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Lots of hard crashes when recalling or using a portal gate from one zone to the next.

Crashing often for no apparent reason as well.

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3 hours ago, Soulreaver said:

Disciplines in general.

Since disciplines 'can't' be removed safely presently instead of using the disicplines they are just sitting in the bank.  Providing a really bad experience.  Disciplines should be -soulbound- like Badges and Epic mounts once used, but should -always- be able to be removed without them being destroyed.

Further more..

Acquiring Disciplines .. there are some you see an immense abundance of and others you just don't see at all.  Weapon Finess for example, out of all the disciplines we have gathered as a guild, not a single one have been retrieved.  It's too random of a system running to wartribe bookcases that may or may not spawn.  With all other ressources being actuired this randomness is also prociding a really bad experience.

I think this is going to end up quite badly for the discipline economy, since there'll be a short term progression rush to for us fans to collect all our discs that are relevant to us, then 9 months later you've curtailed a whole gathering trade of thrall roaming. It's more meaningful to me to make a semi-'permanent' choice by choosing to slot it in.

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