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Episode #6 of SAM's + Russians feedback & suggestions

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Just a few more suggestions about campaign rules, rewards, balance in Dregs and few other things


1. Instead of having rewards for winning campaigns it's better to have an in-game shop, and the only reward for the campaigns would be an in-game currency which can be used to buy stuff from that in-game shop.

You could sell skins there, game items, emotes, disciplines, siege weapons... and etc. Moreover, for every like 1'000 or 10'000 capture points earned in the campaign any guild earn 100 in-game currency, regardless if they win the campaign or even if they didn't. So that this way efforts made by the guilds who lost will be still appreciated and still get rewarded (not as good as the winners but still).


2. Change Bane Trees mechanics: make the attackers plant the bane trees.

If the bane trees were not planted within the first 15 minutes after the siege window has begun, the siege automatically ends. The cost of a Bane Tree seed is about 10K gold (just a suggestion).


3. Make catapults a bit smaller and allow to put them on walls along with Ballistas. Make catapult attack range a bit farther so that they could reach to attackers' trebuchets and to destroy them (without having to push outside keep walls). Right now the defenders just HAVE to go offensive and suicide into Trebuchets if they want to defend their walls. Otherwise, the walls will be destroyed without the ability to reach out to trebuchets without pushing outside of the keep walls.


4. Siege Engineer changes and leadership runes

We offer to move Siege Engineer major into the Exploration Runes slots. Right now the Siege Engineer major ruins the whole build of a character where you equip it on.

Also, we've lost leadership skills at all with elimination of passive training. Thus, we suggest to implement leadership skills into the exploration trails, as well. This feature will/should work very well in the Hunger Dome setting, as well.

The suggested leadership runes and skills:

  • 3 types of the leadership promotions: 'leader', 'soldier', 'guardian'
  • 'Leader' skills and buffs should only effect players in your party with 'soldier' runes equipped, and not influence the leader itself
  • There should be several skills which the Leadership rune gives to the Leader. Each rune quality should give 1 skill: Green gives 1 skill, blue gives 2 skills, purple gives3 skills and legendary gives 4 skills.
  • Examples of skills: 'Avalanche' - increases movement speed in combat (for soldiers); 'Shield wall' - bonus to thorns damage; 'Bloodbath' - grants life steal and give bonus to/increases life steal; 'Take them down' - increases AP & SP for soldiers in your group. These skills should all be actively used and give buffs for +/- 30 seconds each.
  • 'Soldier' rune will allow leadership buffs to be applied to you when your group member with Leadership disc equipped uses them
  • 'Guardian' rune should SIGNIFICANTLY increase the defense, attack, and other stats of allied NPC guards (not even neutral, only allied) around you (50m, for example). Also, 'Guardian' rune should increase the speed of capturing strategic objects on the map. Guardian rune equipped should not allow Leadership buffs to be applied to you.


5. Changes to Siege Engineer attack damage buff skill - make it auto channeled like the shield ability. Right now you have to hold the button all the time while you cast that ability (a damage buff for siege weapons). Also, it does not have any animation. Thus, right now casting that damage buff ability sucks really bad: it is channeled, you have to hold/press the button all the time, you don't even know if your buff is applied to the siege weapon because this ability has no animation or sound.


6. Fort changes:

  • Please, return the ability to repair FORT walls right during the siege. Make it vulnerable while it is being repaired (+500% to the damage received), make it more expensive when you repair Fort walls during sieges, but make it possible to do that;
  • Please, make only GATES destructible with normal weapons. Other walls should only be destructible with siege weapons. That way, on one hand, attackers would be still able to capture forts without siege weapons, on the other hand, defenders will have advantage of having those certain chokes to defend forts. It also makes sense to leave only 2 gates to forts instead of three;
  • Rework fort territory: remove ladders and make ramps instead to be able climb onto walls. Make the floor on fort walls wider to allow fights on walls too.
  • Separate forts onto 2 types: resource forts and 'combat/strategic' forts (which give points towards to winning campaigns). That way resource forts will ONLY give resources (no winning points/scores) while 'combat/strategic' forts will give guilds winning points ONLY (no resources). That way, guilds will always have HARD CHOICES to make: which type of fort to hold in each siege window;
  • 'Combat/strategic' forts should have stronger guards, stronger walls and gates, and the respawn statue there (which you will need to build and to repair if it was destructed).


7. God shrines capture mechanic changes:

After killing gods shrine guards to neutralize it, the guild/faction should sacrifice 5'000 EXP. To flip it into your side, the guild or faction should sacrifice another 5'000 EXP points. This mechanics seems to be more interesting and it'll bring more people into the outer world farming more sacrifice items.


8. Big shield guilds (alliance leader) should also earn winning points from keeps, forts and outposts which are earned by the 'small shield' guilds (participants of the alliance aka secondary guilds). This will enhance alliance mechanics, it will motivate bigger guilds to take smaller guilds inside their alliances. It will enhance communications between guild leaders. Smaller guild now will matter much more for winning the campaigns. They will be able to change balances in the campaigns by leaving and entering alliances.


9. Handshake Siege conditions: the guild which initiates handshake siege should bet the amount of winning points for this siege. If the guild which has initiated this siege wins it, then they earn the amount of points they have bet on this siege while the defenders (if they lose the siege) lose that amount of winning points in the campaign.

For example, when your guild has initiated the siege on an enemy's keep, they bet 1'000 winning points onto this siege. So If your guild does not show up for the siege, it simply loses 1'000 points. If your guild shows up and loses, then your guild also loses 1'000 points. But if your guild shows up and you win the siege, then your guild earns 1'000 points while the defenders lose 1'000 points.

This system will initiate more and more sieges because these sieges will significantly change balances in winning points earned. And sieges are the TOP-NOTCH content in Crowfall, this is the most interesting part of the game, its the culmination actually. Also, that might be a very decent catch-up mechanics which will not allow any guild to lead from the very first day of campaign without a way to catch up with them.



That is pretty much it for this post.

As usual, I'll ping the dev team here because this post is mostly devoted to them, as a source of ideas and suggestions of how to make Crowfall a better and more interesting, more balanced game.

@ace-tyrant @Tyrant @gothamgurl @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair @ACE-Tiggs

Edited by SAM_BUKA

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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Alright, folks. I've just finished the next episode of my regular posts here. It is much more concise than the previous episodes. It is also much easier to comprehend. And, as usual, it consist a lot of Interesting ideas, which excite myself, and I'm pretty sure they will also be interesting and exciting for you too ;)

Tyrant: you were too tough, they gave up. (10/15/2020)

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