4.. you can't have your cake and eat it - you either pick mobility (trick shot) or mutliple damage dealing (ricochet shot)

I honestly prefer trick shot for the very reason of mobility - coupled with a certain minor and a certain stat, I can at some times keep outside of melee players range... I just gotta watch out for Frostweavers

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