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Unlikely Company - Alpha 1


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Friends, Enemies, and those of you that can never tell the difference,


To fill a void and to test our might I'm calling on past and present Shadowbane guilds to unite from Alpha 1 under the banner "Unlikely Company".  Affiliations will be loosely bonded and expectations will be that once your guilds can support themselves than they will splinter off with no hard feelings.  The guild will be created for the sole purpose of the early testing of guild and game mechanics so that discovered secrets can be tested more effectively. 


Although our primary purpose will be to push PVP to its limits, and our service to the developers will be invaluable, make no mistake, we will rule all.


PM me if you're in.

Maj, Keeper of Da Plank - The Shipwrecked Pirates


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Carebear Alliance :P

(Also Alpha 2 :( )


Edit - Realised its bit of an in-joke. Carebear Alliance was on Death Server, when everyone tried to band together to take down Lords of Death who were on bit of a killing spree at the time.

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