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CrusaderW reacts to KiraTV's Crowfall commentary on HD


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They not journalists, and slagging on games get views. ACE needs to pay some streamers if they want better and more wide-reaching impact youtube videos

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I didn't and don't plan on watching either video - but am I correct in assuming that Kira made a video ragging on Crowfall and they haven't even played it? or is it something else

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political game realy changes it up when there a territory system where u start having neighbours fights and defence alliance agaist a large zerg that live nearby 😛

The mmo only realy gonna come in its own i feel once there parcel to parcel interaction aka territory control system is in which will be awhile down the line after release :(

the thing imo battkle royal is good however the timing is bad it should of been a thing after parcel interactions even if they delay it your basicly release a battle royal then an incompolete throne war game since u need a territory system for a stratergy throne war  game. i feel hunger dome atm is a bandaid to buy time for them to actually egt the game to a point where it what they advertised and release early so they dont have to fix issues that are harder to do.



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Veeshan Midst of UXA

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8 hours ago, DocTrine said:

They not journalists, and slagging on games get views.

It really is about views and not the content in the video. Some just have to get out any video, if you watch Kira's video for the first 2 minutes he basically says just that. 

I personally consider most youtube video's to be toilet entertainment at best. Although, if I ever need to know how to build a mansion and swimming pool in a jungle using only primitive tools, youtube is my goto source. 

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