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6.510 TEST Feedback for 4/6/2021

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TEST Patch Notes  

Please share any feedback you may have from your time playing the game. This includes subjective observations about your gameplay experience. Bugs that you have encountered should be directed to TEST Bug Reports and don't forget the Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported!

If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com.

*Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc.  [Rules of Conduct]

Follow us on Twitter @CrowfallGame | Like us on Facebook

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou are crunchy and go well with ketchup!

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After completing the tutorial, here is my initial feedback.  For reference, I played a Ranger character



  • World is very pretty, with interesting ambience and visuals.
  • There seems to be a large amount of potential for character customization.
  • Combat has great potential, I especially like the combo system and deciding what particular avenue to go through in every encounter
  • Combat is flashy with interesting animations.  It is also clear as to what kind of attack is being broadcasted.


  • Though combat is flashy, it doesn't feel impactful - my biggest complaint being a noticeable delay between inputs and actual actions.  This may be due to a proximity to server (I am located in US west while the server is East)
  • Is it not abundantly clear as to what stance (ranged or melee) a character is in before entering combat.  Yes, the icons are different between melee and ranged and this is an every so slight shading difference between the ranged and melee tabs when in their respective bars - but a noticeable reticle difference would be much more decisive.
  • In multiple scenarios, when using a skill, I would press the associated hot key and not hold it, resulting in a botched cast and resulting in entering cool down.  It is not always clear which actions require a hold or just a press.
  • The cool down for switching between ranged and melee is not always clear.  In some circumstances, the cool down timer will be counting down but the switch will occur and in others, the character will not make the switch.  This also just maybe be due to my lag issues due to server proximity.
  • Jumping on a mount seems to slow down forward momentum - not sure if this is by design.
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The cost for bon tipper is still 9x more than what it was prior patches.

Even changing to 1 black pepper it will cost 5090 gold for 50 tippers compared to 574 in 6.4.


If you want bon tipper to be more expensive thats fine, just make it so it isn't consumed with every combine. Let it just last 15 or 30 minutes.

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I apologize if this is the wrong section for this kind of feedback.

