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Episode #5 of SAM's + Russians feedback & suggestions

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Welcome to another portion of the Feedback and suggestions from RU community which is translated, added and improved by me. Today we will talk about a number of things from loot drop & craft system to Dregs rules and simple bugs.

It is a long read post but it is full of ideas from the brightest minds and every such post is actually mind-blowing for myself... so I hope it'll be the same for you, my readers ;)


1. Seeds and Dregs land rush:

The issue: guilds send the fastest couriers right when a Dregs campaign starts to plant a seed to the best spots in the campaign: obviously, it is the biggest keep, first of all, and some other spots. So it is basically 3-5 minute race and then it's all over.

What to do instead? Make it impossible to buy a seed in campaigns with imported gold. Make it ONLY possible to buy seeds for keeps and castles with gold earned IN THE CAMPAIGN. That way the initial land rush will be much more interesting and prolonged in time. Not just a 3-5 minutes race between the fastest couriers, but the actual fight for land, gold and territory control.


2. It feels like the big castle in Dregs gives such a big advantage in earning the winning points that whichever guild owns that keep - they most likely win the whole campaign. Thus, not only the guild who owns that castle can LITERARY build everything, but their victory in the campaign is almost guaranteed. It feels like victory points the big castle gives to its owners should be decreased a little bit to decrease the huge gap which it creates in winning points currently. So that it would not be so obvious who will win the campaign.


3. Please, make it possible for players from non-allied factions and guilds to be able to trade stuff to each other directly in the "Free City". Right now there is no way players from non-allied guilds can trade each other anywhere in Dregs. That is super inconvenient and it hurts trading economy big time. For example, when I want to trade something not for gold but for Etherial dust, I won't be able to do it in campaign. Also, I can't give stuff to my buddies from other guilds in the campaign which we are not allied with.


4. RU community asks to have access to TEST server, as well. It seems like that this step be beneficial for everyone: ACE will have more testers while RU community will be able to see what's coming in the next patch and to test new builds, new mechanics and features... and to provide their feedback and bug reports.


5. The ability to link items right into the game chat: when you link an item into the game chat, people who move their cursor onto that link should be able to see the items' details. This would make players' and especially traders' lives easier and more convenient because they could link items right into chats so that other people could see it and make decisions about exchange or trade. This is done in ESO for sure, because I personally played ESO. I'm sure that other MMOs have that feature too.


6. Make it that the party member would not be automatically excluded from the party when logged back to lobby or disconnected/client crashed. Leave the group member inside the group for 5 minutes after exiting the game or exiting to lobby, for example. That'll make our (players) lives easier when group member's game client crashes, or when they get disconnected for a bit (Internet issues), or when they simply want to switch character on their account.


7. Bug: crafted food Ice-cream and Baked Ice-cream do not give you the buffs



8. Bug: the Frostguard's special ultimate power does not make you invulnerable to any damage. So many type of damage (a big portion of it actually) is still coming through when I cast that ultimate power. I tested it on LIVE on NA, and it is still bugged.



9. Bug: Swordsman promotion - "Oaths of Will" does not increase your Crit chance by 25% in fact.



10. Caravans VS Forts - the suggestion on how to balance them:

The issue: forts prevail above the caravans. First of all, forts give much more resources for much less efforts. Secondly, forts give all types/quality of resources from white to purple (same as caravans). Finally, forts give you additional winning points while running caravans gives you nothing (no winning points). As a result, there is a big imbalance between caravans and forts. Forts are easier, forts are much more profitable, forts are just better with the outcome while they are still boring to capture... While caravans have a lot of potential but a very little profit currently.

Suggestions of how to change/balance it: make forts to yield only building materials, while caravans should give you only materials which can be converted (and used for building, as well). That way not only caravans will be used for building stuff, but also to get rare quality materials in bulk.

  • Also, there should be a very small chance to be able to proc LEGENDARY materials from caravans with the max level of Caravansary building buff
  • Furthermore, please, reduce the cost to convert those resources at the refinery a little bit. Right now the cost to convert resources feels like it is a little bit too expensive
  • Finally, it feels like players also should earn winning points for their guild when they return caravan pigs


11. A BIG portion of the feedback about rulesets for winning DREGS campaigns and about come-back mechanics

The issue: currently Dregs winning conditions are based on PASSIVE activities instead of ACTIVE activities. It feels like 80% of winning depends on PASSIVE holding of stuff and only 20% of winning based on the active actions from players. For example, forts and keeps which give a lot of winning points are only opened to be captured once in a while: forts create PVP only the last 10 minutes of the siege window mostly; keeps give guilds A HUGE portion of winning points, keeps also are vulnerable only from 15 minutes to 1 hour max once in 4 days(!), losing a keep gives a VERY small hit/penalty on the winning points that it will change nothing for the overall competition if you lose one (or even two, or even all of them at some point). Furthermore, big castle gives just INSANE amount of winning scores to the owning guild. Finally, there is no COME BACK mechanics and once one guild is ahead of everyone else in the winning points, there is little to no chance to catch up.



