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6.510 TEST Patch Notes for 3/30/2021

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Beta Build 6.510

If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com.

To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported
To report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback

Player Nameplates:

  • Player nameplates have been updated to display cool new visuals granted by Kickstarter rewards or unlocked through other promotional programs.  
  • The Name frame displayed can be configured in the Settings-> UI-> Portrait Frame Selection  

New and updated crafting experimentation UI!

  • The experimentation UI screen now matches the style of the rest of the UI. All the functionality remains the same, however the flow is much improved. (Sounds and FX are not hooked up in this UI yet, and will be in a future milestone.)


  • Significantly increased client performance in keeps and castles.

Known Issues

  • We are currently seeing an intermittent client freeze on loading into the game with some characters, particular after character creation.  If you see this issue, please send us your client logs to support@crowfall.com as we are having trouble reproducing it consistently.

Note:  The testing of the 6.400 hotfixes required recreating the TEST Databases.  Any characters on the TEST Server will need to be re-created,  TEST vendors are available with free resources. This should not affect LIVE characters in any way.


  • Adjusted the description of all victory cards to make them more clear. The scoring is based off of all participating guilds. Any guild that does not participate does not count towards the victory card and thus the percentage that other guilds are calculated against.
  • A message is now reliably displayed showing the number of import tokens that will be used when a character is joining an Embargo Campaign
  • Added a cooking station to the Slaughterhouse building
  • Added an indicator to display which bane tree was which
  • Added new infected quest markers
  • Added new siege weapon targeting health bars and highlight
  • Added working ladders to the Castle
  • Buffed fort walls when leveled up. Each additional level on a fort will grant 12,500 more barrier.
  • Campaign list entries no longer jump around while scrolling
  • Campaign Rewards that grant hungershards also now include tools to use the hungershards
  • Castle sentinels should now work properly in sieges. Their passive powers were not applying during a siege window, but now they should.
  • Changed the interaction appearance for neutral signposts (hippos) to show an incompatible faction message, instead of hiding them
  • Characters locked to other campaigns can be unlocked in the campaign launch screen prior to entering a new campaign
  • Collecting campaign rewards now has a button sound 
  • Corrected an issue which caused large fort guards to be significantly weaker than small fort guards.
  • Corrected an issue with Stronghold Class C, Rank 3 Thrall Necromancer Proximity buff which will now properly grant +2 Necromancy Experimentation Points Cap
  • Crows should now receive a warning/notification that your import token/s will be spent
  • Crows will no longer log in with a half-empty health bar when they have the well of eternity rank 3 buff
  • Damage to siege walls and destructible buildings now looks like health damage in the combat log
  • Dorian Sentinel - Keeps: Dorian Sentinel will once again properly stop players from dodging.
  • Fixed an issue that caused temporary text to appear when a keep or fort has yet to be claimed by a faction. Edited the Fort Siege message for clarity
  • Fixed an issue where ambient SFX of rank 1 Well of Eternity could be heard by all player in the same zone
  • Fixed an issue where guild banners were not displaying correctly for captured outposts
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t place a Ballista on the castle's octagonal outer wall.
  • Fixed an issue with siege weapons' orientation not matching where the player placed them.
  • Fixed the castle toast messages. They were not showing up, but are now showing up properly.
  • Fixed the Seed of Life vendor icon to be the Seed of Life rather than the Tree of Life
  • Fixed vendor sockets in keeps
  • Forts will no longer be friendly after losing the capture but before another faction takes it over.
  • Guild rewards can now be placed in chests
  • In the infected, you can now only loot NPC corpses that you or your group killed.
  • Implemented new siege wall/building health bars
  • Lyessa's Protection will no longer reduce your health to half upon logging in.
  • Modified or moved several Victory Cards
  • Moved a tree that was clipping into a house
  • Moved the Common Vessel Vendor to the market of Infected/Dregs
  • Moved the Stonecutter and Tannery crafting stations to not block the Faction Chests on Class C plots.
  • Players are now unable to use runegates while stunned or knocked down. 
  • Players can now Tame Caravan animals while mounted.
  • Players should now be correctly prompted when trying to move a character into a new Campaign or one with a deleted bank if the import will result in Import Tokens being used.  It should also correctly identify on the client-side when there aren't enough tokens available in these cases.
  • Resurrection will no longer kill the target of it when in Low or High-Security zones
  • Siege weapon targeting now highlights the intended target
  • Siege weapons no longer cull out early
  • Stronghold Building plot class hover UI will now only appear to you if you possess the materials to build it
  • The Shrines in Keeps now behave like Hero Statues and only take damage from LMB attacks. Siege weapons will no longer damage Shrines.
  • Updated Divine Favor Points to make it more obvious which are Glory, Wealth, and Power.
  • Updated resource distribution throughout Sky Point in the Infected. This zone now has significantly more Ore in general and an even greater increase to the amount of Iron.
  • Win/loss music cues to have returned to the campaign results screen

Crafting Updates to Cooking
All Recipes received a pass on the number of ingredients that are required, in general recipes no longer give out large quantities of product items as this was done because we lacked a Quantity button. No that there is a Quantity option, the amount of ingredients has been reduced as well as the base output amount. 


  • Removed Additives from recipes that didn't actually do anything. (The ones that did remain)
  • Increased the amount of food given to the Chicken Ticker based on Head Chef, Sous Chef, Campfire recipe categories.
  • Increased duration on effects granted from crafted foods to 30 minutes.
  • Certain recipes are now flagged as Components, and no longer give Wined/Dined effects.


