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HungerDome: What You Need To Know!

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Hello Crows!

Beginning this week, we will be running intermittent Snaptests in HungerDome.  

HungerDome: What You Need To Know

TEST Client
Currently to access HungerDome, you must have the TEST client which can be downloaded HERE.  Please scroll down on the page and you’ll see where you can download the latest version of the Test Server (for the most updated version)


  1. You can form a group in the lobby of up to 5 players, called a “Murder of Crows”.  
  2. Use the button in the upper left to invite other players to join by account name.  The person who does the inviting is the “murder leader”.
  3. A guild crest will be used to identify everyone in your murder, also in the upper left corner of the lobby.  Right click each crest to manage the members of your Murder.
  4. Joining a Murder will add you to a Murder chat channel.  Only the players in your Murder will see messages here.
  5. The “Murder leader” needs to hit PLAY to queue the group (Murder) for a HungerDome match.
  6. When the match starts, all participants will be added into the Team Roster screen automatically.

Please Note:  In the future, we will allow players to go to other worlds while waiting on a match, and page them when the match is ready.  At this time, everyone in your Murder needs to be in the lobby when the match starts; missing players will not be added after the match begins. 

Team Roster

  1. The Team Roster screen is where you can select your character for the match, see your teammates (and their character selections).
  2. Murders formed in the lobby will be added to a match, all players on the same Team.  Random players (or smaller Murders) will be added to each team to ensure a team size of 5 for all entering the match.
  3. You will have a small window of time to pick a character.  Select one of your MMO characters, or you can pick an archetype from a small selection of pre-generated character classes.  Characters must be 30th+ level to participate in the match.
  4. Teams can field no more than 2 tanks, 2 support, or one of the same Promotion class. 
  5. When the Team Roster timer expires, your Team will be taken into the match.

Starting the Match

  1. All teams will be assigned to one of the 12 gods.  
  2. God crests will be used to differentiate players of different teams.  (Guild crests are also shown in the lower right, for convenience).
  3. Your team will start at the designated Sanctuary for your assigned God. 
  4. Once you have entered the match, you will be automatically grouped with your team, and given a Group channel.  This is different from the Murder channel, which includes only the players in your Murder.  
  5. Note: At this time we don’t have voice chat set up for groups (yet).  We strongly suggest sharing a discord link for your group members if you feel comfortable doing so; we have found voice communication to be a significant advantage for teams.
  6. There is a 2-minute “pre-game” timer, to allow all players to load into the match, review their powers, configure power trays, etc.  Players cannot leave the Sanctuary areas until the pre-game timer expires.
  7. All characters start with new player weapons, a mount, and a beheading axe.
  8. When the pre-game timer expires, the Sanctuary will be unlocked and the match will start.

Match Rules

  1. The match is broken into 4 seasons (quarters): Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
  2. Each season includes one night (4 minutes) and one day (4 minutes).  An additional +2 minutes is added at the end of Winter. 
  3. The HungerDome fog starts on the outside of the map and will continue moving towards the center.  Stay away and be mindful of where the fog is at all times. 
  4. Villages allow for scavenging.  War Tribes (and random loot chests) offer equipment.  A few vendors are located strategically around the map.  
  5. Hold the TAB key to bring up the mid-match Scorecard.
  6. Each Sanctuary serves as a respawn location, until the end of Spring, for the team starting there.
  7. There are 8 Forts, which can be captured to serve as a respawn point until the end of Summer.
  8. There are 4 Keeps, which can be captured to serve as a respawn point until the end of Fall.
  9. The Castle can be captured to serve as a respawn point for the first half of Winter.
  10. If a teammate is killed, they are not eliminated immediately, as long as their team owns a respawn point OR has at least one living player.   Dead players can fly (as a crow) to a God Statue owned by their team and get back into the fight.  
  11. Once every member of a team is killed AND they do not own a respawn location, that team is eliminated.  
  12. Eliminated players can remain in the match as spirit Crows to spectate… or log out to join another match.
  13. The Last Team Standing wins the match.

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

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Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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