Change the balance of winning points in favor of ACTIVE PVP activities, instead of passive. Right now, it is somewhere around 80% of winning points granted PASSIVELY and only 20% of winning points is granted ACTIVELY. Please, change the balance to 40% of points granted for passive PVP and 60% points granted for active PVP activities.

How exactly to do that?

To win the campaign, guilds should actually and actively fight and not just show up for the certain timers. Thus, the reward for fighting should also be worthwhile.

  1. Keeps and castles should only give 40% of winning points available at each LOCATION (not in the whole campaign). The point penalty on loosing a keep/castle should be significantly higher to make sieges more tasty and more attractive to potential invaders.
  2. Forts should grant you winning points (everything forts have accumulated in the last 24 hours) ONLY at the end of the siege hour, instead of giving them slowly every hour. That will make more guilds and groups to fight for forts twice as hard as it is right now.
  3. Full control of ALL Outposts in one location in DREGS should bring two times or three times more points. For example, a single outpost gives you 1 victory point every hour BUT if 1 guild owns ALL the outposts at one location (map), every outpost starts to give you 3 points per hour instead of just 1 point. That mechanics will ignite conflict and make guilds actually fight for the outposts instead of a simple ninja-circle stand here and there from times to times.
  4. Guilds and Alliances with a lot of players in Dregs campaign should be penalized in amount of victory points they earn for passively owning keeps. Right now what big guild and alliances do to win campaigns is that they just passively sit inside their keeps and do nothing. These big guilds and alliances have no motivation to go out and fight. If they were penalized for their big size, they would be pushed to go out and fight/do activities to earn extra victory points (which will create additional content). The penalty should also be applied for the amount of people (or guilds) in the alliance.
  5. Making an Alliance in DREGS should cost victory points to prevent the possibility to enter and exit alliances frequently for temporary purposes, for example, to overcome the penalty to the points earned for owning keeps.
  6. The absence of COME-BACK mechanics in DREGS kills the initiative to actively play the campaign. There MUST be some kind of come-back mechanics to keep players in Dregs (aka in Crowfall) and to keep them motivated even if the gap between the leaders and other guilds is high.



Finally, here comes a BIG chunk of the feedback about crafting and changes to it:

12. The issue: the outcome of crafted gear and weapons at the start is absolute garbage. Right now people use all the crafted gear and weapons while they progress from white to lego discipline to level up vessels and keeps (they simply burn it to gods statues for experience or they burn into keep tables to upgrade keep level). It looks pretty stupid and irrational. But there is no other choice because dropped gear and weapons are much stronger and easier to get than crafted gear and weapons. Furthermore, even when crafters have top-tier discs and belts, the outcome of crafting is not that much more valuable than top-tier dropped gear from Dregs. In other words, it takes a little effort to kill a few boss mobs and get the top-tier gear in a little time, than to craft similar stuff: harvest resources, trade resources, be involved in interdependent crafting... finally craft things... and the outcome will be about the same. Even if there is a reason behind the decision to make dropped gear and weapons similar to crafted ones (I'm sure that there is), the value of crafted stuff can still be increased through a specific parameters for crafted gear and weapons which dropped gear will never have. The details about this system I will provide further below.

1) Divide available additional stats and features for dropped gear and for crafted gear. For example, make the dropped gear have a limited set of additional stats to it in addition to the main stat (armor for gear & damage for weapons). As a result, dropped weapons, for example, could only have one additional parameter with a very limited options: crit chance, crit amount, crit healing chance, crit healing amount - and that is everything. Thus, players won't be able to suit up these dropped gear in sets which will ideally suit their specific builds and classes. While crafted gear and weapons, should be able to have all the types of additional stats available in the game, plus crafted stuff should have several parameters on it available at the same time.