  • Added a harvesting animation while strafing
  • Added in a recipe for a public chest for EKs
  • Added a unique name for crafting components to make the wild card Crafting UI more intuitive
  • Added Durability as an experimentation line for Horseshoe crafting.
  • Added the Basic Cooking Section, made all recipes under the Cooking Tab require a Cooking crafting station or campfire, and removed the recipes for Roasting Sticks, Cooking Foil, and Large Pots, and instead letting food vendors sell those items.
  • Basic Arrows now always produce a poor quality outcome
  • Clicking recipes and expanding/collapsing their recipes now has a click sound 
  • Crafting station interactions now correctly translated in German
  • Disabled interaction with plants that are within range of a Hunger shard and adding messaging that it is frozen
  • Fixed an issue with crafting stations missing a pickup interaction option in EKs
  • Fixed an issue with inventory full tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to harvest the mushrooms in the spawn area of the Ash tree. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the tooltip of the power used to harvest wood without an axe to display an incorrect damage value
  • Harvesting Crits now reward more resources. In addition, Harvesting Crits drop much more high rarity resources when harvesting higher rank nodes.
  • Increased the base Durability of Horseshoes
  • Interacting with a special crafting station (blacksmith, stonemasonry, etc.) for the first time will now open the respective category.
  • One-Handed Axes with a Wood Elf appearance should no longer default to having Weapon Weights in the item outcome.
  • Recall can no longer be cast while the player has Building Materials in their inventory.
  • Recipe - Vendor NPC - Now clarifies that it requires a Crafted Vessel: Human
  • Removed a system-coded string when you get a reward from crafting a vessel
  • Removed the Relic Binding recipe from the Crafting Book
  • Resources should have an indicator on the F Interaction window of their current status if not collectible/harvestable when affected by hunger
  • Spamming the enter campaign button while an error message is shown is no longer possible
  • The crafting window will now show the quality of the final item if it will always be that quality on the Assemble page.
  • The gold value of Grave Goods has been increased based on the rarity of the grave good.
  • Updated recipe book loot doobers
  • Updated the distance that Motherlodes could be seen from
  • Updated the icon for metal billets
  • Updated the names of Intermediate Woodworking weapons to match what they actually craft.
  • Updated transmogrify Mount recipe icons
  • Vendor Stalls should no longer have stats on them from the various sub-components used to craft them.


  • All Cooking recipes received a pass on the number of ingredients that are required. In general recipes no longer give out large quantities of product items as this was done because we lacked a Quantity button. Now that there is a Quantity option on each recipe, the amount of ingredients has been reduced per combine as well as the base output amount per recipe.
  • Removed Additives from recipes that didn't actually do anything. (The ones that did remain)
  • Increased the amount of food restore based on Head Chef, Sous Chef, Campfire recipe categories.
  • Increased base duration on effects granted from crafted foods to 30 minutes.
  • Decreased base duration of looted foods to 15 minutes.
  • Certain recipe results are now flagged as Components, and no longer give Wined/Dined effects.

Eternal Kingdom

  • Added a chest, crafting station, throne, and vendor sockets to the Capital, Mountain Citadel, and Caldera parcels
  • Added a new Public Chest type for EKs that anyone with access to the EK can open.
  • Added a new vendor to Eternal Kingdoms that will now sell only food items. Paulo has been adjusted to only sell resources now, giving the vendors a greater sense of identity.  Everyone meet Angelo the Head Chef, who sells all of the food items (along with the cooking sticks, foil, and pots)
  • Added icons for Fief Parcel
  • Characters will no longer be linked to an EK after being banned
  • Characters will no longer block building placement. Now they are moved to safety if something is placed on top of them
  • Fixed an issue where nobles could place parcels until the Monarch placed one first
  • Fixed an issue where players sometimes were unable to load into an EK
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the player was shown too high in Zone Map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ranger Sanctuary and Holy Guild Hall placeable buildings were swapped.
  • Fixed some floating rocks and bushes in the Canyon Parcel.
  • Moved the Stonecutter and Tannery crafting stations to not block the Faction Chests on Class C plots.
  • Players will once again be able to interact with the base Stone Octagon Tower deed if they place it in their EK.
  • Stronghold Building plot class hover UI will now only appear to you if you possess the materials to build it
  • The All Father Relic Statue buff now properly displays in the passive tray while it is active
  • The Wall Fin, Buttress, and Ramparts can now be attached to stone walls with new Sockets placed on the stone walls
  • Updated the icon for Town Parcels.
  • Updated the old EK tutorial images to reflect current UI


