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Loving Valeria!

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Personal style and interest is the focus, and the officers keep the guild really organized. This just means that you have more freedom to play the way you like, while having the proper team structure to support the guild! Being new and alone is tough, because there is A LOT of content in Crowfall, and it's not thoroughly explained in the tutorial. We have welcoming members that give a nice, in-depth intro to new players, and we have an entire division just for PVP practice and development. We have boot camps and team activities, and a pretty awesome group of people who enjoy working together and building up our guild! There will always be someone to answer your questions, and you won't be left wandering alone and lost. The more you put into your guild, the more your guild can put into you!

Shameless self promotion: We are relatively new, and we are one of the fastest growing guilds in Crowfall. 🤩

If you fill out an application on Crowfall.com, please reach out on Discord or Guilded for a quick acceptance. We use Guilded as our official guild comms.



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