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[NA - Dregs] The Clam Stacking Casuals Are Re-Stacking


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Clam Stacking Casuals is a competitive, Dregs-focused guild founded by Crowfall veterans looking for like-minded players!  We intend to push for Conquest victories in the Dregs campaigns as well as form competitive teams for Hunger Dome, but we also understand that folks have lives and as such we do not demand a hardcore time commitment every night.  You would be a good fit for the Clams if you: 

1.  Are looking to play to win and improve both your own play and the guild.
2.  Have a team-focused attitude. 
3.  Can have a fun time with friend and enemies while still remaining competitive. 

If you would like to join please join the Guild Discord and submit an application to begin the recruitment process!

Discord: https://discord.gg/gPGRSPBUQW

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