  • Added an image to the barracks sign in god's reach and updated the quest image to match
  • Added the images to the Reinforced Bracket, The Quality Assurance Kit, and the Heartwood Firing Arm
  • Added win/loss music cues to the campaign results screen
  • Bleed icons have been updated to the class-specific bleed icons.
  • Campaign list entries are no longer selectable when their bands are collapsed.
  • Campaign Launch screen nav buttons cycle through the campaign list correctly
  • Changed the default hotkey to open the Alliance Menu from 'T' to 'H' (It’s configurable in Settings)
  • Changing the world band via the nav buttons now plays the distinct band sounds.
  • Character panel mitigations now update with any stat change
  • Corrected and/or added missing information to some ability tooltips.
  • Experience flytext will now spawn in the correct position consistently
  • Fixed a bug where the player could not close the map with the "world map" key after it had been changed in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a spelling error in the Reap and Sow Victory Card description.
  • Fixed a text display when deleting an item from World Bank in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes an enemy health bar would flash blue
  • Fixed an occasional problem with Interacts failing unexpectedly
  • Fixed some duplicated icons in the talent tree.
  • Fixing the interactable states of left/right nav buttons on the campaign launch screen
  • Group UI now has icons for the group member's class and race
  • Harvesting gryphon hide displays the correct name in the combat log
  • If you bought a package with a special unit frame in it, you can now use it! Go to settings->UI->HUD to set it!
  • Instant purchase and selling of items now will play a sound
  • Left/right nav buttons in the campaign selection screen will play the distinct world band sounds as you select them
  • Localized race names in the Crowpedia window
  • Many Flytext improvements
  • Modified the sounds for world select and Enter Campaign buttons
  • Modified UI for Crafted Vessels to clarify that you cannot use lower quality Vessels or Vessels the character does not have sufficient level for
  • Promotion information now shows in the lobby character popup
  • Remapping the Interact key or Primary Attack key to a mouse button should now display correctly in prompts
  • Runegate lines between nodes on the "World View" map should no longer be moved off-target while the map loads.
  • Talent icons more accurately represent the functional effect of purchasing a particular talent box
  • The alliance window will not get stuck open when in God's Reach campaigns anymore.
  • The build information is now displayed in the Lobby
  • The Out of Resources messages show resource missing
  • The power and buff tooltip descriptions for energetic harvesting now match
  • The Vault/Bank overflow UI should now appear at the appropriate times.
  • The version info will now show at the top of the lobby screens
  • Trade items should no longer appear to erase other trade items when dragged on top of each other
  • Updated lobby text for all campaigns to properly describe them.
  • Updated runestone descriptions of any granted powers to be more specific and accurately reflect player stats.
  • You should now once again be able to remove trade items by right-clicking them


  • Added a scrollbar to chat and removed the arrows
  • Optional profanity filter added to chat (on by default). Toggleable in settings


General Powers

  • Bleeds now work on a per-class basis. Each class has a class-specific bleed that is applied when they apply a standard bleed. A target can have 1 of each of the class-specific bleeds on them at a time. Cleanse powers that remove bleeds will still remove all bleeds on you.
  • Dodge powers have all been converted to use charges with cooldowns. 20-meter dodges have 1 charge with a 22-second cooldown and 10-meter dodges have 2 charges with an 11-second cooldown each. Each of the charges has an independent cooldown when there is more than 1 charge.  Powers that previously affected the dodge pips in any way will now affect the cooldown of the charges.
  • Fixed a typo in the passive/buff description of Zaleena's Mirth
  • Fixed an issue where a power would grey out when jumping
  • Fixed an issue where characters could be unable to re-enter stealth
  • Fixed an issue where spamming a combo power could cause the icon highlight to persist
  • Fixed an issue where Stealth Trays could be disabled after using an Ultimate Power
  • Fixed Blood Pact with assassin/duelist pip powers consuming health depending on a number of pips. It now consumes multiples of the conversion rate up to (conversion rate * max pips)
  • Soulpower generation has been modified to fill 1000 SP in 60 seconds while in combat, up from 50 seconds.
  • Stealth Blockers will no longer apply to vessels that cannot maintain stealth or invisibility in some way
  • Stealth tray is once again usable after a stealth blocker, like Faerie Fire is, removed from you
  • Thorns damage is no longer triggered by Damage Over Time Debuffs, such as Bleeds, Disease, Corruption, etc. They are also no longer triggered by Ballista shots while you are in a Ballista.
  • Toned down the visuals of AOE Fields
  • Ultimate abilities will no longer display an error message when they are not usable because they are filling.
  • Ultimates that do not place you into the stealth tray no longer strip Damage over Time effects when used.
  • Use Hold F interact while in Stealth should work properly and not get interrupted
  • Whispering SFX during stealth have been lowered in volume


  • Fixed weapon placement on Leans for Centaur so on sloped surfaces the weapons stay in his hands
  • Centaur vessel is no longer displaying extra swing animation when harvesting Stone and Ore resources
  • Centaur Wild Charge will execute its pushback effect again
  • Removed obsolete Poleaxe / Polemace traits from Centaur
  • The body of the Centaur Male will no longer clip to the clothes/armor when walking or jumping
  • Wild Charge area damage decal now follows the character to signify the damage field around the centaur.


  • Aegis of Salvation has been renamed to Aegis of Destruction and the icon for the first attack has been replaced
  • Alpha Warrior Neckbreaker now consistently does more damage than other Champions. Alpha Warrior promotion has been changed to reduce the cost to 400 rather than 350.
  • Alpha Warrior promotion enhancements now add a Slow to targets hit by Leap
  • Alpha Warrior promotion enhancements now increase the number of targets hit by Whirling Pain to 7
  • Brutal Warrior, Ultimate Warrior and Mighty Warrior now list the size increases in the power descriptions.
  • Corrected a typo in the Animosity talent
  • Corrected a typo in the title of the talent: Mighty Warrior
  • Demoralizing Shout no longer divides damage amount targets hit
  • Disarming Shout is now a 6m cone attack with a max of 3 targets instead of a single target attack
  • Fixed ability description for Anger Management
  • Fixed Stoneborn Champion weapon orientation
  • Increased Basic Resource Gain for Rage to be 5 instead of 4, this occurs mainly when you hit with your basic attack
  • Kick Sand now Blinds instead of Stuns
  • Mighty Warrior, Brutal Warrior, and Ultimate Warrior buff durations have been shorted to 30 seconds and the Cooldowns have been reduced from 68 seconds to 40 seconds
  • Mighty Warrior now increases the Damage Bonus Cap by 10 in addition to the 20 %Damage Bonus buff
  • Neckbreakers area has been increased from 5m to 6m.
  • Overwhelming Uppercut description has been updated to be more specific, note it is a single target attack
  • Pitfighter promotion enhancements no longer adds a Root to the Neckbreaker power.
  • Removed Rage cost from Champion Insanity
  • Spinning Backfist description no longer displays the wrong debuff amount and time when you have a point of Dominance.