  • Not being able to zoom in on my character when selecting customize options wasn't helpful but there weren't many options to customize my character with anyway so I guess at this point that doesn't matter too much.
  • Also, please provide more character customize options eventually (hair style, body modifications, hair color options, etc.)
  • It might be easier to see what race choices each class has if you can allow the user to select the class they want first and then see what races are available. At the moment, it's not completely clear what races can become what classes without checking every single race and every single class.
    • For example, if I choose a class first, the race windows could highlight to dictate which race can be that class.
      • The faded out class portrait doesn't really differentiate what classes can and can't be chosen with that race.
  • When a race is chosen, it should be very simple and easy to see when a class is not selected and when it is. The class selection banner at the top middle of the screen only shows when a class has been chosen.
    • There should at least be an static, non-moving indicator during character creation that clearly shows a  class has not be chosen without having to have a class chosen just to see that indicator. The mere fact that the banner in the top middle only displays WHEN a class is chosen doesn't help at all.
      • An error message saying "please choose your class" or something like that would be good to go with as well. I was trying to figure out for a minute why I could not proceed to customize my character when I realized "oh, changing the race deselected the class; I need to reselect a class (again)."
  • A CG video or in-game video of lore or an video introduction is a lot more immersive than simply have to read pages upon pages of lore through quests.
  • When going through the tutorial area or starting area for levels 1-18, the helpful images of what the quests refer to (gather this item and a picture is shown, go to that location and a picture is shown, etc.) stops abruptly after a few quests. It'd be nice to see more of that for quests in the start area and when you first learn about forts, outposts, etc.
  • The skill/spell selection window where you can pick and choose where the spells are going to be added to your hot bar could use some work as far as organization/categorization. It's a mess basically. If I want to see damage spells only for example, it'd be nice to have an option to toggle those kinds of spells to be set into their own categories.
  • When talents increase spell/skill effects, the tool tips should show the skill/spells are enhanced or the tool tip should reflect the total benefits
    • For example: healing spell A has been enhanced by talent 1b by increasing the healing amount and adding an additional effect. The tool tip should show that to some effect.
      • It'd be nice if the tool tip had two type of texts. One to show the default skill/spell effect and another to show the enhancements offered by the talent choices of the user.
  • Having to always wait to mine/gather resources after you accidentally attack with using your left mouse button is kind of annoying.
  • The targets that randomly appear on crafting nodes (when mining, skinning, gathering, etc.) can sometimes appear in mid air and does not match up with the node itself. Unless I'm aiming incorrectly, it's impossible to sometimes hit the target because the target itself isn't pointing at the node hit box.
  • Constantly having to click on each talent node just to find out what it is and what benefits it provides is very cumbersome of a talent tree in general. Why not just reserve a spot in the talent window where tool tips will always appear? Or show the tool tip to next to the mouse if the user hovers over that talent node?
  • It's not particularly easy to craft items when the inventory isn't sortable and certain items aren't called out by highlighting or the type of item. You literally have to hover over each item to figure out if it's a sacrifice item, an equipment piece you can equip, or a resource item you use when crafting.
  • Which leads to another issue. When you want to craft, you can't tell what items you have and what you don't. It's hard to tell what's in your inventory in the first place but it's even harder to tell if you have that specific type of item to craft an item either way.
  • The crafting tables should be highlighted and bring attention to players passing by. They blend in too much with the background and nothing calls out to them besides approaching the table close enough to get the inspect/interact hotkey popup.
  • When you inspect/interact with the crafting table, the crafting menu is all jumbled. When you get specific recipes by going to a different crafting table, the location of those special recipes should always appear in the same place. Maybe set a different section for it in the crafting window or a different tab to call out to it so that it's easier to find and navigate. Otherwise I'm literally trying to find my place in the crafting menu each time I switch to a different crafting table.
  • Users should be allowed to sort their bank just like their inventory.
  • The bank should allow you to move items from the "all" section into their own specialized sections (gear can be automatically moved to the gear tab, etc.) with the click of a button. Maybe an option such as "sort items into their appropriate tab" kind of thing.
    • Or if that's not the intention of the sections/tabs in the bank, allow users to view only armor/equipment in their bank when viewing that specific tab.
  • I understand the nature of the targeting system makes this difficult but not being able to tell what buffs do without bring up the menu or a window is very annoying.
  • There should be an option to change your target interface from the simple white/grey dot. If we want cross-hairs or an X instead of a tiny small dot that can barely be seen, that'd be a nice addition to the UI options.
  • Please give the option to allow or prevent background sound.
    • If you're alt-tabbed, you can still hear sounds from the Crowfall game. There should be an option to turn that off and allow it for those that prefer either way.
  • Not being able to tell what much of UI is doing for you without the images being obvious was another common issue. For example, the "season" and "day/night" meter at the bottom right isn't obvious without asking or searching Google. If it's going to be apart of the UI, it should be something you can hover over with your mouse and read a tool tip. The tutorial never went into detail about the this meter at all or what the seasons/time of day means for combat, gathering, etc.
  • It's hard to tell that the promotion classes are the next step after your main class. I spent quite some time just trying to figure out where or how to become a promotion class. It'd be nice if those promotion class nodes in your talent tree are highlighted or the eyes are drawn to them given different backgrounds for each respective promotion class.
  • For slow Internet connections that don't have a lot of bandwidth to work with, the spells don't display as well as they should or even show the graphic when it's used. I'm not sure if that's a bug but improvements can be made if graphics are intended to be handled the same after the beta ends.
  • Not being able to scroll up and down the chat window UNLESS I open a window like talents or inventory is cumbersome.
  • Not being able to increase the font size or chat window any larger than it could become was always annoying.
  • Not being able to resize the UI to make everything smaller or larger is also a much needed quality of life improvement.
  • You're not able to open the game menu when you interact with an NPC which I find very odd. The game menu should always be accessible when logged into your character. The only exception to that should be when you're at a loading screen (or in the lobby I suppose).
  • It'd be nice to be able to change graphic settings beyond a simple drop down menu for all graphic settings. For example, say I want great graphics but no more than the default viewing distance. 
  • The farthest you can scroll your camera isn't far at all.
  • Being able to jump when gathering a node would be nice.
  • Allow an option to simple enable auto-loot all if a player decides that's a better default option than always have to press a key to loot all from a corpse.
  • When node drops a gathering item and the item falls onto your character, you should automatically gather it since it landed on your character's spot. Or simple moving should immediately gather the item has fallen onto the same spot your character is standing on. Always having to move away and then back to the item that fell in the place you were just standing seems like a sorely missing quality of life. improvement
  • Not being able to tell what NPC is where on a map is kind of annoying since there's no mini-map. I understand the immersion effect of not having a mini map but instead a compass and a world map. At the same time, I find the map very clunky and harder to use than it should be. If I hover my mouse over a location on the map, it doesn't always register especially given how far in or how far away I am zoomed into the map.
  • There's no real information available to the player on the screen that clearly labels what each world is. What's the different between your own world, the starting level area world, and infested (faction) worlds? I'd be nice to know the difference in-game rather than having to guess. It doesn't have to provide a full blown summary. A simple few sentences to describe what each world is for would be nice.
  • If you have a healing spell on you but you're at full health, the UI doesn't display the overhealing done. It'd be nice to be able to see the overhealing done either way even if you're at full health.
    • For example, you have a healing-over-time (HoT) spell that heals 150 health per tick but you're at full health. It'd be nice if the UI would still show the HoT still healing you by showing the green numbers.
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  • why is there no default button for the quest journal? are quests not gonna be a thing?
  • some sort of quest tracker would be nice, even if its just for one quest
  • Map is 3D, but I can't rotate it? what is the point of that? if its a static  angle, you might aswell make it 2D, would make it easier to read
  • In combat, is doesnt really feel like I get a feedback from my skills. The mob doesnt really get halted I felt. Also the sounds could be a little more crisp and satisfying
  • Performance: So I have an older card (gtx 970) and I barely get 50 FPS on low settings. Oof (like I can play stuff like Warframe, Blade and Soul, Lost Ark which all look miles better a lot more stable)
  • Honestly for a 2021 game, the graphics on low are a disgrace.
  • When creating a character please highlight which classes can be played with which Race without me needing to click on every single one
  • Confirm Buttons: so far I encountered 3: F, Y, Enter why though? why cant F and Y be the same? why do i need to close tutorial windows with Enter? doesnt make sense to me
  • Mouse Sensitivity could use more than just increments in 10. BTW if it only increments like this, why not just use 1-10 instead of 10-100?

