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Murder Incorporated - Looking for Vendors


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I'm looking for people to run vendors in my EK. I have a near max armorsmith (Lego disc/Purple belt), but need everything else. 

I have all of the crafting stations. I also have the Valkyn statue, but you won't be able to use the buff unless you join the guild. Guild membership isn't required to run a vendor, though.

If you want to run a vendor, all you need is the vendor and a stall in which to place it. I have plenty of buildings to attach the stall to. If you need me to craft the stall, I can, just supply the mats. If you want to place your own building, you can do that too. You will also be able to place your own personal chests.


If you are interested, reply here or send me a PM. You can also contact me on discord (Arkade#7081).

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