Arbiter Promotion

  • Now grants +250 Health.
  • Increased the Support Power granted here from 200 to 250.
  • Hard Control Intensity, Attack Control Intensity and Movement Control Intensity has been removed from this talent and replaced with +10 Control Defense.
  • Flash of Light enhancement has been removed from Arbiter and replaced by a Tend Wound Enhancement.
  • Tend Wounds Arbiter enhancement increases the duration of the Heal over time from 8 seconds to 16 seconds and applies a Personal Healing Modifier buff of 10% to both the caster and target.
  • Illuminate Arbiter enhancement has been changed from granting a Healing Bonus buff to the group into granting a Personal Healing Modifier of 5% buff to the group.

Arbiter Frost Domain has been replaced with the Nature Domain.
Arbiter passive has been updated to now have a chance to heal friendlies in the area of you, other than the Cleric, when you are hit by an enemy. This can only occur up to once every 2 seconds. This is replacing the previous behavior of the Arbiter passive.

Arbiter - Interdiction Talent

  • Fire Damage Bonus has been removed from this talent node.
  • Holy Damage granted here has been increased to +10 Holy Damage and +10 Holy Damage cap from +5/+5.
  • This node now grants +5 Control Defense.
  • Final Mitigations has been increased from +15 to +20.
  • Celestial Authority Talent: Holy Damage granted on this node has been reduced to +5 Holy Damage Bonus and +5 Holy Damage Bonus Cap. Fire Damage increase is now also granted here, with an increase of +5 Fire Damage Bonus and +5 Fire Damage Bonus Cap.
  • Circle of Life will no longer cause Death Shroud to be applied to nearby living targets.
  • Crusader Holy Symbol buff, Blessed Symbol hanging effect description has been updated to state the correct buff amounts granted by the buff
  • Crusader Promotion no longer grants the ability to equip Plate armor.
  • Divine Presence has been updated to be a pulsing buff around the Cleric, increasing the Personal Damage Modifier and Power Damage: Melee of up to 7 friendlies within 10 meters
  • Fixed cleric basic attack hit VFX
  • Hand of the Gods description has been updated to better note that it is rooting the enemies in place.
  • Holy Symbol no properly only heals up to 5 allies when first cast and continues to heal up to 5 every 3 seconds.
  • Holy Symbol now has hit effects 
  • Radical Passive no longer reduces the cost of Divine Order by 500
  • Radical Promotion now grants 150 Attack Power instead of 200 Attack Power
  • Spiritual Presence now places a Buff on you while you are near and getting heals from the power.


  • Barrier removal abilities will remove all portions of the Force Shield ability
  • Benediction now properly affects some Confessor powers
  • Blink of Faith barrier will no longer cause visual indications that it is stacking with other barriers
  • Corrected the timing of the confessor power: Redemption
  • Fire Tornados: This power no longer removes Hellfire Aura, references to it no longer removing on the Inquisitor and Sanctifier promotions have been removed.
  • Fire Wave: Now adds a Sin counter to those hit and had it's damage increased by 30%.
  • Fixed Confessor book on Eat or Drink animation to remain closed.
  • Immolation power no longer has a delay before applying the CC Immunity, you should no longer have a window that you can get CCed when casting
  • Inquisitor Fire Tornados: These now heal the caster when you cast them and their healing was been slightly increased.
  • Meteor Purge VFX no longer persists when interrupted by a flashcast Firebolt.
  • Sanctifier promotion enhancement of Hellfire Aura now adds a slow to those hit by it.
  • Sanctifier promotion Fervor will prevent crowd control effects more reliably
  • Spitting Distance: Now makes the Confessor CC Immune while channeling Condemnation in addition to healing them. This also grants a Personal Healing Modifier buff when you hit with the Meteor Purge power, in addition to granting a barrier when cast.
  • Updated description of Confessor Immolation to call out that "Active damage auras are extinguished" when the power is activated


  • Blight debuff is now shown when as a debuff when applied to an enemy while they are in the field and the power description has been updated to better state how it works.
  • Blight Exploding Orbs now give a visual indicator to enemies before exploding.
  • Coalesce Nature orbs visual updated
  • Corrected the Stormcaller promotion talent description
  • Corrected the swapped appearances for Runic Sickle: Minotaur and Runic Sickle: Stoneborn.
  • Critical VFX will no longer be culled when you reach your cull limit, this includes things like the Druid healing orbs
  • Druid Basic Attacks have been updated with new power icons.
  • Druid Basic attacks no longer throw a client error log
  • Druid heal orb 3 - now has a more distinct VFX
  • Electrogenesis orbs now appear in front of the caster where the proc happened from.
  • Essence burn damage will now properly damage barriers.
  • Fixed missing Druid Healing rain VFX
  • Force of Nature damage/healing has been slightly increased, the damage generated by a healing orb now gives a proper warning, similar to a blight orb flip
  • Gaea's Growth now spawns the Coalesce Nature orbs for each enemy hit.
  • Nature's Grace description has been updated to note that Thorns or Retribution will not trigger the healing of the buff
  • Projectile of Static and Shock Bolt LMB Combo Power are now  displayed correctly
  • Shared Gifts now causes your healing orbs to also heal up to 5 additional friendlies in the area for a reduced amount
  • Soothing Winds description has been updated to better describe the extra jumps.
  • Stormcallers and non promoted druids will no longer lose essence when picking up Coalesce Nature Orbs cast by another Druid
  • Will O'Wisps has been moved into the Druid Talent Tree in place of Soothing Winds.
  • Will O'Wisps is now an instant cast power and its cooldown has been reduced to 12 seconds
  • Winds of Corruption now has FX when it hits the player