2) Moreover, it feels like you should make all these additional parameters available for all types of crafted gear and weapons regardless the material quality. The quality of materials should influence the AMOUNT of additional stats given to the item. For example, all the crafted gear or weapons give 3 additional parameters regardless if the item is made of white materials or legendary materials. However, green quality will give you higher each stat/parameter INDEX than white quality; blue quality will give you higher INDEX than green quality, and etc.

3) Ranks for coefficients for characteristics of crafter gear and weapons:
0 - white item level
1 - green item level
2 - blue item
3 - purple item
4 - legendary item

(in the selected line, the coefficient of the corresponding level will be applied to the points)

  • White color - 1, the rest 0 - sword (damage 50, penetration 2.5, crit chance 0.5)
  • Green color - 2&1, the rest 0 - sword (damage 75, penetration 4, crit chance 0.5)
  • Blue color - 2&2, the rest 1 - sword (damage 75, penetration 6, crit chance 1)
  • Purple color - 3, the other 2 - sword (damage 100, penetration 6, crit chance 1.5)
  • Legendary color - 4, the other 3 - sword (damage 100, penetration 8, crit chance 2)


This mechanics will allow crafters to immediately make equipment with a high-quality key parameter and when you increase the quality an item (green, blue, etc.) that will enhance the item with more powerful effects. Items will become more balanced and development progress will be more noticeable. For dropped gear and weapons: quality should determine the number of bonuses and the number of enhanced bonuses on dropped items.


13. A Choice without the actual choice when crafting gear and weapons:
The Issue: there is actually NO choice when you craft gear and weapons than to put max Experimentation points into the main stat: armor or damage.

How to change it: make a diminishing return for investing experimentation points into ONE stat

For example, let's proceed from the fact that ten points give 120% growth with the maximum luck.

  • The first five points give up to +15% each
  • The next three points give +10% each
  • The last two points give up to +7.5% each

Technically, nothing will change, but it will be possible to create more variable items.


14. Experimentation caps, Experimentation points caps and hard choices with crafting stations in DREGS + how to make Stonemason a viable profession in Crowfall (really great ideas, IMHO)

The issues:

  • Caps are much lower than you can actually reach out with different parameters, buffs, stations and etc. Experimentation hard cap is 115 while you can add it up to around ~135 via stats, skills, items and buffs. It is vise-a-versa with Exp. points - the hard cap is 22 exp. points while you literally can't reach that cap (the max you can get is 20.3 - 20.5 experimentation points).
  • Dregs crafting tables don't provide that much bonuses to make people want to actually go into Dregs to craft. Currently, with Legendary discipline and with Legendary crafting belt, there is absolutely no point to go to Dregs to craft as you'll be capped on crafting parameters even without tables. Moreover, those crafters who has access to Valkyn statue in EK, have exactly the same buffs (Thrall power) available to them 24/7 to enhance crafting without going anywhere. This decreases Dregs population significantly and kills the incentive to go outside of EKs if you are a crafter.
  • Stonemason profession can make crafting (and the game overall) much more interesting and deep, while right now it is just a useless profession and none wants to improve it higher than a green disc and a blue belt (to decrease the cost of Jewelcrafting consumables).


How to change it:

1) Make two different ways of crafters' development rout via Crafting Tables mechanics  in Dregs:

Development option #1: crafter gets 24 experimentation points, but the experiment skill max will be 105 (+/-). Crafting table in Dregs in the option #1 should increase Experimentation points amount and cap.

Development option #2: crafter gets 18 experiment points, but the experimentation skill max will be up to 135. Crafting table in Dregs in the option #1 should increase the Experimentation Skill cap up to 135.

That way there will be a hard choice for crafters whether to craft items with solid results with 135 Experimentation cap but with only 18 Experimentation points, OR to take a higher risk and to be able to roll up to 22 Experimentation POINTS but with a much smaller Experimentation skill of up to 105 (+/-). Thus, here will be the real Hard Choice and the option to gamble with more exp. points or to get solid results with less exp. points.