ok so there are some things I liked about it

  • when collecting resources the minigame with the crosshairs is a nice touch
  • the combat with a few tweaks could be interesting
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Please, PLEASE, add advanced gear vendors to our EKs. Just like yall added the food one. Having to go through portals to get some BASIC gear do you can scrim is really bad.

While at it remove the novice weapon vendors. Those are just a noob trap. Really, might as well go naked and save your gold.

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I know those are supposed to be rare rewards and all, but if you guys want to make money selling those 'no dura loss' statues thingy and similar statues would be like printing money. Reduce their effects if you want, but really, I imagine every guild would buy those no question. And in the case of the dura statue, it is just QOL stuff.

Edited by BarriaKarl
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Playing with ultrawide resolution (with Nvidia Surround) works at first start. After trying with "Fullscreen Windowed" mode and smaler resolution, it's not possible to switch back. The option ist there and can be selected, but has no effect.

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First, thank you for the invite and letting me test your game. I remember applying a long time ago to try this out. But, it is not my cup of tea and what I imagined for the game.

After doing the tutorial and trying out Faction V Faction (pretty sure this is where most players are supposed to be) this is my feedback.



-Great visual style (I liked the art style. Simple but easy on the eyes).

-Large world (I can see that this game is actually pretty big after going into the different zones).

-Good character development (I like the armor/rune/stat system. I think endgame this would make for a really particular playstyle with some builds).



-Lack of visual character customization (3-4 faces? Not a lot of hairstyles and colors... this is bad for a game in 2021).

-No clear objectives on what to do (I didn't see any quest givers or anything in F v F world after the tutorial area).