  • Buckshot no longer causes a Bleed when you Stun or Knockdown a target, instead it now applies Exhaustion with all of your attacks for 5 seconds after leaving stealth.
  • Cheap Shots no longer automatically critically hits on exposed targets
  • Cheap Shot no longer triggers Sweet Victory twice when you stun someone with it
  • Fixed Into the Shadows not updating enabled/disabled appearance in power tray
  • Fixed issue with Duelist Vanish power where the fuse sound was not stopping if the barrel exploded early by hitting an enemy
  • Fixed the duelist buffs not lighting up on its pip meter
  • Lunge now moves you in the direction of your reticle.
  • Rapid Fire now applies a Knockdown to an exposed target that is actively attacking.
  • Saltpeter Rounds now uses the same animation as recon when cast while underground.
  • Sound pass on Druid healing orbs to make them more audible and better match the new VFX.
  • Sweet Victory no longer triggers twice when stunning someone with the Waylayer Cheap Shot power
  • Tunnel King Discipline: Go For Broke no longer automatically critically hits on exposed targets
  • Vanguard Scout promotion enhancement for Keen Guard now blinds instead of slows.


  • Elken Headbutt will now hit immediately when you strike your target
  • Modified Elken headbutt to work like bullrush


  • Glide wing FX will no longer persist while running around


  • Added an end animation to Ice Block so you stop animating when the ability ends
  • Ice Weave now properly creates Stable Ice when cast with exactly 200 mana
  • Ice Weave no longer creates Stable Ice when casting with at least 1 ice in storage but not enough mana. It will not properly give you mana
  • Refreshing Breeze now creates a rectangle ground FX for the area it hits.
  • Re-refrigerate SP cost has been reduced from 750 to 500
  • The character is no longer stuck in an animation pose after channeling the Icy Veins ultimate power
  • Volatile Ice base FX should be removed after being exploded


  • Changed the pop-up message triggered by the tunnel power to better reflect the tooltip text
  • Increased the size of the guinecean dirt mound
  • Fixed Guinecean double jump interruption of interact animation. Also fixed the mounted state but still casting bug.
  • Guinecean Burrow has an exit animation after interaction with Plants, Sacrifice Altar, and Vendors

Half Giant 

  • Blood of the Giant description has been updated to reflect the correct length of the damage reduction
  • Fixed the right hand of Half-Giant Champion which showed as detached when in Combat mode.


  • Block now increases the Damage Bonus Cap by the same amount it increases your Damage Bonus when you block enough damage to trigger it.
  • Fixed an issue where Obliterate was not properly applying a bleed when used by a Swordsman
  • Knight Basic attack impacts positioned correctly now
  • Knight Shield Block will now properly prevent the Knockdown from Flintlock Shot and Dispel.
  • Macemanship passive will now properly proc when a knockdown triggers from the Death Throws passive.
  • Powers on the power tray are no longer grayed out after using Shield Block power
  • Pursuit no longer grants 100% movement speed, instead now grants 40% Out of Combat Movement Speed and 100% In Combat Movement speed increases.
  • Redirected Strikes buff tooltip amount now correctly matches the power description
  • Redirected Strikes had its Personal Damage Modifier buff has been reduced from 90% to 80%, and the Retribution buff now occurs after the initial buff wears off. The Retribution buff has been reduced from 60% to 20%.
  • Shield Bash’s description has been updated to state that only performing 3 consecutive basic attacks enables it
  • Shield Slam FX no longer plays an FX above the knight.
  • Shield Slam no longer moves past the enemy and now properly damages them when cast a certain distance.
  • Shield Slam Personal Damage Modifier debuff no longer prevents or overwrites the Personal Damage Modifier debuff from Requiem.
  • Spiked Shield now works with Whirling Leap
  • Windlord Pursuit no longer grants 100% movement speed, instead now grants 40% Out of Combat Movement Speed and 100% In Combat Movement speed increases.


  • Berserk will no longer sustain the Myrmidon while being damage by the Hunger in HungerDome.
  • Bull Rush - Fixed the Powers tooltip to match the description 
  • Control Defense granted by the talent tree for Myrmidon now properly decreases the duration of Crowd Control effects instead of increasing them
  • Fixed an issue with Colossus Smash not colliding properly with enemies.
  • Indomitable passive Hitpoint buff has been increased from 150 to 200 per enemy within 20m when you Berserk
  • Iron Hide now grants additional buffs your Bleed Damage Bonus by 10% and Attack Power by 75, the duration of the buff has been increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds and the area of the attack has been increase
  • Neck Slash no longer references a pip cost in it's description tooltip.
  • Titan passive now increases the damage of your basic attacks and Neck Slash by 3% per stack instead of 2%.


  • Fixed minotaur cloth on Noncombat, Combat, Ranged movement, and Bullrush.
  • Fixed Minotaur Weapon position on Master of Daggers animations


  • Call Flames is now properly only resetting your dodge cooldown when your dodge is on cooldown. Using it when your dodge is not on cooldown will no longer grant an additional hidden dodge usage that it shouldn't be.