2) To achieve that, you'll need to nerf the crafting stats a little bit which are given by crafting disciplines and crafting belts, and crafting tables in Dregs should have 2 different progression lines:
Development option #1: 250 stats give 5 exp. points, + 10 exp. points are given with the legendary rune + blue CRAFTED(!) pot pie should give 1 FULL experimentation point + legendary belt should give 2 experimentation points + crafting table in Dregs  (option #1) should give up to a maximum of 2.5 exp. points (with the legendary belt buff it will be 3) AND exp. points cap increase at a legendary level of the crafting table itself + legendary jewelry necklace should give up to 2.75 - 3.0 exp. points.
Development option #2: 250 stats give 5 exp. points + 10 exp. points are given with the legendary rune + blue CRAFTED(!) pot pie should give 1 FULL experimentation point + legendary belt should give 2 experimentation points + crafting table in Dregs  (option #2) should give up to a maximum of 30 to the experimentation skill limit at a legendary level of the crafting table itself + 30 experiment skill should be given by the top jewelry made specifically for experiment skills


What needs to be re-done for the progressions described above:

  1. Nerf the legendary crafting rune to +85 experiment skill (currently it is +95).
  2. Add the choice for Jewelcrafters between Experimentation Points OR Experimentation Skill (on a legendary necklace, the maximum score should be 2.75 - 3.0 experiment points or 30 experiment skill);
  3.  Change the mechanics how buildings are made: give Stonemason crafters the ability to create recipes for class "C" buildings (crafting stations). The recipe for class "C" building should give a choice when crafted: roll the table into a thrall buff which gives up to 2.5 exp. points, or to roll the table into a (thrall) buff that gives the experiment skill cap increase. This should revive the stonemason profession.
  4. Give the opportunity to craft food by grade. For example, white pie would give +0.25 points, green 0.5 points, blue (highest level) would give +1 to experimentation points. The rudiments of the profession of herbalism are already there in the game mechanics. Raising the resource level in the plant and cooking does not seem like a difficult thing to do.
  5. Remove class "C" building recipes from the NPC in keeps and castles for sale (so that these recipes can only be crafted by stonemasons). Ideally, ALL BUILDING RECIPES for keeps and castles in Dregs should be crafted by stonemasons.


3) Make Stonemasons craft recipes for all the structures in keeps and castles. That way SMs (stonemasons) will be able to increase building stats by using their crafting skills and stats

  • SMs should be able to roll building Durability/HP to make it harder to destroy during sieges. This stat will especially be valuable for Wall recipes and defense structures recipes
  • SMs should be able to roll buff stats: low level crafters will be able to roll lowers buffs - for Arcane Armory, for example, 1 - 5% (at max skill level with legendary mats used for crafting)
  • White recipe quality should spawn guards level 31, green should spawn guards level 32, blue - 33, purple - 34, legendary - 35.



That is everything I got for you in "Episode #5 of SAM's + Russians feedback & suggestions". Feel free to comment on or to critique this post, and, of course, feel free to add your ideas or to share your vision on how to make Crowfall more interesting and more enjoyable game!

As usual, I'm gonna ping ACE dev team here to make sure that this feedback will grab their attention as this post is a results of the efforts and brainstorming of tens of different Crowfall players, gathered by me in 1 post and polished for the easier comprehension.

@ACE-Tiggs @ace-tyrant @Tyrant @gothamgurl @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair 

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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This one appeared to be a little bit more complicated and harder to understand than the previous ones. I still hope that devs at least took a look at it =/

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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@SAM_BUKAI agree with most of what you say here, except for the point value of the castle. IMO, a guild who holds the castle SHOULD have a high probability of winning the whole campaign. If someone else wants to win, they should capture the castle. 

The problem we have today is it's too dang easy to cap the castle and to buff the castle. A guild can import tree seeds!, plenty of gold and even building resources! I have literally caped a castle and buffed it to rank 10 with full walls within 5 minutes of a campaign launch!


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38 minutes ago, MacDeath said:

@SAM_BUKAI agree with most of what you say here, except for the point value of the castle. IMO, a guild who holds the castle SHOULD have a high probability of winning the whole campaign. If someone else wants to win, they should capture the castle. 

The problem we have today is it's too dang easy to cap the castle and to buff the castle. A guild can import tree seeds!, plenty of gold and even building resources! I have literally caped a castle and buffed it to rank 10 with full walls within 5 minutes of a campaign launch!

The road map "equipped gear only imports" as a filter option should take care of that eventually. 

It's certainly an issue now. 

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1 hour ago, MacDeath said:

I have literally caped a castle and buffed it to rank 10 with full walls within 5 minutes of a campaign launch!

On TEST with unlimited free resources.


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30 minutes ago, Jah said:

On TEST with unlimited free resources.

Yes, but I COULD do the same on Live if I was willing to spend enough gold. I don't because I have better ways to invest my gold. SOME guilds do have plenty of gold to spare.


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