-No clear questing system? (I didn't see much to do with your character).

-Long travel times (I played a game called Foxhole which is based on one giant war. You can do what Crowfall does, start at the faction base and walk to the frontlines, but they do something so great which is giving hot zones where battles are happening and you can instantly go to the frontline).

-Weird bugs. I was playing a pyromancer and I thought I was a melee character. I was actually a ranged character but for some reason my ranged particles didnt show at all. And some model placements in the world were not properly placed as some models were floating above the ground.

-No LFG or Guild Search system. I dunno if I missed this but either the game doesnt have it or it doesn't pop-out to have you group with other players.

-NPC's seemed kind of stale. It felt really generic with the enemy types and what they were doing. It didn't offer anything unique. This would have been okay in the early 2000's when MMO's were breaking into the marketplace. These days, you got to innovate a bit more.

-Skill Tree was lackluster. I didn't know what I was training as descriptions were vague. I think Black Desert Online does it good (where they show you a visual of what a particular ability does).


Overall. I can see the devs have talent. I think I liked the vision on paper to have these grand battles and things between players. I can see potential for the game but in its current state it is not for me.


Thank you!



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Played for the first time last night so take this is as very early impressions.

1. UI Scaling seems off and the UI is overly padded in general.  I play at 1440 and the UI elements take up an inordinate amount of the screen, particularly the skill bar, which could be both scaled down and culled of unnecessary padding (The keybinding text occupying it's own space instead of being layered over the skill icon is one example.)  Also I know it's useful for screenshots in testing but I wish I could turn off the technical information box in the top left.

2. Playing as the Elk race, the racial ability that knocks down opponents is visually awkward IMO.  The knockdown animation happens late and the animation itself where the target flies up in the air and slowly arcs back onto the ground is very awkward and throws me off.  I'd rather it just be a simple transition from standing to knockdown while they're still on the ground.

3. I might have missed it, but it doesn't seem like there's a keybinding option for the quest log.  Why is this?  It's annoying to go through the clickpath every time.

4. I'll wait until I get a little more experience to comment on combat, but the left click combo on Templar feels a little awkward, and left click attacks acting as a "skill" which activates the global cooldown feels weird, but that's probably due to balancing.  I'll have more relevant feedback in the future.

Things I liked:

The race options in general.  A lot of games now skimp on both race options and racial bonuses so it's nice when a game's bold enough to give real choice.  And I actually don't mind classes being locked to particular races. I'm not a huge fan of gender-locking, but its not a major complaint.

EDIT: Forgot to mention performance.  Just a general complaint; I feel like I should be getting more than 50-60 at 'Basic' settings with almost all post-processing turned off.  I have a 3700x/2070S.  Simple low detail aesthetic is great but it should have the appropriate performance benefit.

EDIT 2: Also please let me zoom out more...

Edited by rustle
More accurate phrasing.
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I thought the gameplay was pretty smooth the only things I would suggest would be a minimap or make the map not need to load fullscreen. I also would appreciate a button to unlock your cursor so you can hover abilities without needing to track anything down. 

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I turned every graphics setting to minimum and lowered the resolution to 1998 levels and the game won't get above 90fps standing just outside the starting area, and even in this state I can't do even a 180 without the game micro stuttering. Can't really get into it in this state. When you buy a $3000 computer and get used to playing at 120+fps on a freesync monitor then trying to play a stuttering game that maxes out at 90 is huge drag. Genshin Impact is capped to 60fps but it's at least ultra smooth (no stuttering), so I'm able to play it.

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11 minutes ago, E_v_e_l_y_n said:

I turned every graphics setting to minimum and lowered the resolution to 1998 levels and the game won't get above 90fps standing just outside the starting area, and even in this state I can't do even a 180 without the game micro stuttering. Can't really get into it in this state. When you buy a $3000 computer and get used to playing at 120+fps on a freesync monitor then trying to play a stuttering game that maxes out at 90 is huge drag. Genshin Impact is capped to 60fps but it's at least ultra smooth (no stuttering), so I'm able to play it.

hehe, if that is upsetting you, then dont get into group combat or you will rage.

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