  • Archer Promotion enhancement for concussive trap now properly debuffs the Personal Damage Modifier instead of buffing it on the target.
  • Archer Promotion now states the amount of Personal Damage Modifier it debuffs for the concussive trap enhancement.
  • Disengage will now wait until closer to landing to swap trays, preventing the camera from hanging for a second during movement.
  • Fixed the Human male skirt on stealth idle so it no longer moves when the vessel is not moving.
  • Flare Arrow FX will no longer disappear when a second instance of it ends
  • Flare Arrow FX will now properly thunk to the ground when aiming in the air
  • Jab's cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds from 9 seconds
  • Ranger Barrage VFX has been replaced
  • Ranger Sustain FX now displays correctly
  • Rapid Fire FX will now properly be interrupted when the caster is Crowd Controlled.
  • Ricochet Shot projectile release now better matches the animation.
  • Skullcracker Stake is now properly affected by fortified stakes. The area size will properly update and the buff given will now display the fortified version.
  • Skullcracker Stake will now affect up to 8 friendly targets instead of self only. The Attack Power granted by the stake has been reduced from 100 to 75.
  • Steel Traps passive description has been updated to better describe the enhancements to your traps
  • Sweep's cooldown has been reduced from a base 23 seconds to a base of 15 seconds
  • Trap Master should no longer proc a trap from a DoT being applied.
  • Warden now has access to the Nature Domain instead of the Wind Domain


  • Blinding Light now plays an SFX when it hits.
  • Created new passive power and buff icons for Divine Power so that they will match.
  • Divine Light should once again have a hit sound playing
  • Divine Power passive icon and Buff icon have been updated.
  • Fixed sword orientation on Holy warrior
  • Holy Warrior is now usable while you are mounted and dismounts you, Divine Light is no longer usable while mounted
  • Judgment base cost is now properly 2 and correctly reduces to 1 when you promote to Vindicator
  • Paladin Divine Light no longer inflicts damage.
  • Righteous Defense now has a safety on it to ensure it does not trigger on a templar at 0 hp
  • Righteous Defense should no longer prevent you from dying in certain situations
  • Righteous Reflections reflected ranged damage has been reduced from 60% to 50%.

Wood Elf 

  • Wood Elves are now properly immune to being rooted
  • Wood Elf dodge will now properly interrupt Camouflage when used while the casting occurs.


  • Arkon's Disciple Discipline Arkon's Fury now grants a 5% Damage Bonus: Fire for 12 seconds when you successfully hit with it.
  • Arcane Arrow projectile FX no longer shoots backward
  • Bearer's Insignia Discipline: Champion Domain no longer has access to the Bearer's Insignia minor discipline
  • Bearer's Insignia: Fixed a typo in the Bearer's Insignia power description
  • Blessed Symbol now has the correct buff description in the hanging effect.
  • Blitzer: Banner of Storms now affects up to 8 allies
  • Blitzer: Haunt's cooldown has been reduced
  • Blood Pact Discipline: Blood Pact description has been updated to state it does not affect Basic Attacks, Dodges, Retaliates, or Ultimates
  • Blood Rose minor is no longer granted to Humans
  • Blood Rose now only applies the Thorns buff when healing yourself or a group member.
  • Bringer of Life: Purify tooltip has been updated to correct an issue that caused the cooldown time to be overwriting the resource cost
  • Bringer of Life: Fountain of Life cooldown has been reduced
  • Demolisher has been added to the War Domain
  • Demolisher Shield Breaker now places the Block/Parry on cooldown when it breaks one
  • Dispel Minor has been added to the Justice Domain
  • Dispel Minor now locks the target out of gaining a barrier for 4 seconds.
  • Dispel now properly knocks down the target it hits if it has a barrier
  • Disciplines that give you +100 Loot Protection will make it so you have only a 50% chance to lose items in the Dregs
  • Elementalist Discipline Neutralize Elements now also removes Exhaustion.
  • Elementalist Discipline now has the Supreme Element passive instead of the Sentinel passive.
  • Field Surgeon Discipline Rescue's cooldown has been reduced from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Field Surgeon  Fly You Fools no longer applies a buff when the caster dies, instead it will recharge a dodge charge for your group member when you heal them below 35% health
  • Field Surgeon: Rescue description has been updated to state it heals for X Health rather than saying X Damage
  • Fixed issue with Uncommon Minor disciplines dropping in Gods Reach
  • Flow Controller Discipline Cauterize now also removes Exhaustion.
  • Flow Controller Mass Dispel now locks the targets out of gaining a barrier for 4 seconds.
  • Force Wave area of effect has been increased to 8m and it now adds an elemental break
  • Forest Creature Discipline - Pixie Dust has had its max targets increased to 10, area increased to 8m, and cooldown reduced to 36 seconds.
  • Freedom Fighter:  Free Action now can only affect a player once every 30 seconds
  • Frost biter:  Fixed an issue where absorbed healing was reported as a "hit" in the combat log instead of a "heal"
  • Frozen Dancer: Frigid Ground no longer has an errant oval decal in the area where cast.
  • Holy Warrior Discipline -Restoration Strike combo follow-up will now also apply a Slashing Penetration buff to the caster for 12 seconds when used.
  • Hydrologist: Water Spirits max targets healed has been increased to 40 from 30, the trigger radius has been increased to 4m from 3m, and the heal/debuff radius has been increased to 7m when it is triggered
  • Ice Armorer: Ice Armory description and short discipline description updated to better describe how it works
  • Ice Armorer: Ice Armory description has been updated to better describe the ice cost for the multiple armors being spawned
  • Increased the size of the radius of Mass Dispel
  • Kinetic Bloomer Discipline - Kinetic Boost now grants a 10% Healing Bonus buff and a 10% Power Damage Bonus: Ranged buff in addition to the Damage Bonus and Power Efficiency buffs. The cooldown has also been reduced from a base of 68 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Last Resort: Last Resort now triggers when below 35% instead of below 25%.
  • Lord of the Forest Protection Stake FX now lasts for the proper duration
  • Lord of the Forest  Fixed a typo in the description of Wee One’s Description
  • Lord of the Forest Wee One's cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds, max targets increased to 8, and area size increased to 8m.
  • Master of Darkness Discipline: Stink Bomb no longer applies a Corruption to the target but instead applies damage when initially hit
  • Master of Focus: Chaos Orb can now be charged while moving and the damage radius has been increased from 3 meters to 5 meters when triggered
  • Master of Focus Chaos Orb casting FX is now only visible to the caster. The Orb once cast is still visible to all.
  • Master of Focus Chaos Orb damage has been reduced per hit. Chaos Orb can no longer critically hit an enemy and will only damage them a max of 4 times.
  • Master of Focus Mana Shield has been renamed to Resource Shield and no longer uses your Mana as a health pool. Resource Shield now applies a barrier, that when removed will restore some of your class resources
  • Master of Focus Resource Shield is now available to use on Rangers that take the discipline.
  • Master of Swords Critical Hack now increases your Critical Damage by 5% in addition to the Critical Strike buff, and the duration of the buff has been increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • Master of Swords Iron Skin now also increases your Power Damage: Melee by 6% in addition to it's other buffs.
  • Militant Mage: Warp Weapons description has been updated to note the debuff occurs when the target attacks anyone
  • Minor Accompaniment discipline had its song duration stat increased, it now ranges from +1 on Uncommon to +6 on Legendary.
  • Mudman Discipline - Muck Splatter base cooldown has been decreased from 30 seconds to 26 seconds, the buff duration has been increased from 15 seconds to 18 seconds.
  • Naiad Fountain of Life description has been updated to better state how the power works
  • Naiad: Naiad powers will now appear in the druid death tray
  • Nature's Guardian Protection stake no longer displays an extra smoke FX when cast.
  • Nature's Guardian Soothing Winds has replaced Will O'Wisps on the Nature's Guardian Discipline
  • Plague Lord Festering Wounds cooldown has been reduced from a base of 45 seconds to a base of 30 seconds
  • Plague Lord Festering Wounds no longer applies a Disease to your target.
  • Poisoner Discipline now has Armor Penetration: Poison in place of Slashing Damage Bonus as the discipline progresses.
  • Protection Stake has replaced Slow Stake on the Nature's Guardian Discipline
  • Protection Stake FX no longer persists an abnormally long period of time
  • Reactionary Discipline Deadly Retaliation now displays it's correct damage amount in the description.
  • Reality Warper: Shrivel cooldown has been reduced to a base of 15 seconds
  • Reality Warper: Spiritual Decay cooldown has been decreased to 30 seconds and the pulsing AOE debuff duration has been increased to 30 seconds to match
  • Reality Tripper: Alter Reality now applies an Incoming Critical Healing debuff to the target in addition to the heal absorbing barrier. The Heal Absorb barrier has been updated to deal damage when healed off, instead of when it expires, and the cooldown has been reduced to 24 seconds
  • Redeemer Discipline Redemption FX no longer lingers after the power is done channeling.
  • Redeemer Discipline Redemption no longer causes you to pause after the channel is finished.
  • Redeemer Discipline Redemption will now hit more consistently when aiming slightly off target.
  • Righteous Smash is no longer overridden by Pixie Dust and stacks with it
  • Runescarred Gladiator  Nothing To Lose description no longer has debug text in the description.
  • Scrapper: In the Fray now grants a 75 Attack Power and 10% Personal Damage Modifier (Damage reduction) buff when used. It no longer relies on enemies being in the area.
  • Scrapper: Death Throws now only KDs enemies when you break a CC.
  • Soothing Winds description has been better updated to describe how the jumps work
  • Spirit speaker: Electrogenesis orbs now appear in front of the caster where the proc happened from
  • Spreading Flame: Spreading Flame icon has been updated so that it differs from Arkon's Fury, as they are likely to be on the same bar
  • Stalwart: Get Behind Me description now lists the correct amount of Personal Damage Modifier it grants to your group while you are blocking
  • Standard Bearer Discipline Replaced the Resolution passive with the Sentinel passive.
  • Standard Bearer Discipline Rallying Banner now hits up to 8 targets, and its base cooldown has been reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Stay in the Fight will no longer stop harvesting for some archetypes
  • Sturdy Discipline The threshold by which you get the Sturdy buff has been changed from above 90% to above 85%.
  • Sun Worshipper now has Chain Heal instead of Soothing Wind
  • Survivalist Exploration: Bandaging Bonus granted by the legendary Survivalist Exploration discipline has been corrected to 100%
  • The Force Shield and Suns of Worvan barrier can now be removed by barrier removal abilities
  • Touch of Rot Minor Touch of Rot now also debuffs the target's Personal Healing Modifier by 10% in addition to the Support Power debuff.
  • Troubadour:  Reduced the visibility of the FX
  • Troubadour: Toned down the sound for the passive "Requiem"
  • Tundra Mage Brittle Armor now reduces All Resists by 1000 instead of just Physical Resistances by 2000.
  • Unstable Mage: Arcane barrier no longer blocks the Suns of Worvan barrier
  • Unstable Mage: Wreckoning now uses your weapon damage type instead of the Bleed damage type
  • Waylayer: Fixed an issue where Sweet Victory could fire more than once every 10 seconds


  • Added a primitive bandage vendor to Gods Reach so players who destroy the bandages given to them won't be stuck in the questline
  • Added a sign near canyon stairs that Caravans can not climb, seriously they can’t climb it so don’t try, their little legs just can’t do it
  • Added an animation when Stronghold Hero Statues are destroyed
  • Added locations to the Quest Descriptions in the Quest Log
  • Added rocks to a hill incline area of Sun Temple that players were unable to climb
  • Added support for LOD fade-in to reduce pop-in
  • Adjusted culling on the dragon statue
  • Adjusted the tooltip of Hot Peppers to mention that it adds a 2% Fire Damage bonus.
  • Barriers no longer prevent falling damage
  • Casting a Mount while you are moving will now properly cancel the casting FX.
  • Creation of 'dizzy' status FX
  • Fixed a hole in the GR canyon
  • Fixed a problem where some users get a persistent "Login Failed: Please re-login through patcher" error on TEST or LIVE
  • Fixed a prop that was blocking access to treasure in the cottage
  • Fixed an issue where some items had a sell value of -1 gold
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the HP of Avatars or NPCs with full health are displayed as empty
  • Fixed an issue where a player running and jumping on a horse was faster than a horse running
  • Fixed an issue where doobers were visually going under the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where Hunger would stop reducing when maxed out
  • Fixed an issue where mount summon sound would not stop if you interrupted the mount summon by walking
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes users were disconnected while redeeming bundles
  • Fixed an issue with female centaur shoulders
  • Fixed character creation while the player has one or more characters in a HungerDome match and was unable to create a new character.
  • Food, Drink, Campfires and Potions can no longer be used while not on the ground.
  • Holding F to  Interact will no longer get interrupted when using while in Stealth
  • Mind in Motion buff from Potion of Sapho should now display the duration on its buff tooltip
  • Players can now sell items to player-vendors. It just behaves like a system vendor, in this case.
  • Retaliate powers are now usable anytime. All Retaliates will now stop stamina regeneration for a short period of time. Using a Retaliate can still break you out of a Crowd Control effect and gives a short window of CC Immunity.
  • Switched the appearances of the Human and Nethari sickles.
  • Text no longer overlaps when comparing equipment tooltip stat attributes
  • The armor tab updates with all mitigation changes
  • The VIP passive now reduces the rate of food consumption by 25% and reduce the amount of mount decay by 25%
  • Updated the wood elf female plate helm with a new model
  • Updated Text of class trainers, including information about their ultimates
  • You should now be able to purchase all items from vendors, even if you cannot use the item.
  • World Bank no longer displays a rank in the tooltip


  • Added a Leashing shader back to NPCs when they are returning to their spawn point
  • Added a Mystery vendor option for Rapiers and Mystical Staff.
  • Added a variety to the appearance of NPC vendors
  • Alpha Raid Boss Gryphon - Fixes to the  hitbox location 
  • Aracroix Frostweaver NPCs are no longer immune to crowd control effects
  • "Boss" ranked Muskhog NPCs now perform additional special attacks and behaviors.
  • Auroch Basic Attack 1 will no longer display its FX behind the Auroch
  • Class-based side quest NPC's now have emotive VO sounds when you interact with them
  • Druid NPCs: Winds of Corruption now has FX when it hits the player.
  • Duelist NPCs: NPC version of Go For Broke now correctly plays SFX when it is cast.
  • Elemental attacks now show animations
  • Elemental Golem: 3rd Rock Toss now properly displays 2 projectiles being thrown.
  • Elemental Golem Rock throw FX should properly be appearing
  • Elk AE effects no longer persist when they're killed
  • Fixed a rare problem when an NPC died while pathing
  • Fixed a sunken training dummy in Gods Reach
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Nethari female on victory emote
  • Fixed an issue with NPC power 'templar divine light' having VFX spawn on ticks instead of on/off
  • Fixed an issue where Caravans lost speed moving up a hill. 
  • Fixed an issue where Ranged War Tribes at low levels were dropping Swift Saddle recipes
  • Fixed the training dummies to be unkillable once again.
  •  Fixed Yuri's eyeballs, and also fixed start pose to fix blending into fidgets.
  • Guiseppe is no longer floating in the air, he’s more grounded. 
  • Improved the Elk animations
  • Improving sync for sound for Spider flurry attack
  • NPC Flare Arrow now plays Hit FX when damaging you
  • Ranged humanoid NPCs will now backpedal naturally and remain facing you when they want to keep their distance.
  • Ranged Urgu Wartribe should not T pose when they moving backwards
  • Ranger NPC Flare Arrow now properly displays a Hit FX when it is damaging a player.
  • Reduced the density of War Tribes in Infected zones
  • Removed some ladder props that War tribes were being stuck in
  • The NPC Miners near the Motherlodes in Gods Reach (quest) will now be animated to help you mine the nodes.
  • The Gryphon boss Snap power now deals damage to the target.
  • The Gryphon bosses should now use all of their powers
  • Moved some floating Ranger Guards near the Gods Reach Refinery.
  • Urgard the Miner should have a picture showing the sizes of a motherload and normal harvesting node
  • Updated Bog Bear Loot
  • Updated the Slaughterhouse vendors to sell roasting sticks, cooking foil, and large pots.
  • Updated the wolf’s attack FX
  • Wartribe loot - Advanced Confessor books obtained from the random loot system can now have support power.
  • You should now be able to purchase all items from vendors, even if you cannot use the item.


  • Added a custom sound for consuming vessel
  • Added a second music track to the playlist for the lobby
  • Adding sound to various UI buttons in the lobby, including the "Reset to Default" button, filter buttons in the campaign results window, and filter buttons in player server world band view.
  • Changing world band via the nav buttons now plays the distinct band sounds
  • Fire Horse mount fire sound now stops when dismounting 
  • Hunger crystals will once again have their heartbeat sound playing.
  • Instant purchase and the sale of items now plays a sound
  • New unique sound for clicking Respec Talents button
  • Redeem buttons now have sounds when redeeming items in your inbox
  • Rune Gates now play a sound when the interaction is completed
  • The FX for Gaea's Wail should now render correctly
  • Updated the sound effects for several powers
  • VO for player emotes can now be heard by observers
  • You’ll now hear a  sound for Binding to an alter statue


  • Added a side quest about Domains and the Crowpedia to the Infected. It will be accessible once a player has chosen a promotion class.
  • Implemented quest changes to better guide the player from Gods Reach to the Infected.
  • Updated outdated quest image for  Discerning Discipline quest. 

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